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Dan Crenshaw, USN SEAL wounded in Afghanistan, now running for Congress in TX CD2, responds to poorly-timed “joke” on SNL Weekend Update

But it does speak to a broader audience than just me, which is, generally, the many, many veterans who have been disfigured by war and apparently now that’s fair game to make fun of their wounds to a…raucously-laughing audience…

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“Words Mean Things” – Empty promises from a politician running against a Navy SEAL

As a combat-decorated veteran of the first Gulf War, you would think that this is the paragraph where I throw down the “Veteran Card” and launch into a diatribe of “He is attacking a Veteran…” and “How DARE he say such things about a hero.”  Well…I am beyond that.  Crenshaw’s record speaks loudly for itself.

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Running the Distance. Leading from the front. Rebuilding Houston – Dan Crenshaw, Candidate for US House CD-2 (Texas) to run 100 miles through district to raise money for Harvey rebuilding

Dan believes in overcoming all odds and he knows that Texans do also. After an IED explosion in Afghanistan took his right eye, he deployed two more times; a true testament to his grit and dedication to his country.