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Why the Progressive Globalist Left hates real men Part II – An Iron Mike Rant

Every Marxist movement has their own version of the ‘cultural revolution’ and today’s media makes sure that culture has a generally disdainful view of men and masculinity

Iron Mike – Gruntworks Contributing Blogger

(Continued from Part I)

The next weapon in the reduction of the once-great American man into the simpering pussy so commonly found today is the American school system itself. From the day he sets foot in Kindergarten to the day he’s handed his college diploma, being a male in the American education system is at best a huge liability and at worst a life-destroying handicap in an institution run entirely be leftist Democrats. He will have very few male role-models in the classroom until he reaches high school. He will have to read through a curriculum specifically designed around girls’ achievement and ‘self-esteem’ due to the Feminist educational crusades of the early 1990’s. While the girls emotionally latch onto books like “The Diary of Anne Frank”, “Are you there, God? It’s me, Margaret.” and “The Joy Luck Club” … the boys are bored out of their gourds praying the day goes faster so they can get to football practice instead of reading about girls getting their first menstrual cycle. His teachers, who majored in Education disciplines in college, got a healthy dose of Feminist theory in their collegiate years and that will manifest itself in the form of disproportionately bad grades and discipline reports for male students. The ‘science of Gender’ will be used to (it actually already has) infest other disciplines like Psychology, Sociology, and even medical sciences to inculcate anti-male and anti-masculine biases.

Iron Mike - Men II - Fragile MasculinityMany female educators simply do not know how to handle rambunctious boys in the classroom. Worse yet, a lot of them openly consider the boys’ natural inclinations towards boisterousness, disorganization, and competition to be a form of behavioral disorder that needs to be corrected – with drugs. A correction that the pharmaceutical industry is all too eager to help solve, with a rather substantial profit margin for themselves at the end. The passive and compliant behavior of little girls is the standard, and the messy rebellious behavior of little boys is viewed as behaviorally deviant. If your son is gifted and bored with his elementary school curriculum – the prognosis for him is even worse. His teachers often lack the ability to diagnose the ways in which his intellect is failing to be engaged. They probably wouldn’t even know how to engage him even if they do recognize his high intellect. He is more likely to be diagnosed with having ADD or ADHD, instead of the obvious fact that he is not intellectually stimulated; his curriculum bores him; and he is finding less desirable ways to engage himself during the 8-10 hours he will spend each day in the government-funded Democratic Party indoctrination centers we refer to as “the public school system”. These are just some of the reasons why nearly 70% of American males will be put on Ritalin or other behavioral modification drugs as a child. His teachers, his psychologists, and his parents are being taught that his natural boyish behavior is a malady – and the only solution is to drug him into submission. Children are also denied regular physical activity while being warehoused in their government daycare. Games like Dodgeball, Tag, Red Rover, and Touch-Football are outright forbidden in many places now…games that help develop motor-skills, release pent-up energy, and teach the value of competition. These have been phased out because these games make the fatties, the crybabies, and the girls feel less valuable or hurt their ever-important self-esteem when they fail. Since the weaklings and girls are what the progressive establishment wants, and it makes them look noble and caring to “value the feelings of all students” (one excuse for removing playground Tag from an article I read on the subject) – schools have simply removed all forms of physicality and competition from their campuses. This has done no favors for America’s child obesity crisis, and it especially hinders the development and classroom success of boys. Progressive God forbid a boy be allowed to play outside for 90 minutes a day and eat a diet lower in refined sugar… You know, like his father and grandfather did back when ADHD wasn’t a thing yet?

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Speaking of fathers and before I delve deeper into that subject… Have you noticed how they’re portrayed on TV these days? The man of the house is either a moron or a tyrant. Very few heterosexual male characters meet other descriptions in today’s primetime nightly lineup. Media is an important weapon in the de-masculinization of the American male. Gay men, pussified nerds, and permissive progressive weaklings are what male children need to grow up watching, not classic tough guys like John Wayne or characters like Colonel Matrix. Movies lately have followed the same feminized formula… “Moonlight” the story of a gay, black, drug addict was of course the most acclaimed film of the year in 2016. “Call Me By Your Name” the upcoming film about a sexual relationship between a 25-year-old man and an underage teen is sure to make all the Oscar voters jizz in their pants this year. Meanwhile movies like Star Wars are being feminized… with devastating results. The latest installment (“The Last Jedi”) had every major male character take a backseat to a woman – and Luke Skywalker, the most powerful Jedi ever, dies like a little bitch. Of course, viewers gave it a less favorable rating than “Shrek” on Rotten Tomatoes and it was dropped from Chinese theaters in less than 2 weeks. Obviously, no one in China wanted to see “You Go Girl!” as the central message in a movie about laser wars with space wizards…

Hollywood won’t take the hint. Their goal is to press the narrative across the board, not give the people a variety of movies that appeal to different groups. They know that women are 53% of America and control 85% of consumer spending, so eventually their strategy will pay off. Men are not important, other than to be portrayed as incompetent morons and malicious villains opposite an entirely unrealistic strong female lead. Their media influence serves a second function – to help pussify little boys faster. If little boys are only treated to movies where the average man like them is a deeply flawed monster or a buffoon, while the female characters are shown as sensitive, caring, empowered, good, and smart – they will be taught that the feminine is the ideal. Other forms of media are now trying to target little boys with this new progressive message as well. TV, Movies, and internet content aimed at children is designed to teach the little boys (especially the white ones) that they have a deep personal character flaw called “male privilege” and that their maleness makes them a bad person. They don’t come out and say this of course or parents would be outraged… instead they frame it in a trifecta: 1) You have “male privilege” 2) “male privilege” hurts girls and makes bad things happen, and 3) You don’t want to be a bad person who hurts others do you? I would like to believe that this was just a fringe, but this is a pattern of messages I’ve seen with increasing frequency lately – particularly in content aimed at children from leftist media outlets on the internet like MTV, Huffington Post, and various YouTube content creators who post videos aimed at a young audience.Shop Now Banner

The young boys who were awe-struck by Luke Skywalker in 1977 could not relate to the young boys of today who learned that Rey – the random girl from nowhere – is better than the most powerful Jedi ever in every conceivable way… because… “You go girl! Boys are stupid and useless!” While Rey dominates without even trying, Kylo Ren is a moody weirdo who generally sucks at being a Sith Lord despite being trained by a Jedi Master and being the grandson of Darth Vader himself. Rey can fly the Millenium Falcon better than Han Solo – who OWNED the Millenium Falcon. Princess Leia can suddenly survive in the vacuum of space, while ‘Greatest Jedi Ever’ Luke Skywalker dies from day-dreaming too hard. This deliberate character assassination of all things male is done in the name of “encouraging girls” or “women’s empowerment” – but said women’s empowerment conveniently must come at the destruction of things men like and relate to… The same way “worker’s empowerment” somehow meant killing anyone who owned land when the Bolsheviks took over Russia. This is the new theme that many movies will take from now on. Media exists to reinforce the narrative of “You go girl” and also “Boys, who needs them?” Every Marxist movement has their own version of the ‘cultural revolution’ and today’s media makes sure that culture has a generally disdainful view of men and masculinity…

Iron Mike - Men - Laurie Penny TweetThat cultural disdain for men has had the most profound effect in the home – specifically with fathers. The anti-male progressives are slowly chipping away at all positive reinforcement of masculinity and male role models for young boys in society, leaving young boys with possibly the only one traditional male role model who has the most direct effect in their development of life skills, morals, and character – their father. Naturally, the father is a figure that must be destroyed in the name of progress. This is nothing new for the Marxists either. In the USSR, children attended their state-mandated schooling white their parents – especially dad – slaved away for the people in the factory or the fields. It was the state that took charge of as much child-rearing as they possibly could so that little Ivan and little Katya grew up to be good little communists with no corrupting influence from mom and dad when they grew disillusioned with the glorious worker’s utopia. This system proved so effective that many East German parents found themselves hanging from meat hooks in the basement of a Stasi interrogation facility betrayed by their own children (who told on their parents to a teacher) for speaking blaspheme against the writings of Marx and Lenin. The state should handle raising children, theorized Marx, so that men and women could be free to pursue work and leisure and ensure that all society would be of the same shared values. Feminists and the leftists of today have a similarly sinister dystopian vision: destroy the nuclear family, especially the Father…

(Continued in Part III)

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  1. David Enslin

    Agreed. I just want to take my kids out of this western european mad house we’ve created and piss off somewhere far away where no tv and iphone can reach us … you’d think two world wars would’ve been enough to straighten us out, maintaining our common sense, rationality and preserving mankind (humankind for those sensitive twats out there) … but no… mate just quit all social media. Bin the lot . don’t watch news and stuff anymore. Take your kids under your arm and keep then safe. Stay vigilant. Listen and talk to them. And combat any crap you hear. They’ll believe you if you love them. They’ll love you. Good luck.

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