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Why the Progressive Globalist Left hates real men – An Iron Mike Rant

There is a reason the leftists want your son to wear women’s clothes and are telling him that it’s perfectly normal to experiment with other boys sexually. There is a reason the blue-collar working man is no longer a priority for the political left. There is a reason that feminized behavior, mannerisms, and qualities are all being prioritized over traditionally masculine traits like personal responsibility, stoicism, and ambition. The reason for all these things is the left has finally learned the secret to controlling people… and men who act like men are a threat to their goals for their brave new world.

Iron Mike – Gruntworks Contributing Blogger

Have you noticed it lately? The fact that every leftist male you see at the Women’s March chanting or protesting Donald Trump’s economic boom looks like a limp-wristed sissybitch or has the musculature of a 9-year-old girl? Have you ever wondered why these progressives are so into the feminized homosexual or the outright castrated transsexual male as some sort of archetypal ideal? Have you ever questioned why a few short years ago the dialogue surrounding LGBT issues went from “tolerance” to “acceptance”, to ‘now if you aren’t willing to have sex with a tranny – you’re a bigot’? Hell, now they’re even trying to teach your son in Kindergarten that being a drag queen is some sort of normal and socially acceptable endeavor. If you think I’m making some sort of exaggeration there, I’m not. More and more public schools are caving to progressive leftist LGBT activist groups and including things like “Drag Queen Story Time” at your local public school or children’s library. The other day I learned there is a new dating website for “transgender 10-year-olds” (that advertises itself as a “parent-free space” founded by a child cross-dresser. Iron Mike - Men - House of Mann TweetAnother little boy is the ‘Cover-girl’ of his older gay employer’s erotic apparel business (but you’re somehow a bigot for assuming that the LGBT is trying to normalize the sexualization of children, but I digress). Do you wonder why leftist politicians like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders all recite the maxim “The future is female!” as if it were a foregone conclusion that the traditional masculine male is an invasive species that has no place in their future utopia and must be hunted to extinction? Have you noticed that in your daughter’s classroom the message is “you go girl!” but in your son’s classroom the message is “boys you’re full of all these flaws we sensitive progressives need to correct out of you.”?

Product Block - FeministThere is a reason for all of this bullshit. There is a reason the leftists want your son to wear women’s clothes and are telling him that it’s perfectly normal to experiment with other boys sexually. There is a reason the blue-collar working man is no longer a priority for the political left. There is a reason that feminized behavior, mannerisms, and qualities are all being prioritized over traditionally masculine traits like personal responsibility, stoicism, and ambition. The reason for all these things is the left has finally learned the secret to controlling people… and men who act like men are a threat to their goals for their brave new world. In nature, the most collectivist species (Bees, Ants, Termites, Wasps, etc.) are all female for a reason. Females across all species operate at the behest of their emotional state as dictated by their hormones. They are more passive and easy to control. They make for the perfect expendable drones. A queen bee can control her whole hive of daughters to serve her (and the colonies’) every need merely by changing their emotional state through pheromones. They will work themselves to death for her satisfaction. In the human world the ‘Queen Bee’ is the State. The state exists on the wealth and labor of the people. The more feminized, compliant, and weak the people are – the more secure the power of the State and the ruling class that comprises it. The Soviets encouraged masculine men because strong men worked harder for the state, but those same strong men sought out independence – and eventually rejected the state’s confiscation of their labor and wealth for redistribution to the masses. Hence why the political left at large does not want strong masculine men who value independence and the fruits of their own labor. They do not want American men to be patriots of the United States that enables the system where strong men can succeed on their own merits.

They want weak men who will forever be dependent on the state and do not complain when the state takes from them in the name of ‘The Greater Good’. They want androgynous or better yet, feminized, worker drones.

The political left in America (and the western world at large) has become infiltrated with Socialists or outright Communists whose end goal is a global socialist system in which the entirety of the populace exists to work in order to generate wealth for redistribution by a ruling class of elites. Every Socialist you meet on the street will swear to you in every way possible that the goal is “fairness” or “equality” or “personal freedom”, but this is all just the intellectual equivalent of gold spray-paint on a giant pile of shit. The totalitarian control of wealth redistribution is the story of every Socialist country that has ever existed… and you’ll notice that most of them no longer exist. The ones that implement Socialism most faithfully, are all on the brink of collapse; think Greece, Venezuela, Brazil, or Guatemala. Today’s cabal of leftist politicians, international conglomerate corporations, and leftist activists in media and academia are all working together for the same ultimate end goal; a society of complacent, dependent, worker-drones. Worker-drones who are just capable enough to push buttons, turn knobs, and assemble widgets – and then go home to mindlessly consume before repeating the process again the next day forever until they die. Traditional masculine men and the independence they hold dear are the ultimate threat to realizing their dreams. There are a number of ways the powers that be are both actively and passively trying to destroy the masculine man.

Iron Mike - Men - Laurie Penny TweetThe first weapon in the left’s anti-male arsenal is the insidious ideology of Feminism. Now, most total fucking morons who have never bothered to actually make an effort to understand Feminism will tell you “Feminism is about Equality of the sexes!” and make no further argument beyond this. They’re idiots who gravitated towards the first nice-sounding slogan they heard in order to revel in their false sense of moral superiority. Well, first-off Feminism is not about “equality” it’s about power, domination, and control. Its ideological roots lie in Marxist Communism – whose dialectics on economic class struggle have been applied to gender instead. Some of the most famous Feminist activists are open Communists (and usually lesbians too) like Betty Friedan and Bell Hooks. Today if you read any Feminist publication you will hear about the need to “destroy the White Heteronormative Capitalist Patriarchy” in order to fix the world. For those of you who work for a living, I will translate that: ‘ugly lesbian communists want a world full of non-white homosexual communists run by women’. Feminism is the belief that women as a class are oppressed by men as a class and that women need to be liberated from – not be made equal to – men. It is from this oppressor/victim worldview that feminists derive and justify their hatred of men and masculinity – which they blame for all the world’s problems (Especially theirs). Only a total fucking idiot could watch thousands of bitter ugly harpies with folds of flesh the consistency of refrigerated gravy march down the National Mall dressed like vaginas and think; “wow, those women sure care equally about the poor men that have problems”. Feminism as an ideology prescribes to have the answer for every single life issue one can think of… It goes beyond the scope of a political movement, and to its adherents, functions like a religion. A religion, whose most cardinal sins are the ideals of the masculine man. Feminism is the central ideology behind the malicious destruction of manhood in American Society, and like Slavery was the common thread among all the political issues that caused the Civil War – Feminism is the common thread present in every attack on men. Naturally, Feminists believe the men they hate so much need to be corrected to solve all the world’s ills, and they need to be corrected… into women. Enter, the vehicles to make that correction.

The ideology of Feminism did something in the tradition of all other Marxist revolutions; they created their own ‘scientific’ academic discipline. The Soviets had scientists that ‘proved’ Capitalism was unnatural and wrong; so too do Feminists have ‘scientists’ out to prove that masculinity and maleness is unnatural and wrong. This academic field goes by a number of similar names including but not limited to: Gender Studies, Women & Gender Studies, Women’s Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, LGBT Studies, Modern Sociology, Feminist Studies, or Gender Psychology. If you have a college-aged child in a Social Sciences major containing any of the words ‘Womens’, ‘Gender’, or ‘Studies’ there’s a 100% chance that your child is being indoctrinated by Marxist lesbians to be a man-hating pinko commie. These “academic” (allegedly) collegiate courses do two things: produce indoctrinated political soldiers, and generate the research that will back up their political activism. Ever hear this one? “One in five women will be raped during her time on a college campus!” That little tidbit of Feminist bunk found its way all the way up to the top when President Barack Obama repeated it on live television. The only problem was it’s complete and total bullshit. That line comes from a survey created by feminists, The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey of 2010… It was a biased research tool that included questions like “Have you ever been kissed while drunk?” and “Have you ever had sex after consuming alcohol?” – any ‘Yes’ response to these types of questions was counted as rape automatically. It had a response rate less than 33% too – women who were the most ideologically driven on the subject of sexual assault were the most-likely to even do the survey. The obvious result was that the survey proctors determined 1/5 of American girls were being sexually brutalized by hordes of vicious men on a regular basis. According to Feminist academics, American colleges have rates of rape on par with the Republic of Congo – a place where rape is used as a tool of warfare. Feminist academics operate under the worldview that women are simultaneously superior to – but also victimized by – men. Is it any surprise that Feminist research always reinforces this outlook? No matter the problem, the feminist solution is punishing men in some way and then to give women more money and power.

Iron Mike - Men - I suckThis type of biased agenda-driven research is called Advocacy Research, and it is employed by dishonest institutions to push their specific agenda, and it gets them a lot of money (specifically, your tax dollars). In the case of the leftists in college, this research is to push an anti-male political cause – usually under the guise of “protecting women” from the Feminists’ own gothic rape fantasies that don’t really exist. The second type of “academic” (again, very loose use of that word) is the ‘science’ of Gender. Feminism has a huge following among homosexuals – particularly lesbians. As such, they advocate for Transgenders and gay men to be the male ideal. This is usually called “recasting” or “reexamining” masculinity; into something that is not masculine at all. I won’t go into too much detail, but ass-pirates aren’t known for their masculine behavior for a reason. Your average gay guy is a simpering submissive bitch-boy that definitely has more women’s clothes in his hamper than Rammstein songs on his workout playlist. Submissive, weak, emotional gay and transsexual (transgender… whatever) men (the type who kill themselves because you use the wrong pronouns and won’t have sex with them) are the leftist ideal because they will never load their AR-15’s and organize resistance when their rights are trampled by the state. Don’t believe me that gays are in general weak men who don’t resist violently? Let’s take a trip down memory lane for an example. Do you remember when James Holmes shot up a crowded theater in 2012? Do you remember the stories we heard about the male victims? The ones who rushed the shooter to give their dates a few more seconds of life and a chance to escape? Yeah… Now, do you remember when a jihadist named Omar Mateen shot up the Pulse Nightclub in 2016? What were the stories we got about the gay male victims? How they died huddled in the bathroom crying and calling their mommies on the phone while a gunman rampaged unopposed for over an hour… Masculine men fight. Weak effeminate ones don’t. Since Feminists idealize a totalitarian Communist state where women exert total control, these weak inferior men are the only kind that must be encouraged. Gay and Transgender men are feminized men who are an asset in destroying masculinity. The rest are a threat to the glorious women’s revolution that must be destroyed.Shop Now Banner

The worst part of Feminism is these types of Feminist Social Justice courses are becoming mandatory for almost all students in nearly every curriculum. Literature, English, and Psychology majors can expect to have to take at least one required course full of Feminist Marxism in order to graduate. Hell, at UCLA English and Literature majors are required to take multiple courses on Social Justice topics (Gender & Sexuality Studies is a required course), but not required to take a single course on Shakespeare… Most Freshmen introduction seminars these days are chock-full of leftist SJW-isms and administered by a hardliner leftist professor – so that every student is forced to learn and demonstrate ‘acceptable’ opinions on the subjects of race, gender, sexuality, nationalism, and American history or face a drop in GPA. By using a college students’ academic future as leverage, college administrations can force compliance to both their political ideals (exclusively leftist and anti-American) and also brow-beat students into being submissive drones in their campus life. This is the precursor to the overall leftist plan for America. Generations of people (men) who are completely conditioned not to buck the system for fear of their well-being. Which leads me to another weapon in the war on men…

(Continued in Part II).

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  1. Thomas Anderson

    Iron Mike on a roll. One way to know when you’ve hit a home run is the NASTY name calling reaction your rant will receive from The Transgendered Left. It’s past time to fight back, particularly intellectually, politically, and in everyday life. After Part II you need to examine the strategy of how we go on offense so we don’t lose the war! The masculine male once was a stalwart in society for what was good about America. Masculine men generally are strong proponents of politeness, showing kindness, honor, bravery, generosity, maturity, and loyalty to the people around them. It is pure stupidity and a desire to justify the means to believe masculine men are stupid, insensitive, misogynist, and racist and any other “negative” trait implied by FemiNazis..

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