10 Ways Feminism Has Become a Religion – A Throat Punch Thursday Iron Mike Rant

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I’ve come to the conclusion that Feminism is no longer a social movement or even a political one. It has reached the scale of Religion, and like all new religions; it’s a cult. Throughout history new religions spring up to fill voids left by cultural decay, to attain societal control, or through conquest. Feminism now shares a number of traits with these religions. This is a critique of institutions that religions in general share and how Feminism has become like them, not an endorsement of any one in particular… Especially not Feminism.

1) Appeal to the despondent. Christianity first took hold with the lowest classes of Roman society who felt that the “old gods” were not offering them enough. The poor especially took to this new religion because the teachings of what we now call Greco-Roman mythology stated that they were poor because the gods willed it and they would be poor again in the afterlife and live in Hades as they did in the slums of Rome. Christianity offered them eternal paradise in the next life. Feminism appeals to the lower classes of women in modern society. The obese, unattractive, obnoxious, unshaven, lazy, shrieking harpies no one else can stand have a home in Feminism. You can weigh 300 pounds and live in a squalid studio apartment with 15 cats and still be considered cool and admirable so long as you do all the right Feminist rituals and proper virtue signaling. If you wear your “I’m a Fuckin’ Feminist” T-shirt with your “Fat Pride” sweat pants in your gay pride flag Facebook profile picture, then you’re the (Current Year) equivalent of that dirty Roman peasant with his new wooden cross necklace and fish tattoo on his wrist. It gives a sense of belonging and higher purpose that these despondent classes severely lack. Despondent classes tend to be made up of individuals with poor personality traits and values. Again, this is why feminism has such a following with women who are gluttonous, wrathful, lazy, greedy, envious, and vindictive. Your average true-believer feminist is many pounds overweight, did not study a hard science academic discipline, does not put in the requisite extra hours to advance her career, and hates everyone she perceives as doing better than her.

2) Concept of original sin. Almost every religion with an omnipotent deity has the concept of ‘original sin’, that is an intrinsic fault in humanity that causes the gods to be displeased with us. Pandora opened her box, Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, etc. Feminism has this too. It’s called “Privilege”. This “privilege” must be “checked” or “deconstructed” in order to attain approval within the Church of Feminism. So for a heterosexual white male, the only way to gain approval (and possibly touch some hairy squish mitten with his grotesque male appendage) is to constantly prostrate himself before the alter of “privilege” and confess his many sins for not being “oppressed” enough. He must then ritualistically offer his monetary and social support to the feminist cause, where he is then expected to be seen but not heard. If he were to speak or otherwise draw attention to himself, his “Privilege” might detract from the other members of the church who are holier (“less privileged”) than he. Another means of “checking your privilege” involves changing your identity to better lessen or hide your real privileges.

Iron Mike - Men - Laurie Penny Tweet3) A Caste System. There is a social hierarchy to this “privilege” as well. It’s akin to a Caste system in Buddhism or Hinduism. At the top is Race, followed by Gender, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, physical/mental ability, socio-economic status, etc. Each playing a part in determining the total “privilege” of every individual. This is the guiding tenant of Feminist Intersectional Theory. The lowest castes are those of the white masculine heterosexual male and heretic woman (the woman who likes traditionally feminine things and would rather have a husband and family than play women’s rugby at her retreat for lesbian CEO’s). A straight white man is an “untouchable” and he is left to perform the duties no one else in a proper Feminist society should do (garbage pick up, sewer repair, combat deaths, construction, and mining – professions Feminists aren’t terribly concerned with equal women’s representation in). His “privilege” is usually too great to overcome. The heretic woman is much the same in this regard. She must be shamed and silenced for her heresy, publicly “burned at the stake” so to speak (to set an example for others) for her crimes against the Gynocracy. Like when fitness guru Maria Kang dared display her 3 children and well-toned body to advertise her success and empowerment without Feminism, she had to be destroyed publicly and immediately as a “Thin Privileged” and “Fat-shaming” heretic.

4) Salvation. Like any religion feminism offers an idyllic paradise as a reward for proper adherence. A utopia akin to heaven-on-earth. Instead of an eternal rest, a oneness with God, endless feasting and battle in Valhalla, or 72 chaste virgins attending your every desire, Feminism promises Utopia on Earth. A society free from the evils they perceive as a result of “Patriarchy” (The sinful male-dominated society responsible for the societal evils of racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other bad thing really) that they believe runs the world currently. Like the battle between Lucifer’s fallen angels and St. Michael’s righteous followers or Zeus usurping the tyrant Chronos, Patriarchy must be destroyed by the devout Feminist and replaced with Matriarchy. Only then can Matriarchy bring about the boundless (RE: Marxist) utopia free from the evils masculinity wrought upon the world. This paradise can be brought about by the “checking of the privilege” and “Social Justice”. To move into a higher (less privileged) caste one must change their identity. This is why many Feminists choose to identify as things that do not exist outside their religion. For instance a white middle class heterosexual girl may shave half her head and dye the rest rainbow colors to become “Agender” or “Genderqueer” thus reducing her privilege as straight and normal, while maintaining her lack of “male privilege”. This also allows her to speak her opinions on LGBT issues without being eaten alive by the holier (again, less privileged) members of her congregation.

Product Block - Feminist5) Martyrs. Every religion has martyrs. Jesus Christ, his disciples, John the Baptist, Promethius, the Shahids of Islam, the list goes on. In Feminism the Martyrs are victims, with the highest class of victim being the Rape Victim. When a Feminist prophet speaks out against the evils of Sexism, Racism, or Patriarchy and is met with widespread criticism, scorn, and dismissal she has ascended to the class of Martyr. Anita Sarkeesian is one example of this. When she “discovered” rampant sexism in video games and dared speak out against it, she was rebuked by waves of horrendous men who retorted that she was a sanctimonious scold who didn’t even play video games and had no idea what she was talking about outside some cherry-picked talking points viewed through an ideological lens… Naturally this criticism was just the work of Patriarchy attacking womanhood so the more those evil “Gamergate” misogynists rebuked her claims, the more of a martyr she became. Rape Martyrs are an even higher class of Martyr as they are direct victims of the evils of manhood and the “Rape Culture” of Patriarchy. So envious is the title of Rape Victim that the Talibs of Feminist have even discovered new forms of rape to help ascend more Feminists to the martyrdom of Rape Victim. Among them are: Stare-Rape, Fart-Rape, Birth-Rape, Shout-Rape, and an as of yet still poorly defined kind of rape where men can rape without laying a hand on a woman (Heretics refer to this as “Strong disagreement”).

6) Co-opting things from other religions to gain new converts. History is full of this exact behavior. Christianity co-opted the Pagan Roman Saturnalia and celebrating it as the birth of Christ (Christmas) for instance… Feminism will apply their sophistry to nearly any historical or religious figure generally seen in a positive light as “Feminist”. According to them Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, and even Mohammed and Karl Marx become the “Feminists” of their time. Pretty much any figure adored by leftists will be re-imagined as a virtuous Feminist Saint by the new order in their constant drive to rewrite history in their own image. Just as statues of Alexander the Great were carved into depictions of Christ or the Hagia Sophia Mosque was once the greatest Orthodox Basilica in the Byzantine Empire. Feminists are always looking for new ways to adopt positive figures into their fold, and likewise denigrate negative figures (especially male ones) as “anti-Feminist”.

7) A Schism. All new religions inevitably have a Schism. Islam is divided between Sunni and Shia over who the proper successor of Mohammed is. Christianity is divided between Protestant sects and Catholicism over who the authority of God’s will on Earth is. Feminism is divided on what to do with transgenders/transsexuals. One school of thought is that they are highly oppressed due to their lifestyle choices being so unconventional, effeminate, and not accepted by the evil masculine Patriarchy. They view transgenders as the proper course of action for taming the maleness out of men while still being able to be romantically involved with them in a state of pseudo-lesbianism (reducing their own heterosexual privilege in the process), The other school of thought is that these men cannot simply leave their “male privilege” (One of the deadly sins in Feminism) behind and immediately ascend so high in Caste by becoming “Women” so easily. Naturally the first view is the most popular as it allows the majority heterosexual women of feminism to become pseudo-lesbians and further destroys maleness.

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8) Religious adherence in every facet of life. If Feminism were still just a political ideology, this wouldn’t be a very prominent feature of the movement. There is no officially endorsed “Republican” or “Democrat” way to say… raise a child, dress, or decorate your home. There is however a religious teaching that covers all those things. Religions dictate how to dress, how to rear children, and how to go about your daily life. Pray 5 times facing Mecca, don’t eat pork, don’t wear clothing made from mixed fibers, wear a Yamulka, don’t get tattoos, teach your children the tenants of your faith. These are all the types of dictates we see in Feminism. A Feminist must raise any children to be Feminist and there are books on how to do it written by prominent Feminist prophets. A Feminist is encouraged to be vegan and decorate their home in a Feminist manner with as many symbols of womanhood as possible. There is Feminist fashion (it starts at XXL). A Feminist has to believe certain things about how righteous and proper homosexuality is. A Feminist may not criticize someone less privileged than themselves. A Feminist must read and agree with the teachings of more prominent Feminists like Anita Sarkeesian, Lori Penny, and whomever else writes for Salon or the Everyday Feminism blog site. Feminist art must center on the vagina, womanhood, and lesbianism. Feminist music must be about female empowerment, and if a Feminist musician dares sing about blowing Jay-Z in a limousine, well she gets one warning and must put out an album dedicated to Social Justice as penance for her sin – Right, Beyonce? A Feminist must embrace diversity above herself, so even if a white woman is raped by say, an ethnic minority Muslim migrant in the streets of Cologne, Germany. She may not speak out against him or she may commit the sin of racism.

9) Ignorant adherents. Every religion grows on the ignorance of its adherents. Many Muslims worldwide are illiterate and rely on the local Imam for spiritual guidance and direction. Most Christians have never read the entire Bible and only attend service on holy days like Christmas and Easter. Many adherents are attracted to the general statements and lessons of the faith, usually summarized by a trite statement easily refuted. “Islam is the religion of Peace” which is why the middle east is so peaceful. “Buddhism is the religion of Wisdom” which is why they never invented the steam engine or harnessed electricity. “Christ is love” now go kill Jews and Muslims to retake the Holy Land for him… The line Feminists use to attract followers is “Feminism is about Equality”. The thing is they already have that which they claim they lack, equal rights to men. Ask a Feminist what rights a man has in the western world has that a woman lacks, she’ll respond with a non-sequitur asinine line to the effect of “The right not to be harassed by idiotic right wing misogynists like you!”. Their desire for “Equality” stems from the core belief that men are intrinsically more “privileged” than women. Therefor to achieve “Equality” men must be brought down a few hundred pegs and have their “Privilege” removed so that women may be “Equal” in the gynocentric matriarchal Utopia that they envision. They do not even know what this “equality” looks like and no two groups of feminists will ever give you the same answer if you ask them, just like no two groups of Christians agree on what Heaven is like… but their vision of heaven is probably determined by whatever their pastor says. The Feminist vision of utopia is probably dictated by whatever the latest trendy social crusade among Hollywood leftists is at the moment, though you can guarantee that vision will be anti-male.

10) A core of ‘True believers. These are the strongest adherents of the faith who can be counted on to perform any act in the name of their religion no matter how vile. These include your internet Feminist whack-jobs who bake bread from vaginal yeast, paint their faces with menstrual blood and of course your morbidly obese She-hadists whose fat pride will literally be the death of them. All of these followers have literally nothing else outside of Feminism. It is at the core of their being. Like the insufferable Christian woman who lets everyone know just how many times she goes to church and how perfect her life is because she prays to Jesus, these Feminists see every disagreement with their ideology as a personal attack on themselves and all of womanhood whom they claim to speak for. Your Femen radicals shoving things in their anuses at the Vatican, your slut walkers protesting “Rape Culture” by marching naked in the streets (because that’s what you can do when a society thinks rape is OK, walk naked in the streets) and your rape-hoaxers who try to destroy men’s lives because they feel it a valid act in fighting “Patriarchy” all fall into the ‘True Believer’ category. The worst are the Feminist Janissary. Converts to the faith who are seeking atonement and personal benefit from Feminism. Usually these are wealthy minorities or disgustingly effeminate white guys who are bending themselves as hard as possible to fit into the mold Feminism wants for them. The best example is Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. He got elected because women found him attractive and he said all the right Feminist dogma. Now he covers for the financial failures of his administration by posting videos of himself promoting Feminism. The more his administration fails, the more strongly he will recite the Feminist rhetoric to the ignorant masses in the name of “Equality”. By the time they realize their Feminist Caliphate has seized control, they won’t have the right to speak out anymore, because Justin has made it ‘Intolerant Hate Speech’ to criticize feminism by then. Canada is already working to force its citizens to call Transsexuals/Transgenders by their ‘preferred’ gender pronouns or face legal penalties (Bill C-16). Basically, the Feminist Inquisition is already working to force you to lie constantly, convert to the belief that a man in a dress IS a woman, or be fined and jailed. The True Believers of Feminism do not recognize the rights of anyone but their fellow adherents, because they believe to their core that they hold the only moral authority in society. So all disagreement is sinful and hate which cannot be tolerated, so it must be silenced and destroyed in a great Feminist inquisition. This is why they have invaded every facet of Media, Academia, the Legal System, and Politics in order to impose as many anti-male agendas as they possibly can. The inquisition is upon us.

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