Gruntworks Sunday Sermon

Sunday Sermon

Greetings Friends!

It’s been a rough one this week as our family starts getting back into preparing for school and work.  Went for a visit to the In-Laws and everyone got sick with sinus infections and stomach viruses.  I was the only one to be unscathed…until the last few days.  Like Jesus, who turned water into wine, I turned all my food into water.

Enough of that though, let’s get down to why we are here on this glorious day!  It’s hot outside and you like the A/C.  I get it.  I do too.

We’ve all seen the world going to the edge of chaos recently.  The U.S. has banned citizens from going to North Korea, which is not my ideal vacation spot.  Kim Jong Twinkie has shown is he capable and nutty enough to launch missiles at us.  Although I’m sure we can smite his heathen heart back into a hole.

Product Block God and CountryI want to remind you to all to take a break from news and social media.  Focus on your family and kids.  Moderation is key.  Teach your kids to shoot, setup a poncho hooch for shelter, build fires, tie knots, climb trees.  Make them strong individuals.  Make your children better than what society has said they should be.  Make them leaders.  Show them that being a leader is more than bossing people around.  Let them see you act as a servant leader.  Show them by your example that leading means listening and providing for those whom you lead.  Jesus came and was the Messiah, yet he wasn’t above washing the feet of the apostles.

Don’t have them be afraid of being the dominant person in the room, or school, or wherever.  People will complain and not be happy that their precious snowflake isn’t getting all the attention.  Tough.  We as Fathers, Mothers and guardians must ensure our future isn’t handed to simple minded, unjust people.  Always teach your families to seek justice, have mercy, and be strong mentally, physically and spiritually.

I pray for strength, wisdom and guidance daily from the Creator.




Former Infantryman. Stay at home Dad to 3 kids. I ride and train horses, and I have 3 dogs. My wife is super smart. I'm just here for the muscle.

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