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Weekend Safety Brief 30MAR18

Platoon Sergeants – get them the fuck out of here before my Nerve Agent acts up!


AT Ease… REST!

I am not gonna go off about the idiots in politics – I have new targets this week.

WSB - KeyYa know when you are on a road trip and have to piss? Weell, I stopped at a fast track – then the pump jockey handed me that nasty piece of broomstick with the restroom key attached I knew it was ridden with microscopic vermin, soooo I went in the bathroom and shit in the sink. (Do not do this at home)

On another note – serious question. When the same virtue signaling morons are duped by the likes of cults, the Scientologists (redundancy, I know), rapists, and political hacks – why should anyone take their opinions seriously?


Today – I’m driving south on I-95, and I noticed that northbound traffic is backed up from A1A at Nassau County all the way back past the airport exit. I have to go pick up a rental car at the airport. So, I slide in the airport and make like OJ to the Hertz desk grab my car. I decide to bypass all of that nonsense. I try to take the short cut from the airport to WSB - Interesting manPecan Park road – nope – that shit is closed. Instead I cut through River City and jump on US 17 heading north back in the Nassau County. 2 miles shy of the border, I get stuck in traffic behind all of the cars parked like it’s LA at 5 PM. With a combination idiots entering the intersection without the ability to clear the intersection, JSO driving right by and not stroking tickets to those assholes, and the actual traffic snarl being created by some dudes putting down fucking sod on the side of the road, I am about completely fucking over people right now. Why the fuck would anyone need sod placed on the side of the road in Florida? You can’t keep that shit from growing. People spend millions on roundup in the state every single year. Some idiot developer decided he wanted fresh sod in front of his development ON THE RIGHT OF WAY.


You wonder why road rage happens?


Anyways – I am gonna go chase bunnies this weekend – and then I am gonna take my kids to pray about Zombie Jeezuz. You fuckers have a good weekend and have your shit prepped for a ruck march.

Stay away from chicks that you wouldn’t’ introduce to your grandma.

Don’t drive drunk – etc.

See you bright and early Monday.

Platoon Sergeants – get them the fuck out of here before my Nerve Agent acts up!Shop Now Banner


E. Michael Davis II, OMar, CPP, 1SG USA (Ret) served nearly 25 years in the United States Army as a Military Police Investigator. His work focused on Investigations, Anti/Counter-Terrorism Operations, Police Special Operations, Intelligence Operations and Force Protection with multiple Joint and Combined Commands. The impact of his work spanned the spectrum from tactical actions to strategic planning and engagement. In this capacity, he worked closely with nearly every security and law enforcement agency of the United States government, as well as dozens of police, security and intelligence agencies of friendly foreign governments. He experienced multiple combat tours in the Gulf War, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and three tours in Iraq. He is a recipient of two Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart amongst many other awards and honors. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Military History, Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Studies and Master's Degree in Post 1945 Military History from the American Military University - all with honors. He is still active in the anti/counter-terrorism community as well as a freelance author, historian and blogger.

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