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Weekend Safety Brief 6OCT2017

Bring it in, take a knee.


This week has been three kinds of fucked up.  Between the psycho in Vegas hosing down innocents with rifle fire to the three long-tabbers being ambushed in Niger (pronounced “knee-jair” for you illiterate fucks) we have seen our share of tragedy this week.  But, as usual, tragedies have heroes and the one in Vegas was no exception.

From the first responders that put their lives (quite literally) on the line to provide aid and go after the bad guy; to the service members and veterans in the crowd that provided aid and helped evacuate the injured and dying, this event showed the best of what America is – in spite of being the worst shooting in modern history.

I would also like to take the time to give our boys across the Pond some kudos.  Some of our allies were in Vegas to party and ended up running towards the gunfire to save many of our citizens.  Their story is here.  Thanks to our brothers in Great Britain.

I would like to take a few minutes to admonish some of you to realize that this situation is an ongoing investigation and you don’t have all of the facts – hell, the cops don’t even have all of the facts yet.  What I am saying is that these crazy theories and hyperbole that some people are kicking around are ill informed and just spin people up for no reason.

As a former MPI, current investigator, and actual no-shit expert in active shooter and terrorism preparation, defense, response and investigation, I know a thing or two about a thing or two.  And as such, I can tell you that the cops working this case know a shit-ton more than your battle-buddy that has an Associate’s Degree in criminal justice knows concerning the incident at hand.  Further, they are under ZERO obligation to tell the public everything they know just because you noticed something that didn’t “look right” to you.  It will all eventually be published in reports of investigation and AARs that will be marked “Law Enforcement Sensitive” and those reports will make their way to the global LE community.  Unless you are part of that community, you will probably never know all the details – just like we don’t know every detail of the Bin Laden raid, or any other T.S. operation.  OPSEC and INFOSEC are very real and should be taken very seriously.

Two big things to think about when looking at these conspiracy theories: 1) To what end?  Why would there be ANY cover up of what “Really Happened”; 2) Did EVERY Cop, EMT, firefighter, dispatcher, reporter, and other government official REALLY agree to this?  Seriously?  We can’t even keep operational secrets quiet because some Joe has to tell Mary Sue Rottencrotch about his triumphant trip to Whereeveristan.  You really think you could recruit all of those people into this and then keep them quiet?  Naw brah.  It ain’t happenin.

That all being said there is a reason that I always tell you to roll in fire teams, avoid trouble and crowds and be prepared to act decisively when necessary.  The people on the ground Sunday night, from the cops to the EMTs and others, made a difference that night.  There is little doubt that brave men and women braved the rain of hot lead and made a difference.  None of us knows for sure how we will react to a situation without being there in the place and time, but mindset, training and having a plan sure do help – and most of you know that.


Anyway, you guys know the drill.

Check your hoopty before you roll out this weekend.

Roll in Fire teams or larger.

Avoid trouble, and have a plan.

Don’t drink and drive.

Don’t beat your wife.

Don’t fall for strippers.

Be here at 0500 for PT Monday morning – I feel like a good, long sweat.

Platoon Sergeants take charge of your platoons.



E. Michael Davis II, OMar, CPP, 1SG USA (Ret) served nearly 25 years in the United States Army as a Military Police Investigator. His work focused on Investigations, Anti/Counter-Terrorism Operations, Police Special Operations, Intelligence Operations and Force Protection with multiple Joint and Combined Commands. The impact of his work spanned the spectrum from tactical actions to strategic planning and engagement. In this capacity, he worked closely with nearly every security and law enforcement agency of the United States government, as well as dozens of police, security and intelligence agencies of friendly foreign governments. He experienced multiple combat tours in the Gulf War, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and three tours in Iraq. He is a recipient of two Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart amongst many other awards and honors. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Military History, Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Studies and Master's Degree in Post 1945 Military History from the American Military University - all with honors. He is still active in the anti/counter-terrorism community as well as a freelance author, historian and blogger.

2 comments on “Weekend Safety Brief 6OCT2017

  1. David Fairbanks

    As always, you are the voice of wisdom (gained thru experience)
    God bless you and yours.
    zero’d, A-bag ready, RedCon 2

  2. Tennessee Budd

    Uh, no, wrong. It isn’t “knee-jair”; it’s “nigh-jur”. We aren’t Frogs, we’re Americans. If you want to say “knee-jair”, then you have to be consistent & pronounce Paris as “Paree”, croissants as “cwa-sawn”, Mont Blanc pens as “Mawn Blonk”, and sabot as “sab-oh”. You should be doing the last two already anyway, but I ain’t ever giving in on “Niger”.

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