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Weekend Safety Brief 06 APR 2018

Meach!  I am not tired – you should not be slowing down.  Flutter kicks.  GO!


At EASE!  Rest…

Except you Meach – you push.  That shit you pulled with the blow-up doll at the PX bought you a weekend of detox with me.

So, it seems that the POTUS is contemplating pulling out of Syria and putting troops on the southern border – specifically the Nasty Girls.  HA!  Ain’t that a slap in the biscuit! Besides the extreme boredom that one might experience on that long ass border – I imagine that the weather, wildlife, and danger of getting shot might just be similar to a deployment to Iraqistan.

Meanwhile, Oregon’s Governor (with more to follow I am sure) is standing up for xer state’s rights!  You know, the only time those Granola and New England Governors care about states rights is when they want to spend more taxpayer money, do something reprehensible, violate the enumerated rights of the citizens – OR protect illegals.

Meach – Front-Back – GO!

Ha!  This broad better pick up a history book, and a copy of the Constitution….Once the Pres Federalizes NG troops – they no longer report to you.

In Article I, Section 8; Clause 15, the United States Congress is given the power to pass laws for “calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”

The President of the United States is the commander-in-chief of the state militias “when called into the actual Service of the United States.” (Article II, Section 2).

Since the enactment of the 1952-Armed Forces Reserve Act, there have been 12 times since when the Guard was called to duty and operated under the control of the president.  MANY were because Governors got uppity.  People need to remember that the Civil War established the primacy of the Federal government – and it has been reaffirmed MANY times – regardless of what the 10th Amendment and people in Texas have to say about it.

Interestingly most of these times were when a DEMOCRAT wanted to violate either Federal law, the rights of the people, or BOTH. Let see how this one works out for her.  Mr. President, here is your chance to hammer an uppity governor flat.  That BS that militias pulled back prior to the Civil War about it being “out of our area” ended when Grant and Sherman forced the greatest generals of the war surrender.

Meach!  I am not tired – you should not be slowing down.  Flutter kicks.  GO!

Anywho – you degenerate have a good weekend.  Don’t play too hard.

Check your hoopty before you roll out this weekend.

Roll in Fireteams or larger.

Avoid trouble and have a plan.

Don’t drink and drive.

Don’t beat your wife.

Don’t fall for strippers.

Be here at 0500 for PT Monday morning – SGT P is gonna have a surprise for you.

Platoon Sergeants take charge of your platoons.

Meach!  Start flipping that HEMTT tire!



E. Michael Davis II, OMar, CPP, 1SG USA (Ret) served nearly 25 years in the United States Army as a Military Police Investigator. His work focused on Investigations, Anti/Counter-Terrorism Operations, Police Special Operations, Intelligence Operations and Force Protection with multiple Joint and Combined Commands. The impact of his work spanned the spectrum from tactical actions to strategic planning and engagement. In this capacity, he worked closely with nearly every security and law enforcement agency of the United States government, as well as dozens of police, security and intelligence agencies of friendly foreign governments. He experienced multiple combat tours in the Gulf War, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and three tours in Iraq. He is a recipient of two Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart amongst many other awards and honors. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Military History, Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Studies and Master's Degree in Post 1945 Military History from the American Military University - all with honors. He is still active in the anti/counter-terrorism community as well as a freelance author, historian and blogger.

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