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Terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain

Gruntworks Media Bunker:

Police in Barcelona have said there has been a major incident in the key tourist spot and have confirmed it is being treated as a “terrorist attack”, as a white van plowed into pedestrians killing 18 and injuring at least 100 people.

Witnesses described seeing people lying on the ground after the crash. The driver made multiple hits. Steve Turner, a civilian who works in the area stated “People in my office saw a van ramming into people on La Ramblas. I saw about three or four people laying on the ground.  There are lots of ambulances and armed police with assault rifles around now.  About five minutes later I heard lots of screams from the crowd and then they dispersed.”

A confidential source in Spain reached out to Gruntworks staff writer Jeremy Scott and informed him of an explosion yesterday linked to the attack today where terrorists blew up a building and one of their own moving gas of some sort.  The source also stated that while 18 are confirmed dead from the terrorist attack, 15 more victims may soon succumb to their injuries.Barcelona 1

In Cambrils, 4 suspects related to the attacks are dead after a raid by Spanish forces. 1 person linked to the van attack has been arrested. 5 people are believed to be injured or dead related to the terrorists (unconfirmed)

Catalan police and the region’s interior minister, Joaquim Forn, have confirmed that investigators are working on the presumption that the attack on Las Ramblas, the thwarted attack in Cambrils, and the earlier house explosion in Alcanar are all connected.

More information to follow as we continue to monitor this situation.Shop Now Banner


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2 comments on “Terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain

  1. 173d Viet Vet

    Just returned from four weeks in France and Spain. Our son lives in Madrid with Spanish wife and our US Citizen grandson. Drove from France, over the Pyrennes into Spain…. Not one border control…not even a stop for agriculture inspection. It is the Schingen Treaty passed in 1990’s which makes European Nations like US states…free movement from one country to another. No need for visa or working papers. No need to register with the police so that they know who is now in their town. Sign up for generous welfare in as many countries as you can fake it for as long as you can get away with it. Panhandle on the street in daytime, sell drugs at night and burglarize on weekends because your welfare doesn’t pay what you think it should. Rape on a whim because you are Moslem and the Europeans can’t bear to treat you harshly since that might make them racist.

    The purpose of the Schingen Treaty is to break down national sovereignty and the differentness of each nation so that they will all grasp hands singing Kumbayah and thus there will be no more wars in Europe…..

    Fools! The City Hall in Madrid has a huge banner hung from its top floor saying in English “Refugees Welcome”.

    Lunatic politicianss invite poisonous Moslem vipers to enter their home and then wonder why they bite the children…

    Liberals are all alike; they think emotionally and never hold anyone accountable, except hard working capitlists and entrepreneurs upon whom all blame resides for the ills of society.

    This will not end well. But this will end. It will end, not well…..

  2. 1EyedTanker

    And then there was the chief idiot in charge of disseminating lies at the Communust/Clinton Non-News network, Wolf “If it’s not denigrating the US or the president, it ain’t news!” Blitzer. “What’s not known is if this attack in Spain is at all linked to what happened in Virginia last week. There is no indication as yet that this was a copy cat crime, but we will continue to investigate those connections.” And he said all that (not verbatim, but that’s the gist) with a totally straight face. The so called “mainstream media” in this country has abdicated all journalistic integrity, and exists purely to depose a sitting president, and they do all this with the blessing, and enthusiastic encouragement, of a major political party. Bet you can’t guess which one…

    In the mean time, a sitting elected official calls for the assasination of our president. News at eleven.

    Oh wait! Never mind, that’s not news. Just ask CNN.

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