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Weekend Safety Brief 8DEC2017

Now, I have been watching you shitbirds post up, just like your creepy uncle used to watch you in the shower, and I have noticed that some of you don’t have the first clue about how we got to this point, what the hell it all means, and why Israel is important to us.  Well, Ima break it down for ya – Barney style.

Bring it in, take a seat, I feel like chatting for a bit.

On this day after the anniversary of the evil attack on Pearl Harbor 76 years ago by the gawddamed Japs – we have many new challenges in front of us.  While Germany, Italy and Japan prospered under Allied occupation in the post war era (what was in those two bombs we dropped on Japan, strange fetishes, and fertilizer!?), we cannot fool ourselves into thinking that Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Iran, or North Korea will have similar records.  Simply look at how fucked East Germany was when the Soviets finally pulled their sorry asses out.

The reason?  Well, my guess is that when people have lived for so long under totalitarian regimes that it takes MANY generations to change the mindset.  When we consider that even before the rise of Islam, the many peoples of what it now Dar Al Islam were subjugated to someone or another.  Once they were “liberated” by Mo’s Jihadis, it was: Same shit different Boss. The West has had centuries of reform and change to get here…a few years ago in the long view, we were all very similar to them. Now? Now we are nothing like them.

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I bring this up because the POTUS just made a move that was already a done deal, but past presidents didn’t have the intestinal fortitude and/or political capital to spend in order to do it.  Simply put, he fully acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and indicated that our Embassy would move from Tel Aviv to the capital.  Now, I have been watching you shitbirds post up, just like your creepy uncle used to watch you in the shower, and I have noticed that some of you don’t have the first clue about how we got to this point, what the hell it all means, and why Israel is important to us.  Well, Ima break it down for ya – Barney style.

I mean it should be obvious to any of you that you WANT TO be allied with some of the most prolific Hajji killers in modern history.  Allies that enlist some of the finest broads to serve in ANY military. Allies that have been field testing out kit since before I started using it to kick hajji ass back in 1991. Allies that are our ONLY natural ally in the region and the ONLY functional parliamentary democracy between the Balkans and India.

Allies that are technically and tactically proficient, don’t do “Man Love Thursday” and you don’t have to worry about some bullshit “Green on Blue” suicide mission.  They are good peoples mang, I know a few of our Hebrew bros in arms – and I genuinely like them.

No, I am making this as brief as possible while hitting the major points.  This is *not* exhaustive – it is only “wavetop.” Please research more on your own from actual historical sources – and remember that even they are written from a certain point of view.  Any mistakes are my own and are unintentional – I wrote this on the quick to give you guys something to help you understand why the situation is so jacked there.  I have tried to write in an unbiased manner, although my own experiences and point of view make the idea of a complete lack of bias an impossibility.  For that, I am sorry – not really – Go fuck yourselves if you don’t like it.

The Arab (specifically Muslim, as not all Arabs have a dog in this fight)-Israel Conflict is often viewed in the West from the pre-9/11 and post-colonial point of view.  Partially, in my honest opinion due to the ability of most people in the West to forgive and forget anything over a generation or two ago, unless it is the US Civil War, but that is for another day.  However, as with most history – there is much more to the story of how and why the UN partition plan, the independence of Israel and subsequent wars came to be.  The important thing to note is that the conflict goes back to at least the latter half of the 7th Century CE and the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem.  Interestingly, the city itself it named, in various dialects up to and including Hebrew as the city or place of peace.  It has been historically anything but.  Equally interesting is the fact that Muslims consider the city the third holiest in their religion and all it Al Quds – the holy place.  The fact that there is an entire branch of the Iranian military named the Al Quds Force is not a coincidence.Shop Now Banner

Prior to the 7th Century CE, the land had been predominantly (and sometimes sporadically) occupied by the Jews since the establishment of the first Kingdom of Israel in approximately the 11th Century BCE.  Although the area around Jerusalem was conquered by numerous peoples including the Babylonians, Egyptians (of antiquity, not the Arabs of today), Persians, Greeks, and others the next major change came in 63 BCE with the Roman conquest.  The Levant was known then by the many separate regions within its borders, such as Judea and Canaan.  However, the Romans hated the Jews, and decided to stick a proverbial thumb in their eye.  They called the place the land of the Philistines or “Palestine.” In case you slept in Bible school, the Philistines are the hated historical enemy of the Hebrews.  This was the era that most of you know as when the Jews operated under a puppet government and were controlled by the Romans – see the Gospels for how that worked out for all involved (something, something, King of the Jews, something, something, nailed to a cross).  The Jews had an ongoing, albeit sporadic and largely unsuccessful insurgency against the Romans and their successors – The Eastern Empire (Byzantium – sing it with me!  Istanbul was Constantinople!), along with the Persians again – that is the Iranians to you fuckers)

Then along came Mohammed, who was all cool with all people of the Abrahamic God – Jews and Christians alike.  However, once old Mo got his way, Allah told him that Christians and Jews were no longer his friends and that he needed to convert, subjugate or kill all of them.  This is the source of the hatred between the groups and persists like the Hatfields and McCoys to this day.  According to various Islamic sources, Mohammed and Gabriel ascended to heaven from the site of the old Temple in Jerusalem – although Mo had never actually been to Jerusalem.  This is the fly in the ointment.

In the 7th Century CE the Muslims began their conquest of most of the Mediterranean basin and this included Palestine.  All people of the book (Jews and Christians) were either forced to convert, or allowed to live under Muslim rule as second-class citizens.  This continued until about 400 years later when Christian Crusaders finally decided to fight back and began to get it on with the Muslims on and off for the next 500 years.  Soon after, the Ottoman Empire was formed, and they controlled the Levant until the end of WWI.  The Ottomans lost that ass along with the Germans and Austrio-Hungarians, and that led to the establishment of the British Mandate over much of the Middle East including Palestine and Transjordan.  As usual, this was a turbulent period that mirrored what had begun during the fall of the Ottoman Empire.  In any case, the people of the region were Semitic and practiced many faiths – although predominantly they were Muslim with the Jews being a strong minority.

Without purposefully oversimplifying, the current conflict was borne of promises made to both the Zionist Jews and Arab “Palestinians” in relation to the establishment of a homeland for both.  At the end of WWI, the Brits were trying to hold shit down, and wanted (for a number of reasons, not all of them nice) to help get a bunch of the Jews out of Europe.  While Zionists began to migrate to the Levant in the late 18th and early 20th century, the existing communities of Jews, Druse, Muslims, Christians, and others began to feel a bit crowded out by the influx of Jews from the rest of the world, but mainly from Europe and North America.

After WWI, the British Mandate controlling Palestine went through several evolutions, each of which promised different results to different groups.  By WWII, there was open hostility between the Jews and Arab Muslims as well as attacks and revolts against the British.  With the revelations of the fucked up shit Her Hitler was up to in the Holocaust, the newly founded UN began to push even harder for a Jewish homeland.  This appeased Zionists, gave hope to teeming masses of European Jews and forced the hand of the British in Palestine.

As thousands of Jews flooded toward the Levant, the British struggled to maintain some sort of control as well as limiting immigration.  Hardliner Jews began an insurgency (read: terrorism) to force the British out and establish their own state.  The UN finally approved a partition plan in 1947 to establish a homeland for both the Jews and the Arab Muslims that would jointly have access to Jerusalem.  While the Jews met this with some serious partying, the Hajjis – they did Hajji shit, like burn shit and blow shit up.  As the British mandate expired and their forces retrograded from the Levant – Israel declared itself as an independent state and the war was on like a Motherfucker!

Both the Soviet Union and the United States quickly recognized Israel.  Despite being drastically outnumbered and out gunned, the Jews, managed to hold on to their tiny strip of land and repel the combined armies of every surrounding Hajji state.  In a couple of weeks, the UN passed a resolution calling for the cessation of hostilities and establishing UNTSO to monitor the borders and help quell the hostilities – this mission is ongoing to this day. Here is the thing – not only did the Hebrews stomp that collective Hajji ass – they took some land too!

In 1956, France, Britain and Israel thought it would be cool to invade the Suez.  Unfortunately, the UN didn’t like that shit and put the kybosh on it.  BUT, Israel gained access to the Straits of Tiran for and the war effectively ended the Colonial influence of France and Britain in that area.  The 1967 war started off with a bang, and ended with Israeli occupation of Gaza/Suez, Golan, and West Bank of the River Jordan as buffer zones from future attacks.  The “pre-1967 Borders” are often the bone of contention in modern negotiations.

My opinion?  Don’t start a fucking war, and you won’t lose territory when you lose.

Nonetheless, the 1973 war was a turning point for many reasons.  First, the realization that even outgunned, outnumbered and this time surprised, the Israelis fought off a very determined attack and this led to a long-term strife on both sides to move diplomatically toward peace.  Jimmy The “Peanut” Carter brokered the Camp David Accords that were the beginning of a series of negotiations that, despite ongoing Palestinian insurgencies, the major nation states have adhered to.

Perhaps most important to understanding the ongoing conflict is to remember the fact that the Arab states completely rejected the UN partition plan and were dedicated to the destruction of Israel.  While the governments of Jordan and Egypt have relatively normalized relationships with the state of Israel, most of the Arab world is still dedicated to this cause.  Further, in the 1948 war Israel largely only held onto the land that the UN partition allotted to it.  Conversely the other part of the partition was *never* given over to the Muslim Palestinians.  Egypt, Jordan, and Syria simply annexed the remaining land and the Palestinians were treated as second-class citizens by their Arab “brothers.” Notably, the Israelis unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in 2006 as a bid to trade disputed land for peace.  It has not worked, but they have also vocally considered a similar withdrawal from the West Bank of the River Jordan.

The Arab Muslims of Palestine were and are dedicated to the establishment of their own state (and rightfully so, I mean, even Hajji needs a place to stay when he isn’t building IEDs).  However, in most cases they also see the existence of Israel as a non-starter and see its eradication as part and parcel to the establishment of Arab Palestine.  In this light, many insurgent groups have come to the fore.  Specifically, the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood supported HAMAS (also materially supported by Iran) has become the de facto ruling party of Gaza after a civil war with Fatah and routinely attacks southern Israel.  Hezb’Allah, a Shia Muslim group supported directly by Iran maintains attacks from southern Lebanon.  Fatah is the controlling group in the West Bank.

Israel is not “innocent” by any means – they have and will probably continue to the be the baddest kid on the block and use their military and intelligence services to go after their enemies.  They blew up the Iraqi nuke plant and the PLO in their refuge in Tunisia in the 80s.  They wiped out the Syrian WMD site in 2007, and Sudanese one in 2012.  They continually assassinate enemies of the state both overtly and covertly in the Levant and around the world – including Nazis from WWII, the attackers of the Munich Olympics and members of various Palestinian militant organizations.  They have and will probably continue to strike into Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and notional Palestine in retaliation to threats.  Simply put, they do not pull any punches – and will probably take out the Iranian nuke plants sometime in the near future – since apparently, we won’t.

So, see – since the Hajjis won’t recognize Israel at all; want to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean; and see Jerusalem as tainted by Jewish presence, it is no wonder that the fuckers are pissed off that the Don stated what is already obvious.  Now some fuckers are already whining that this will piss of the Umma.  Well, they get pissed off at cartoons and kill people.  Fuck the Umma.

Platoon Sergeants, get into the safety details with these pukes, I don’t want anyone on the Blotter or in front of the Sergeant Major come Monday – because you and me are gonna be battle buddies if that shit happens. With great power, comes great responsibility. PT is at 0500 Monday. Now take charge of your platoons and GTFO.



E. Michael Davis II, OMar, CPP, 1SG USA (Ret) served nearly 25 years in the United States Army as a Military Police Investigator. His work focused on Investigations, Anti/Counter-Terrorism Operations, Police Special Operations, Intelligence Operations and Force Protection with multiple Joint and Combined Commands. The impact of his work spanned the spectrum from tactical actions to strategic planning and engagement. In this capacity, he worked closely with nearly every security and law enforcement agency of the United States government, as well as dozens of police, security and intelligence agencies of friendly foreign governments. He experienced multiple combat tours in the Gulf War, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and three tours in Iraq. He is a recipient of two Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart amongst many other awards and honors. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Military History, Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Studies and Master's Degree in Post 1945 Military History from the American Military University - all with honors. He is still active in the anti/counter-terrorism community as well as a freelance author, historian and blogger.

2 comments on “Weekend Safety Brief 8DEC2017

  1. Tennessee Budd

    Well, shit. I know a fair amount about the history of the area, and about the Muslim-Jewish hostilities. I was just settling in to see if I could learn more here, when I ran across “CE” when it should have been “AD”. Political correctness has even contaminated Grunt Works? I guess next week’s brief will be about the tribulations of “undocumented Americans-to-be, living in the shadows”.
    Damn. Just….damn. It may only be laziness, due to a cut-and-paste from another source, but that’s hardly better, if at all.
    Incidentally, …”In the 7th Century BCE the Muslims began their conquest…”
    No, that was in the 7th century AD. There were no Muslims in any year BC. Mo’ Ham hadn’t been born yet, & Allah was still some tribal moon god or some such, earning time in rate to move up to Flag.

  2. 1SG (RET) Moriarti

    That BCE was a typo. It should have been CE. Thanks for catching that. Yes, that article was largely cut and pasted from another source – my blog – and dressed up for the WSB. As I said, my words, my mistakes. As far as being “politically correct” – I am anything but. However, since I am not a Christian, and am a actual historian, I prefer the connotation CE/BCE, just a personal preference. Thanks for the input!

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