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Weekend Safety Brief 29SEP2017

Bring it in, take a knee.

Meach, push. You know what you did, and SGT P’s cat is NOT happy.

Product Block - Rocket ManSo this week has been all kinds of fun, huh? Between the NFL taking a knee to Kim IL Yum Yum taking the piss, it seems that everyone has something to be good and plenty mad about. Me? I am kinda pissed still that you can’t buy Kinder Eggs in the US anymore. That is some bullshit.

The Hef kicked the bucket on Hump Day. While Playboy was Iconic – he was an old, rich, pimp that lived to see more than his share of WIN. I ain’t hatin’ – I just don’t see the need to mourn a dude that lived a full and long life.

Some Talibs decided to have a go at the SECDEF – I am surprised GEN Mattis didn’t man a Ma’ Deuce and stack some bodies. Oh well, I guess all of us old guys have to let the next generation have their fun as well.

Well fucksticks, I have a hot date with a old bottle of rum and a young lady, so lets wrap this up and GTFO.

If you didn’t put it there, don’t pick it up.Product Block - Animal Mother

Test, Tuck, Test, Tie.

Slap, Pull, Observe, Release, Tap, Shoot.

OK, done with the Sex Ed part.

Don’t beat your wife or pick your friend’s nose.

Don’t do drugs that the doc dinna give ya.

Don’t drink and drive.

Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.

Roll in fire teams, and don’t start shit.

Make sure to have your shot records with you Monday morning for SRP.

Platoon Sergeants take charge of these heathens.


E. Michael Davis II, OMar, CPP, 1SG USA (Ret) served nearly 25 years in the United States Army as a Military Police Investigator. His work focused on Investigations, Anti/Counter-Terrorism Operations, Police Special Operations, Intelligence Operations and Force Protection with multiple Joint and Combined Commands. The impact of his work spanned the spectrum from tactical actions to strategic planning and engagement. In this capacity, he worked closely with nearly every security and law enforcement agency of the United States government, as well as dozens of police, security and intelligence agencies of friendly foreign governments. He experienced multiple combat tours in the Gulf War, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and three tours in Iraq. He is a recipient of two Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart amongst many other awards and honors. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Military History, Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Studies and Master's Degree in Post 1945 Military History from the American Military University - all with honors. He is still active in the anti/counter-terrorism community as well as a freelance author, historian and blogger.

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