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"SGT P" is a 10-year veteran of the US Army, who served as an Infantryman with the Rakkasans in the Gulf War. He lives in the south with his wife of 27 years and owns a small business. He spends his free time riding motorcycles, diving, and working like a slave for Chop.
Gruntworks Military Humor

Gruntworks Media’s 10 Dumbest Fucking Things the U.S. Military Ever Did – #7 The Davy Crockett, a Pocket Nuclear Disaster Rocket

The Army needed a nuke of its own or else it was in danger of losing its place in the national defense plan to the Navy and the newly-created US Air Force.

Op/Ed Politics

“Words Mean Things” – Empty promises from a politician running against a Navy SEAL

As a combat-decorated veteran of the first Gulf War, you would think that this is the paragraph where I throw down the “Veteran Card” and launch into a diatribe of “He is attacking a Veteran…” and “How DARE he say such things about a hero.”  Well…I am beyond that.  Crenshaw’s record speaks loudly for itself.