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Hot Steele Saturday: XCTC Log/Day 2

I last left you with a little message. “The sun is p on day 3. I look at my arm where I was bit…in 3 places…they’re bubbling…shit.”

That’s right, I was bit by a mean sumbitch. It bubbles even more so I decided when I went to pick up chow I’d go find out from the medics what it was. They had no idea and basically forced me to the ER. Cool beans. I’m going to shower and eat some real food then. Fuck your feelings.

I go in, they look, and pop it. I’m all “what the hell?!” They’re all “Oh, no one told you? It’s just from a red deer fly.” And then I’m all “Well thanks for the update! That sounds totally not painful or contagious or anything bad…right?”

She says, “Totally harmless but we recommend you don’t go near anyone due to possible contagiousness.”

Ball Booboo

Needless to say I didn’t listen and went back out. Here’s a picture of one of 3 bubbles! Pretty gnarly.

Moving forward!

After the blunders and bufoonery that took place on day 1, my hope was things would get better.

Hope. Such a funny word, isn’t it? When you’re serving as an OC/T you don’t go into something wanting the task performers to fail. You want to see them succeed because they are preparing to deploy. You want them to become the best at their craft and use the tools they learn and have down range.

After this group completed their day 1 tasks, they came back to the original PAA. The engineers arrived and they spent the majority of the day getting dug in for base defense as that lane began on day 2. Throughout the day and night they worked. Unfortunately for them their engineers weren’t the best so it took a bit longer than normal. It ruined any hope they had for a solid nights sleep before the most grueling 36 hours they’ve ever been a part of.

Word has now come down from higher that the lane begins at 1000 instead of the original 0800. That means more sleep for us, but more time for those guys to complete their work. We arrive, and the clock starts. The task for this is to defend their fire base at all costs. They set up too wide so we notified our OPFOR of the holes in their defense. The games began.

Pop shots here, mortars there, a couple individuals probing to check security of the ECP. They covered it semi well, but didn’t succeed with all of these. We haven’t made it to the mass attacks yet.

I’ll save you the suspense and let you know they failed miserably. I’ve never seen an artillery section abandon a howitzer in the middle of indirect fire to go hide or take a nap. 3 out of 6 guns were left unattended. What the fuck?! So, we kept hitting them. Then, during the attack someone was deemed “knocked out” while another had a shrapnel wound which gave them 30 minutes to live. Who did they tend to first? That’s right, the guy who bumped his head.

I knew we had a lot of work to do.

Again, more probing and such during the rest of the day. Nothing major to report. SSG Hot Steele goes to nap. 0200 happens. Attack. They actually shoot back quicker with better placed fires and whatnot. 0600, wire breach. 90% of their unit is killed. Game over.Shop Now Banner


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