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I understand why liberal women hate men now, the only ones you associate with are liberal men; leading you to the conclusion this must be how all men act. Now that some young hopeful actress decided to retain her dignity and denied that fat tumor of a man his satisfaction and actually reported to the police that he attempted to brutalize her before blowing his load in a potted plant (Yes, that actually happened – and there’s a police report on it); you sanctimonious cunts were lining up on Twitter to proclaim your victimhood with “#MeToo”.

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Iron Mike – Gruntworks Contributing Blogger

Alright bitches, your self-righteous shitshow has worn thinner than your acting talent and I’m about lay down enough toxic masculinity to induce seizures in the entire Buzzfeed writing staff. Trigger Warning: Eat shit and Die.

The past few weeks has been nothing short of biblical levels of hypocrisy from you aging dick cozies. I remember a few short months ago in the wake of President Donald Trump’s historic election upset of your God-Empress Hillary “Palpatine” Clinton – stealing her birthright to ascend to the highest office of the land on the basis of her dusty vulva and political scheming that would make the most devious Roman Senator shit his toga. How dare the usurper confound the American public with promises of law & order, economic recovery, and secure borders? Your girl was offering war with Iran, sex changes on the public dime, and the ghoulish cackling of a reptilian sorceress who feeds on the blood of the innocent! But she had a vagina (at least as far as anyone was willing to check) so that means she was the candidate for every lumpy she-hadist with her tits in a twist. When Frau Pantsuits inevitably shit the bed on election night harder than she shits her Depends undergarments on taco night, you cancerous harpies just had to lose your shit in every way possible when January 20th rolled around…

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Oh, that next week was the most glorious display of leftist butt-hurt since the Berlin Wall came down. What did you bitches do? You organized a mass march of blue-haired lesbians, fat Tumblr-inas, and lonely cat ladies to protest the new POTUS because his private comments boasting of his ability to seduce women over a decade prior were just so intolerable to you! A bunch of shaved-headed overweight harpies were prepared to try and overthrow the American electoral process in response to the election of a man unsympathetic to your constant demands for special benefit on the basis of your sagging sausage wallets. This was “literally the worst thing that could happen to women” declared one protester. “This is just another attack in the Republican’s ‘War on Women’!” decried another. One comment was enough to mobilize tens of thousands female human water-beds to break away from their angry blogging and Haagen-Daas to waddle down the National Mall, mooing in unison about how offended they were while dressed in various vaginal costumes. You know… Acting how a dignified and empowered woman acts when confronted with issues she politically opposes? You wore vagina hats while complaining about how “objectified” women are because you’re fucking retards who don’t understand irony. On a side note, I didn’t see too many men there – I guess they were all working? Women are so “oppressed” they could take the day off work to travel across the country to collectively bitch about how much less they’re paid than men or something… something… “Patriarchy”. Then you crones left a horrendous mess of garbage for some man to clean up (98% of sanitation workers are male FYI – haven’t seen any of your Feminazis bitching about putting more women in those jobs though). Ashley Judd got on stage to deliver her speech conveying her outrage with enough force to blow out an areola. Madonna declared her desires to blow up the White House. Meryl Streep got on stage at some Hollywood awards show to moralize us all over the plight of the “oppressed” American woman in 2016 while accepting a golden statue in honor of her talent for playing pretend. Dozens of activists and Hollywood leftist elites came forward to voice their disdain and disbelief as if one man’s private boast of sexual exploits was the worst thing that had ever happened to the entire female gender… but you cunts conveniently forgot to mention one little thing about a major donor to Hillary Clinton that apparently you all knew, didn’t you?

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Harvey Weinstein has now been exposed as the biggest sexual predator (of females at least) in Hollywood for decades, and it was an “open secret” for the entire duration of Miramax Films existence… and half the Hollywood Feminist vanguard took a turn getting rammed by his kosher Bologna-pony on a casting couch in their younger days, a fact none of them mentioned over the course of four decades. I understand why liberal women hate men now, the only ones you associate with are liberal men; leading you to the conclusion this must be how all men act. Now that some young hopeful actress decided to retain her dignity and denied that fat tumor of a man his satisfaction and actually reported to the police that he attempted to brutalize her before blowing his load in a potted plant (Yes, that actually happened – and there’s a police report on it); you sanctimonious cunts were lining up on Twitter to proclaim your victimhood with “#MeToo”. Go fuck yourselves with a cactus and Tobasco Sauce lube. You all were acting out the plot of “Eyes Wide Shut” on the regular and covering for anyone whose politics were correct. You are not victims… The word for what you are is ‘Whores’. You are whores. Prostitutes. Ladies of ill-repute. Harlots. Practitioners of “the world’s oldest profession”. Hookers. Worse than that – is you are enablers of the abuse of other women in more ways than one…

What you did was allow your face to be used as a spooge receptacle for a rich and powerful man in order to receive tangible benefit. Doubtlessly he did a bunch of totally fucked-up sexually deviant shit to you that you did not enjoy, but I really don’t feel bad for you skanks in the slightest. You chose to trade your body for movie roles. You allowed a fat greasy film executive to stick his sweaty hog in your holy hatchet wound on the promise of a part in a movie to launch your film career – and then lined your pockets for years afterwards while never mentioning the personal degradation you felt and/or did to come up until it was convenient for you to do so. Trading your body for material gain is the literal definition of prostitution. You’re not strong and brave for coming forward about how disgusted you felt 30 years ago now. You’re a prostitute trying to turn herself into a victim-groupie now that the scumbag you sold your body to is disgraced in the public eye. By refusing to step forward when this first happened (if indeed you were assaulted at all) you enabled a predator – a predator that you all took smiling pictures with for years after his alleged assaults of your person (and thanked in your award acceptance speeches more often than God). In the meantime, you knew he was pulling the same song and dance with dozens if not scores of other young women hopeful to make a new career on the silver screen. At best you’re an enabler by personal cowardice, at worst (and most likely) you are a complicit co-conspirator who made herself rich by keeping quiet about his predatory predilections. Actually now that I think about it: Lena Dunham wrote a book detailing her masturbating with her little sister (with whom she shared a bed until age 17), and also told the story about reaching into her little sisters panties to explore her vagina and shoving pebbles into poor little Grace’s cooter when she was around 1 year old. Good ol’ Lena then justified her writings about her sexual abuse by stating she was “Queer” (the catch-all term for anyone who wants to reap the social benefits of the LGBT advocacy agenda without actually fully committing). Ellen ‘Degenerate’ posts Tweets where she explicitly sexually objectifies Katy Perry’s tits… I guess you Hollywood feminists have a few predators in your own ranks, but that’s OK… So long as they support the leftist candidate and spew the requisite virtue-signaling on the approved social issues. Hollyweird leftists can be child molesters or sexist pigs because you’re just a little better than the rest of us so therefore get to play by a different set of rules while casting down your gaze upon us lowly peasants from your ivory towers. Being a rich turbo-dyke is apparently an acceptable justification to make sexually aggressive advances on women – no wonder Kevin Spacey used the “I was drunk and I’m Gay” reasoning to excuse away his attempted rape of a 14-year-old boy. He clearly saw it works for other homosexuals in the biz…Shop Now Banner

Oh, and not only are you complicit in the continued abuse of women in Hollywood – but also the continued abuse of women around the world. You self-righteous bitches list your petty first-world problems as proof of a conspiracy to “oppress” the modern woman in the Western World, but are never going to take yourselves to Pakistan to speak out against the tribal justice being levied against women there. Where rape victims are stoned to death, or shot in the head by their own fathers in ‘Honor Killings’. You’re never going to go confront a tribal Jirga where local Islamic Imams dispense justice on women while declaring their testimony before the Sharia court to be worth half that of a man’s. You aren’t going to speak on behalf of the young women in India who are forcibly married at age 9 to some total stranger decades her elder. You won’t travel to Somalia and help rescue young girls who are having their clitoris and labia cut off with a razor blade or a shard of glass in accordance with the local tradition. You aren’t going to the Central African Republic where men infected with HIV rape babies because the local Juju witch doctor told them that would cure their disease. You aren’t going to speak out against an actual “Rape Culture”. You’re going to complain about American men voting for Donald Trump because you’re so fucking detached from reality you wouldn’t recognize a blue-collar job if it crawled up your ass and swam around in Harvey Weinstein’s baby-gravy. You don’t care about the actual oppression of women around the world. No, none of that shit concerns you because you rich whores are too cowardly to speak out against foreigners, brown people, or Islam for fear of being labeled “Intolerant” by a vapid social justice movement you helped nurture and metastasize into the sprawling and immoral anti-American communist agenda it is now. In fact, you will instead be arguing that we need to allow more of these disgusting backwards savages into our country in the name of “Diversity” – meanwhile another young girl in Michigan is having her genitals mutilated by a Muslim doctor at the behest of her Muslim parents… Yay Diversity! Now the backwards savages are free to mutilate their daughters in America too! Progress! Amazing women in America never had to worry about their clitoris before you Hollywood leftists decided to “fight for women’s rights” and “Champion tolerance and diversity”. While you millionaire cum dumpsters cry about demanding free abortions another Pakistani girl was just raped in front of a tribal council and then stoned to death for daring to try and marry a man she chose without the approval of the tribal elders, and another American woman was just violated by one of your Hollywood friends.Shroom Tech Banner

…but you know, you Hollywood feminist-types are just so much more moral and socially conscious than us average Americans and right-wingers. Just ask Meryl Streep – right after she’s done singing the praises of Roman Polanski, the man who brutally sodomized his 13-year-old niece and then fled to Poland to escape justice. I mean in my Platoon if we had found out one of us was a serial rapist or a child molester, the next step would be to put our padlocks in a GI sock and beat that fucker like a Cherokee drum. You give your serial predators awards and thank them in speeches while pocketing millions of dollars – all while portraying yourselves as the righteous defenders of helpless women the world over. So much more evolved than us clods down here in blue-collar America. Us masculine men you constantly disparage who don a uniform and deploy to foreign countries to protect their women from the rapacious backwards savages that rule over them in accordance with Sharia Law. You’re fucking worthless, and that’s why so many of us have stopped going to see your shitty movies.

So, in closing I’d like to leave you hypocritical whores with some toxic masculine humor to remember me by before you fail in another marriage, overdose on painkillers, or die squealing like the pigs you are cold and alone:

What do you call the useless excess skin around a feminists’ vagina? The feminist.

Sit on a fence post and twist until you get splinters in your dried-out meat curtains,

– Iron Mike


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  1. Thomas Anderson

    Shared! Yes it’s crude! Yes, it will be written off as sexist, racist, homophobic and any other standard Liberal criticism that can be applied. And… yes it contains more than a few grains of truth and for that reason maybe Iron Mike’s style will wake some people up and help them see the hypocrisy in Feminist Hollywood for what it really is. Read it! It is more than worth it for the simple fact that it does not read like the hundreds of politically correct pablum articles we are fed on a daily basis.

    • SGT P - Editor In Chief

      If you read it again…you might notice that he actually champions future actresses that may get involved in this situation.

  2. Alf Slawson

    Aaaaaaaand…breathe. Never a truer rant ranted. It’s getting just as bad on the other side of the pond too!

  3. Awesome!!!!

  4. Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

  5. Truth!

  6. This made me quite happy to read. Happy? I’m wiping away tears of laughter. Truest words I’ve read on the internet in … oh, I dunno … forever, maybe?

  7. bob k. mando

    one quibble:
    so far as i’m aware, Polanski was not related to his victim. have you any references to there being a familial relationship?

    i think the anal rape of a 13 year old is quite shocking enough. and that Meryl Streep approves of the anal rape of 13 year olds obviously disqualifies any moral stance she might pretend to take.

  8. Everything I have felt but unable to express in true candor. The lies of the left in all their dishonesty and depravity exposed beyond belief. Hee hee. This article is genius.

  9. I do not think it is fair to compare actresses to prostitutes: prostitutes are far more honest about what they are doing. Just saying.

  10. I am a female and I Love this! Tell those dumb bitches off! Feminists are hypocrites! They are also dumb and blind and I have come to the conclusion that military men GET what is going on because you guys have that gun instinct, you can FEEL the truth of what is going on, and these dumb liberals are brainwashed. Keep writing!

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