Gruntworks Sunday Sermon

Sunday Sermon — February 18th, 2018

This week Florida was hit with a tragedy. Any death is sad for somebody.

Greetings Friends

This week Florida was hit with a tragedy. Any death is sad for somebody. Kids are our future. Our investments. Our sons, daughters, cousins, grandkids and nieces and nephews.

The individual who perpetrated this heinous act was a deranged individual. I don’t know his exact circumstances, or family life. There was a major disconnect though. No doubt he is guilty. He confessed. Everyone and everything failed in this situation.

The FBI failed. Big time. As they have been in a few shooting situations.

Local Authorities Failed. Thirty six times cops called and 1 expulsion. Made threats against the school.

The biggest failure of all was society. Tide Pod Generation kids made jokes about him being the one to shoot up the school. School officials didn’t insist local law enforcement agencies dig harder.

Society has been torn apart by Facebook and YouTube and other social media. For all of our “connectivity” we are disconnected from our communities.

Product Block Act Like AmericansGone are the days of a community looking out for each other. Little Tommy is a turd? Used to be a phone call from Jimmy’s mom telling your Mom that led to a butt whipping and other glorious means of punishment. Now if you act up Jimmy’s Mom goes into a Facebook group and everyone dog piles to make you feel like a horrible parent and then laugh.

People ask me “Padre, why did God let this happen?” Folks, God gave us freewill. He said here I am, I love you, but you can decide. So that’s why we don’t see active interference. We can’t expect God to assist us if we don’t acknowledge him.

Friends here at Gruntworks we always talk about starting local. This is the time. Don’t teach kids to run and hide. Make them mentally, physically and spiritually strong! Be active as families in your communities. If you see stupid stuff going on, don’t run here. Go to the parents. If the parents are turds, mentor that child. Start community watches. Start neighborhood cookouts. You throw down some food and people will get together.

Teach your kids justice, mercy and kindness. No, not like SJWs.

Family I pray for you and our nation.

Blessings from the Almighty in Heaven,



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2 comments on “Sunday Sermon — February 18th, 2018

  1. Ahmen Padre, many thanks for the words of guidance.

  2. Very nice and well put Padre! AMEN…

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