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The First Year of Making America Great Again

By the end of 2017, President Trump has proved all of them wrong. Since the first day he stepped into the office, President Trump has made big changes in foreign and domestic policies.

Donald J. Trump’s first year as President of the United States has not been easy. He has had unprecedented resistance from both Democrats and Republicans. Even though his first year in office has not been easy, President Trump’s supporters have continued to support him. Military, law enforcement, first responders and people from all walks of life have rallied around their Commander-in-Chief.

After President Trump took office, many people questioned his lack of previous political experience. Since then Democrats, liberal media and many other from both political parties have done everything they can to obstruct his presidency. By the end of 2017, President Trump has proved all of them wrong. Since the first day he stepped into the office, President Trump has made big changes in foreign and domestic policies.

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Many of the accomplishments have come through executive actions, helping end previous executive actions. These executive actions have helped strengthen U.S. positions abroad and have shown that he is living up to his campaign promise of America First.

President Trump has also had victories through the legislative process. Some of these victories include judicial appointments, aid to veterans, and tax reform. These victories have not come easy, facing legal and political challenges at every turn. But even with all the resistance that he has received throughout the year, he has endured victory after victory and has been able to live up to many of the campaign promises he made to the American people.

POTUS first year wavingHere is a partial list of the major achievements in the first year of the Trump Administration:

1. Economy: At the end of 2017, the United States economy has seen more than 3 percent growth from July through September. According to Fox News, this is the highest quarterly performance in three years. The unemployment rate is also down to 4.1-percent. This is the lowest it has been in approximately 17 years. Since President Trump took office the stock market has also hit record highs more than 60 times. This is something that Democrats and the liberal media said would never happen under a Trump administration.

2. ISIS — During his campaign President Trump promised the American people that he would do what was necessary to defeat ISIS in Iraq. After several coordinated military operations by Iraq and the American-led coalition, ISIS has been defeated. In December 2017, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, announced victory. He stated that Iraqi military forces and the American-led coalition had defeated ISIS in Iraq.

3. Appointment of Judges — At the end of 2017 ABC News reported that President Trump had confirmed the most appellate judges in any other president’s first year. At the end of 2017, President Trump had confirmed 19 federal judges. This includes 12 circuit judges, 6 district court judges, and 1 Supreme Court Justice, who replaced Antonin Scalia.

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4. Tax cuts — President Trump promised the American people that if he were elected as President of the United States, one of the things he would do is pass the biggest tax cut bill in history. December 2, 2017, the tax reform package was passed by the Senate and House. As he signed it into law, President Trump stated that the new tax reform was a very big Christmas gift for middle America. After the tax bill was passed, White House officials stated that the tax bill provides the most sweeping tax changes in over 30 years. The tax bill will help lower corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent with the aim of stimulating long-term growth and the creation of jobs. This is another win for the American people and especially for middle class American who will keep more of their paycheck.

5. Repeal of Obamacare—As promised by President Trump, the tax bill also included a provision that repeals a mandate that forced Americans to pay a penalty for not getting health insurance. This is something that has been a great concern for many American, because many Americans stated that they would rather pay a fine than pay the costs of high premiums and deductibles under Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Obama promised that the Affordable Care Act would help every American afford health insurance. But unfortunately, that was a lie and many American found themselves unable to afford insurance because of the high premiums and deductibles.

6. Ending/Changing Federal Regulations — During the Obama administration many businesses were strangled with regulations that slowed the economy. During his first year in office President Trump removed many regulations that were impacting the growth of the US economy. Some of the agency’s that were affected by these changes were the Environmental Protection Agency, the Education Department, and Health and Human Services. One of the other changes that President Trump made was ending Obama’s blocking of the Keystone Pipeline, this alone helped create thousands of new jobs.

7. Travel Ban — As promised, one of the first things President Trump did after he took office was to create a travel ban from countries could pose a threat to the safety and security of the United States. The controversial travel ban has faced many legal challenges since the first day it was announced. But after many challenges from lower courts, the ban finally received tacit approval from the Supreme Court while it waits debate from the Court. The Supreme Court allowed a third version of the ban to continue, but it may still face many legal challenges. Despite criticism from the liberal media and from both Democrats and Republicans, the White House has insisted that the travel ban will protect the American people from possible terrorist attacks.

8. Border Control — Another controversial campaign promise that President Trump has kept is, the strengthening of our international border. The strengthening of border operations and of policies has lowered the number of border crossings from Mexico. A report from Customs and Border Protections indicates that there has been a significant drop in the arrest of illegal aliens by nearly 20 percent from the year before. President Trump’s promise to construct a border wall is still facing many challenges.
POTUS first year thumbs up9. Veteran Support — For a very long time, there have been backlogs of case where veterans have filed for benefits or for medical care. But this has changed due to President Trump’s passing of the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act. This bill will help a veteran’s claims get processed faster. Other legislative actions that President Trump has signed will restore unused education benefits to veterans and will also help improve much needed healthcare.

10. Jerusalem — In 2017, President Trump announced that the United States would formally recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This means that the United States will eventually move its embassy to the holy city. This announcement was criticized by more than 120 countries of the United Nations. As a result of their lack of support, United States Ambassador Nikki Haley announced that the U.S. would cut contributions to the UN. President Trump and Ambassador Haley also announced that the United States would eliminate funding for any country that did not support the United States in their Jerusalem decision. President Trump and Ambassador Haley’s actions towards the UN and to the countries that oppose the US indicate that they US will not provide any financial support to any country that does not support the U.S.

11. The Paris Climate Agreement — President Trump and many other law makers agreed that the Paris Climate Agreement was not beneficial to the United States, as originally promised by the Obama administration. In June, President Trump announced the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement; stating that the deal could hurt the American economy and jobs. In a statement that the White House later released ,President Trump stated that he was willing to re-negotiate a more favorable agreement that would help economic growth in the United States.

12. Trans-Pacific Partnership — The TPP, was negotiated by then President Obama. Shortly after taking office President Trump withdrew from the TPP by signing an executive order. He stated that the trade deal with Asia was a “potential disaster for our country,”. He further stated that the TPP would end up harming American workers and manufacturing.

Gruntworks will continue to observe and report on President Trump and his accomplishments as he continues a successful presidency to Make America First.

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