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Ambush in Niger kills 3 US Army Special Forces Soldiers, injures 2 others.

Full press release from US Africa Command

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Three U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers were killed and two additional Green Berets were injured while on a training and security patrol with Nigerien Armed Forces near the Mali/Niger border on Wednesday. (Update: confidential source stated that the Green Berets were from the 3rd Group).

Officials confirmed to the Associated Press that the ambush took place in the southwest area of Niger, north of the town of Niamey, near the Mali border.  US Africa Command officials said that they were likely attacked by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.  The injured Green Berets were evacuated to Niamey, the capital, and are reported to be in stable condition.

White House Press secretary Sarah Sanders said that President Trump was briefed in on the deaths of the American Special Forces troops by Chief of Staff John Kelly.

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In order to assist the Nigerien Armed Forces in their efforts against violent extremists, U.S. Africa Command has authorized forces to provide training and security to their Nigerien counterparts.  Niger, a landlocked country in West Africa, is one of the poorest nations in the world; with a U.S. State Department-issued travel warning for American citizens.

Gruntworks Media will provide additional updates as the situation unfolds.

(Published 10/4/17 at 9:00pm Central, updated 9:55pm Central to correct the word Nigerian to Nigerien.  A Nigerian is a person from Nigeria, a Nigerien is a person from Niger)



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