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Sunday Sermon 13 AUG 17

Greetings Friends, brothers and sisters.

What a crazy week huh? North Korea wants to play hardball against the best military around. China wants no part unless we shoot first. Most Americans don’t realize Guam is actually American territory. Then to top it off in Virgina a bunch of jerks fought a bunch of other jerks, and another schmuck killed people with a car.

People let’s skip everything and talk about Virgina. Because honestly this Padre is saddened by the anger, hate and sheer ignorance both sides displayed and will continue to display.

Racism. Racism is built on the foundation of hate. Racism exists because some people feel they are better that a lower “race” existed. WRONG! There is only one race. The Human Race. Everything else is just different cultures and ethnicity.

Product Block God and CountryWe all bleed red and our insides look the same. Some of us are just a bit more tan than others. Everyone knows of Adam and Eve. Then the Flood and Noah and his family. All the characteristics of humans come from there. You have darker skin? Genetics passed down. Pale as a sheet in a snowstorm? Genetics. Both still human. Red hair? Not human you soulless ginger.

The only way things get better is if we stand up and rip apart the foundation of “races” and racism. Go to an Infantry Platoon. You’ll see all ethnicities there. Guys willing to die for each other. Brothers through it all.

I’ll leave with this verse where God told Joshua to be strong, follow his instructions and lead. This is part of a plan on Courage. Courage is what we need to stop the country from tearing itself apart.

I’ve commanded you to be brave and strong, haven’t I? Don’t be alarmed or terrified, because the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9 CEB

Blessings and Prayers,



"SGT P" is a 10-year veteran of the US Army, who served as an Infantryman with the Rakkasans in the Gulf War. He lives in the south with his wife of 27 years and owns a small business. He spends his free time riding motorcycles, diving, and working like a slave for Chop.

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  1. David Fairbanks

    Amen Padre,
    One race… Human
    Many cultures, one race.

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