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Sunday Sermon: 10DEC17

Greetings! The first part of my Christmas Sermon comes at you today.

We are in the Christmas Season. Hanukkah as well. Many Jews and Christians are celebrating The Festival of Lights for the Jews and the birth of Jesus for the Christians. Now before some pipe in about Christmas not being the day, I’m a Southern Baptist and we know. It’s the day that was set.

Now let’s start in the beginning. You are Mary. You are set to marry a not poor carpenter. You are in your home and BAM!! The Archangel Gabriel is there. He says to you that you are going to give birth to the Messiah. How? I’m a virgin. Gabriel spells it out. The same power and spirit that created everything is going to form a child, a child who will be the Creator himself coming to live the human condition.

Product Block God and CountryNow let’s switch to Joseph. Your soon to be wife comes to you. She tells you she is with child. The Messiah. You are shocked, hurt and angry. Angry that your betrothed had been with another man. You think in your head, over and over, “Should I stay or should I go?” You are an honorable man. You are caring and forgiving. So you pray. And you pray. Then Gabriel shows up to You! He says “Joseph, stay. It’s God’s will. You are to be the Earthly father to the Messiah.”

Ceasar calls a Census. You and your very pregnant wife go to the hometown of your lineage. You live in the far Northern town of Nazareth, and need to get to Bethlehem which is near Jerusalem. So off you go.

You get to Bethlehem and there is no place to stay except the livestock pens. You stay because Mary is about to give birth. And she does. Your child is born in animal filth, and w grubby feed trough is his bed. Just like the prophets said.

Flocks and Shepherds were nearby. Shepherds were settling in for the night, when all of a sudden an angel shows himself. You are scared. He tells you that nearby the Messiah has been born. Then the sky fills with the angels in heaven singing praises.

Next week I’ll continue and break into some prophecies concerning the Messiahs arrival.




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