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“Hot Steele” Saturday – XCTC Log/Day 3 and 4

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Warning: Not much hilarity happened on this day. The best is yet to come.

I last left you at the 0600 wire breach, where damn near everyone was killed. Lets move forward to the next attack. The MASCAL was, in a nutshell, a shit show. Nobody paid attention to anyone and it was chaos.

I’ve been part of these before and if you pay attention to your training, these exercises will always have a form of constructive criticism, but overall you get it done.

These guys were confused, not really concerned with the mission, and really just wanted it over with. They were attacked multiple times and got pretty messed up. If it was real world they all would’ve died. Once it was over, the sense of relief from them was overwhelming. I found that funny as they couldn’t give a shit about the exercise, but just when we would leave them alone.

We move on to the AAR and their comments are just sort of bland and “hey here is this so we can leave.” We got it, they were tired but how does one expect to get better without paying their dues?

Anyway, they sucked. The AAR sucked. And the OC’s got to go home.

Hot Steele 7-22 1Lets move on to DAY 4!

They’re scheduled for a hip shoot. For those who don’t know that’s where a firing platoon or battery receives an emergency mission while on the move. They pull to the closest available firing point or intersection and shoot 3 rounds as fast as possible, or however many is called for.

They didn’t get the chance to do 1. Our Battalion was not satisfied with their version of the certification process, so we did it our way. They weren’t a fan of that even though it came from the manuals.

So instead of doing a hip shoot and getting each gun through, we certified them at the section level. A long and grueling process that took the entire day and some of the next day. The section chief OCs did the evaluating while the NG gunnys and higher did their “evaluation” but still, in the end, their command team was the final say. Of course, they said yes.

Stay tuned for day 5 when we talk about live fire and how long that seemed to take!


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1 comment on ““Hot Steele” Saturday – XCTC Log/Day 3 and 4

  1. David Fairbanks

    I have covered down on several NG units (Infantry). Most were just going thru the motions, but some… a select few were as good Active Duty units. (platoon level)
    Considering NG units only train one weekend a month, often called away to adhere to an ’emergency’ or a natural disaster “hurricane”.
    Out of 10 weekend drills, Nov/Dec – Thanksgiving and Christmas…. typically no training, possibly 6 drills are dedicated toward ‘Active Duty’ standards. (platoon level)
    To be able to pass an ARTEP exercise, without fudging the outcome, shows sincere commitment.

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