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Veterans Can Add White Power To Their Resume?

Chesty Fuller – Gruntworks Contributing Blogger

A recent mess by Huffpost contributor David Fagin, insidiously relates racism as a side effect of service to our country by branding it a symptom of PTSD. He isn’t a doctor, he isn’t certified in a mental health related field or an expert in sociological studies. He is just a man that defined the lowest point in his life as a time when he was forced to honor a contract with a choreographer he hired to whip up some fresh dance moves for a boy band he formed in the early nineties. While he didn’t reach Britney Spears level fame, he has undoubtedly seen some shit man…

feb gay 30 sailors

Considering the source, it seems ridiculous to justify his pathetic dribble by responding to such a ‘stupefying’ assessment; but after enduring several passes of his piece, I came to the only logical (go figure, finding logic in a liberal tantrum) conclusion I could…he was rejected by some mustached sailor in a gender nonspecific bar, and this rant is his retribution.

Dissecting this smear campaign of US Veterans, Fagin lays the blame for the killing of Heather Heyer, a counter-rioter in Charlottesville, on the Nazis and white supremacist ‘movement’. Putting blame for such a tragedy on something that doesn’t exist is insulting to that poor woman’s memory. There isn’t a ‘movement’, there was just a handful of scumbags trying to piggyback off of a few dudes wanting to go out and say they are proud to be white.


It is ok to be white by the way. It is also ok to be proud of it.

Heyer was killed by a man named James Alex Fields Jr. According to several accounts, Fields was a creep that was open about his racist ideologies. After high school he joined the Army- he lasted 3 months in active duty prior to being kicked out. Despite the belief that serving in the armed forces breeds radicalized, dysfunctional veterans (that spend their civilian days providing armed security for the KKK) the Army rejected this awkward, racist turd in a record amount of time.

Fags blatant condescending and continual misspeak peaks when he (in the same damn sentence) refers to fresh new faces in the military as “brave men and women” and blankets an entire, varied demographic of people exiting the service as being plagued by “a new found hatred for those different from them”.



hatersThis irrational attitude of hostility directed against a group without sufficient knowledge is the very definition of prejudice (it literally is the definition). This “writer” has the right to his juvenile conclusions and obvious resentment toward the military because the very men and women he dangerously marks as hateful, racist thugs are the defenders of the doctrine that protect his published lunacy. How’s that for a plot twist?

Where does David Fagins style of inflammatory hate speech take us in the future? Will society (and by “society” I’m only referring to the autistic screechers that are ‘afraid’ of everything) create a lie about veterans similar to the untruths about law enforcement calling for random acts of violence? Is Huffpost the launchpad for a new trend of vitriol or even crimes being committed against the veteran community? These questions are rhetorical, I don’t personally know any veterans that will lose sleep worrying about the skinny jean mafia bringing them down in some dark alley, but the principal of allowing that mindset to thrive is a sad example of our devolution.


Ronald Reagan famously stated about the Marine Corps, “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they’ve made a difference in the world. But, Marines don’t have that problem.” David Fagins and the delicate twats that share his demented views wouldn’t even be considered interesting enough to have their likeness emblazoned on a urinal cake used for piss aim by Ronnie. His reverence for people who served (and we can assume that he held the same level or respect for the

antifa urinal cake
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 other branches of the military- even the coast guard) undoubtedly came from his many years of service. When a persons greatest trials in life are conflicts that arose from a failed pop band, perspectives about the things that mean something in this world are skewed.


“Shit in, Shit out” is an Army proverb used to describe the quality of production being the result of what you put in. If Huffpost allows shit like Fagins in, they get a shit article out.

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