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A Message from Gruntworks to Those Who Do Not Believe in American Values

When ANTIFA first appeared on the American scene, we denounced them for what they are…anti-American.  When BLM reared their ugly mugs…we did the same.  Now, with the resurgence of the white supremacy movement and Neo-Nazis, we emphatically denounce them as a part of the same ilk as ANTIFA and BLM…small groups of peopleProduct Block - Hell With who hate…insignificant remnants of times past, bent on separating America into two groups (“for us” and “against us”).  Unfortunately, their puny voices are heard loudly, and misconstrued as the mainstream views of the majority of good Americans.  In large part, the Left does not subscribe to the racist and violent views of ANTIFA.  The same can be said for the Right and their condemnation of the white supremacy movement.  However, with the advent of the Internet, social media and “instant news”, the antagonists in the media elevate the views of the few and place them, mistakenly, into the mouths of the many. Product Block - Fck Antifa Bumper

Gruntworks will not allow anybody to define who we are.

Racism has no place in America.  The call to systematically exterminate one particular race of people is uncalled for.  We here at Gruntworks believe that there are only two colors of people:  Green (Army and Marines) and Blue (Navy and Air Force).  As many veterans and active duty service members can attest to, we only saw the color of a uniform when we served…not the skin color of the man or woman serving next to us.  When bullets, bombs, and grenades were used against us, our only thoughts were of winning the battle for our fellow service members.

So, if you stand against US…we stand against you.  If you seek to destroy our American way of life, we will defend America.  We may not agree with each other politically, but we will always serve to preserve the Constitution of the United States…as we stated in our Oaths.  Like brothers and sisters, we can argue…but let an outsider speak out against our family and there will be Hell to pay as we stand side-by-side in defense of Freedom.  We should not allow the words of the few to define the morality of the majority of Americans; hard-working service members, civilians, emergency service personnel…all citizens who believe that America is the greatest Nation on this planet.  Socialism, Communism, and racism are the antithesis of Liberty and our Republic.

Gruntworks believes in the sovereignty of our Nation.  We believe that you cannotProduct Block - Fck ISIS coexist with those who want to kill us.  We believe that ISIS is one of the greatest threats to our free existence.  We believe that the basic tenets of ISIS are extreme, radical, and not in line with all of Islam.  ISIS not only seeks the destruction and subjugation of Western Civilization, but also hates internally…destroying anything not in line with their methods and ideology (to include any sect of Islam that is not theirs).

Gruntworks supports our current President.  We believe that the past Presidency was flawed, and divided our Nation along racial and economic lines.  We also believe that we can call out our government when it is not in line with our views…as can any American citizen.  We encourage open dialogue to identify problems and offer rational solutions.  You can choose to listen or you can choose to ignore us…that is your right.  However, if you come at us with hate, bigotry, or a closed mind, we have the right to ignore you as well.  We believe that we should all act like Americans.

We believe that placing Americans into one of two groups, left or right, is dysfunctional. 

Product Block Functional VetWe have always preached “functionality” through our Functional Veteran line.  As veterans of the United States Armed Services, we believe in lifting up our fellow veterans for a better America.  What do we mean by “Functional Veteran”?  We mean that when a brother or sister is down, we help them up.  We extend a hand to lift up a struggling veteran so that they may, in turn, extend their hand when they are in a position to do so.  Gruntworks works hand-in-hand with numerous NGO charities to accomplish this.  We understand that the transition from military to civilian life is often difficult and fraught with barriers to success.  Those of us that have successfully navigated the transition are charged with assisting our fellow veterans so they too may become successful.  This success is not dependent on your political views, but your common beliefs in the American way of life.  We believe that it is up to us, not the government, to place success within reach.

Finally, a short, personal anecdote to place my views in perspective.

Back in 1994 (9 years into what I thought would be a 20-year hitch in the US Army Infantry), I was filled with hate.  I was also very sick with “unknown ailments” stemming from the Gulf War.  Whether it was the water, the food, the inoculations, the environment, or the chemicals…I was sick.  I was also angry and filled with hate.  I was involved in a week-long Gulf War Study at Fort Gordon, Georgia where I had numerous vials of blood removed from my body, several instruments inserted into my body, and a few days of psychological evaluations to endure.  Besides the 35mm camera shoved up my rectum (that is what it felt like) without sedation…the most invasive procedure I endured was an hour-long chat with a civilian psychiatrist.  In that conversation, the basics were addressed:

Dr. “You feeling suicidal?”

SGT P “No”

Dr. “You feeling homicidal?”

SGT P “Yup.”

Dr.  “Well then…let’s explore that for a bit.”

You see, I was so consumed with hatred for my Company Commander (not war-related…a sawed-off fucktard that mistook his Operations NCO for a secretary and would keep me around late at night to take notes and write white papers for him) that I had a plan to have the CO’s track, an armored personnel carrier, run off into a wadi at a high rate of speed at the NTC and make it look like an accident.  My APC driver was all in with me and we figured it would please 95% of the Company if only two of us survived the ensuing crash.  The doctor thought for a minute and said:

“Hatred for another man ensures you that you are his slave.”

I was floored.  Up until that time, I never thought of myself as a slave to any man.  I took his words back to my hospital room and thought about them for a few days.

I stopped hating.

I may not agree with you…I may not like what you are doing…but I will never hate again.  This started my road to becoming a functional soldier again.  I left the Army shortly after that study…but never forgot what that doctor told me.

Do not hate…for it will make you a slave.  ANTIFA, BLM, Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacists hate…therefore, they are slaves.  They are very small groups of slaves to the rest of America.  It is time, yet again, to abolish slavery and show the world that the silent majority are a free people who may disagree with each other, but at the end of the day…we still recognize that we all have three things in common…Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.



"SGT P" is a 10-year veteran of the US Army, who served as an Infantryman with the Rakkasans in the Gulf War. He lives in the south with his wife of 27 years and owns a small business. He spends his free time riding motorcycles, diving, and working like a slave for Chop.

13 comments on “A Message from Gruntworks to Those Who Do Not Believe in American Values

  1. Well stated.

  2. “Hatred for any other man ensures you are his slave”
    That’s pretty profound. Until I read this, I had never thought of it that way. I can’t say that I really hate anyone, but I damn sure loathe and can’t stand a bunch. I’ll have to pass this on.

    • SGT P - Editor In Chief

      Same thought I had when the Doc told me this back in 1994…have always remembered it. Thanks for your kind words and consideration of passing it on. – SGT P

  3. I would like to request permission to share a section of your well stated message.

    • SGT P - Editor In Chief

      Please feel free to share anything in this blog…please cite credit. – SGT P, Editor In Chief

  4. 1EyedTanker

    Excellent piece. I’ve long felt this way, and can agree unequivocally on the Army experience. It’s very hard for some to understand an oath to, and allegiance to, an idea. But that’s exactly what we do, and that’s exactly what the U.S.A. is. An idea made real, but only as long as good men (and women) stand ready to sacrifice their all for that idea. We are all free to live our lives as we wish. Why some think that they can impose their version of life on others is beyond me. Live how you wish I’m your castle. As for me and mine, we will continue to uphold our oath, and stand ready to defend the Constitution that verbalizes the greatest idea conceived of man.

  5. 173d Viet Vet

    SGT P – – I admire your candor and message. It transcends the trivial affairs of life and paints a road to real freedom and happiness.

    So many carry extra burdens in their rucksack throughout life because they do not have the spiritual awareness that Christian faith can bring. You had it instilled by your family and your community but lost it in the minutiae of life. The Doctor’s comments re-awakened that awareness.

    Keep up the great job that you are doing. i really enjoy this blog as a breath of fresh air and a reminder that we veterans (me: 173d Abn Bde, Vietnam 1971) are linked together by The Oath and Our Sacrifices.

    Soldier On! Stand Tall !

    God Bless you and yours.

    • SGT P - Editor In Chief

      Thanks Airborne! Well stated. And thanks for your kind words. 187th Soldier from the Gulf War days. Many of my mentors and trainers were Vietnam vets…their words kept me alive. Rakkasan, brother!

  6. Black Lives Matter doesn’t belong anywhere near the same category as Neo-Nazis & the KKK or ANTIFA. Not by a long shot!

  7. Barb Collins

    I pray those vile antifa peeps LEAVE our America!! We vets and TRUE Constitutional Americans do NOT welcome you – go to the Middle East or Europe where you can get some REAL trouble happening to you!!
    Let’s begin a Petition to politicians that care like Nunez asking for IMMEDIATE REMOVAL of ALL Security Clearances for prior govt peeps!!
    We Americans are SICK of law-breaking by crime clinton et al & NO ACTION!!

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