Gruntworks Sunday Sermon

Sunday Sermon

Greetings Brothers and Sisters.  Let’s talk about forgiveness today.

Forgiveness.  What comes to mind when you say that or hear that?  The phrase I’ll forgive but never forget.  Or I can’t forgive it hurt me too much to forgive.  Let’s dive in.

Forgiving and injustice done to you is the hardest thing to do.  You want to be angry, carry that grudge and get revenge.  Why though?  Why do you want that person to take up space in your head and emotions?  Why do you want them to drive your thoughts.  Set that junk free.  Dig down deep, let go of your pride and forgive them.

I have a family situation that involves a sibling.  Drug addict, thief, liar.  I have forgiven over and over.  One day I couldn’t do it anymore.  I was fed up with the injustices done to me and my family.  I sat down with my pastor.  I asked him about forgiveness and my anger and taking stand.  He told me take your stand, state your reasons.  Forgive but don’t continue to allow the undesired behavior around anymore.

How many of you feel like things you have done in service or as a civilian would be considered unforgivable?  Hear me, nothing is unforgivable with Jesus.  He took the burden.  Anyone who tells you a sin is unforgivable sell him short and deny his words and purpose.  Seek his words.  If you honestly pray to God and ask for a heartfelt forgiveness and truthful repentant heart, all will be forgiven.

I say this again to you.  Everything is forgivable by Jesus.  Anything and everything.

If you wish to talk more send a message to the page.  We’ll talk.



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