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Palm Beach Atlantic lacrosse player, Zach Scholl, removed from team after social media posts deemed “offensive” by coach

…not worth it for me to surrender.  So thank you for the opportunity, but someone else will have to be wearing #40 this year.

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Orlando Standoff ends with police finding the suspect and four children dead.

The officer that was wounded during the initial contact with Lindsey, has been identified as Officer Kevin Valencia. Valencia taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he underwent surgery. He is reported to be in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery.

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Police Stand Off: Orlando Police Officer Shot, Convicted Felon takes 4 Children as Hostages

During the new conference Chief Mina stoically answered questions during his briefing. “We’ve been through this before. It’s hard. It’s very traumatic when your officer is shot in the line of duty.  But they still have a job to do and that they are focused on a peaceful resolution to the standoff.”