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Puerto Rico ANG C-130 crash in Georgia

Military Plane Crash:
2 May 2018

Today in Savannah Georgia a WC-130 from the 156th Airlift Wing of the Puerto Rico ANG crashed during a training mission. Nine crew members were on board. There are confirmed deaths but no official number from the Air Force.

The plane had been in Savannah for “a number of days” undergoing routine maintenance, said Maj. Paul Dahlen, spokesman for the Puerto Rico National Guard. It was en route to Arizona, he said.

“As far as we know, no cars were hit, which is an absolute miracle,” said Gena Bilbo, spokeswoman for the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office.
The Georgia Department of Transportation will need to inspect nearby train tracks for damage, and roadways involved could be closed for weeks, she said. Power has been cut in the area as authorities investigate, she added.

Truck driver Roger Best works for a transportation company in Garden City, about 4 miles south of the crash, and saw the plane overhead before it plummeted to the ground. It was so low when it passed over that it rumbled the ground beneath his rig, he said.
His company handles hazardous materials, he said, expressing gratitude that the aircraft didn’t crash in his immediate vicinity. “If it did this area is a giant bomb and this whole (five-mile) radius would have blown up.”


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