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Harden’s MVP Majesty

Even though H-Town may not have won the Finals, as expected, Harden still came out on top, so Houston still achieved a victory. There's always next year.

During the 2018 NBA Awards on Jine 25th, 2018, Houston’s own James Harden finally received his first MVP award after having four phenomenal seasons with the Rockets. Despite achieving this prestigious accomplishment, however, Houston still remains disappointed due to their Game 7 defeat to the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors in the Semi-Finals. Following the Rocket’s outstanding season (65 wins-17 losses) and achieving the #1 seed in the playoffs, Houston fans had high expectations and were predicting Harden to lead the team to their 3rd Championship trophy but were denied by the superpower that are the Warriors. The question on everyone’s mind: how did this happen?

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With all the momentum that the Rockets gained through the playoffs, the Warriors were sure to be their greatest challenge with all the weapons they possess: Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, etc. Despite the immense opposition Houston was faced with, they were able to take a 3-2 game lead following Game 5 and things were looking up for H-Town and we were one game away from playing the Cavaliers in the Finals, yet that’s when it fell apart for the Rockets after losing Game 6. Although Harden scored 32 points in Game 7, Houston had their worst playoff performance in 2018 as they broke the record for most consecutive 3-point shots missed (27) and were simply unable to keep up with the Warriors.

Prior to the NBA Awards, the three MVP Finalists were Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans), Lebron James (Cleveland Cavaliers), and of course James Harden (Houston Rockets). Each of these players had phenomenal seasons as they were the leaders in their own respects. Any of them could have easily received the MVP trophy, but this was clearly Harden’s year to shine as he led the league in points per game (30.4); and he’s been knocking on the MVP door for the past few years. Therefore, he undeniably deserved this achievement, and it was so obvious that Lebron James didn’t even attend the Awards…possibly to avoid drama or press following the ceremony.

Even though H-Town may not have won the Finals, as expected, Harden still came out on top, so Houston still achieved a victory. There’s always next year.


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