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Justice – Sunday Sermon 05NOV17

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

It’s been an eventful week and month.  Although I must admit, no Antifa civil war has this Padre Sad.  Dispatching some smites to some unruly punks would have been an excellent time.

I want to talk about Justice today.  Justice, we hear that word and think retributive Justice.  We don’t think about Justice for the lesser among us.  I’m not talking Social Justice Warrior, offended at everything Justice.  We as soldiers dispensed Justice for the oppressed in dictatorial regimes.  Though history has shown us that the oppressed, when put in charge become the oppressors.Shop Now Banner

Where do we get our sense of Justice?  Why do we think about things they way we do?  Look at when God created us.  He put us in charge.  We are to treat and rule Earth the way he would, seeing as how we are created in his image.  A praying mantis eats its mate.  A honey badger just doesn’t care about anything.  A panda has twins, abandons one.  Normal for them.  We do it and we are unjust.

So all of humanity we have seen practices this injustice we see everywhere.  God gives us an example in Jesus in how to be.  We try, we are human we fail.  What matters is we keep trying.  We keep helping the downtrodden, the weak, the helpless.

This November I challenge you to find a family genuinely in need.  Help them.  I challenge you to find one of our brothers or sisters in a dark spot.  Help them.  I challenge you to do one simple thing.  Help.  Stand for justice.  Real Justice, not some SJW/Antifa crap.  They need a good smiting.

Seek Justice, Have Mercy, Malk Humbly with your God.





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