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Spain Terror Attack Update

In recent years, Europe has been the target of a several deadly terror attacks. On Thursday, Spain suffered the country’s deadliest terror attack in more than 13 years. The Police in Spain are currently investigating this as terrorism. This attack is similar to others that have been conducted in Europe, but is also “totally different”, according to the managing director of a risk and security consultancy firm.
Spain 1On Thursday evening Spanish officials have released a statement confirmed that a vehicle (van) rammed into crowded tourist area in Barcelona. They also confirmed that 14 people were killed and approximately 100 were wounded during the incident. At least 15 of the injured are believed to have life threatening injuries. But due to the nature of the injuries of the victims, the death toll may possibly be much higher within the next few days.

Immediately after the deadly attack, Spain launched a comprehensive counter terrorism operation. Spain government officials have confirmed that the military and law enforcement have been successful in identifying five suspects that they believe were involved. The official further stated that at least five suspected Islamist militants were shot and killed during counter terrorism operations.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility, but that has not been verified at this time. The Spain Police are still looking for more suspects in connection to Thursday’s deadly attack.

The Police believe that Thursdays attack may be linked to an explosion at a residential house southwest Barcelona. A police official stated that the residents in the house were preparing explosives when the bomb went off. Police believe that the explosion at the house and Thursday’s attack are linked. Unconfirmed reports state that two or more of the five suspects that were killed by police during counter terrorism operation might have been wearing explosive belts. This has not been officially confirmed at this time.

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Spain officials have stated that Thursday’s attack is very different than what was seen in Nice and Berlin. The official further stated that it was a much more sophisticated plot involving many more people which is extremely serious and extremely concerning. This attack did involve more people and it seems that the attack in Barcelona could have been the beginning of several others in Spain. Police are still looking for more suspects.

In Barcelona, many people have gathered at the site of Thursday’s attack. The have placed flowers and pictures of some of the people that were killed. The identity of the people killed or injured  have not been released yet.

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