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U.S. House of Representatives passes Congressman Brian Mast’s Oath of Exit bill as part of the National Defense Authorization Act with big bipartisan support

Photo – Congressman Mast Official Facebook Page

Gruntworks Media Bunker – July 14th, 2017, 4:45 pm Eastern

The Oath of Exit bill, authored by Congressman Brian Mast, Florida 18th Congressional District Representative, was passed with bipartisan support as part of the National Defense Authorization Act.  In a video posted to Congressman Mast’s official Facebook page, he describes this bill as “creating a voluntary separation oath for members of the Armed Forces with the specific aim of reducing veteran suicide.”

Gruntworks reached out to Congressman Mast, and in a phone interview with the Editor In Chief, Congressman Mast had this to say:

SGT P:  “Congressman, as a veteran, how effective do you believe a voluntary verbal oath will be for exiting service members?”

CONGRESSMAN MAST:  “Incredibly effective.  Whether it be a marriage vow, or multiple instances where we recite (as part of the military) an oath like the Ranger Creed, Warrior Creed, you name it, we make it known the things that we believe.  Given the integrity we have as service members, I think that is what really binds us together; that is what allows us to be the most diverse fighting force, and at the same time the most effective fighting force…”

SGT P:  “Along with job training, resume writing, job placement, and other transition services that help the individual, do you believe that your bill will give the exiting service member one final “mission” to serve themselves and others, as they did in the military?”

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CONGRESSMAN MAST:  “I think that is a big hope.  The most important things that we believe, we take the time to recite them.  Our Pledge of Allegiance is a perfect example.  We recite that regularly because that’s important to us.  And as service members and then as veterans after we get out, I think it is important that we remind ourselves of that oath that we will take care of our brothers and sisters in arms and we make that commitment that we are not going to harm ourselves, we are going to reach out to somebody.  If we say we will do it…we will do it.  That’s what separates us; that’s what makes us different as service members.”

SGT P:  “What is your opinion on the current state of transition services for exiting military members?”

MAST:  “It could certainly be better.  One of the things that I think is a big problem for transitioning service members is the fact that when you exit, you are given a 10-point veteran’s preference to go out to work in the federal work force but that’s something that doesn’t show up until you are actually in the VA system.  So, people are looking for jobs months out before they actually separate from the military.  Not very good pipelines to take people that have specific skill sets and put them into civilian jobs that exist.”

Congressman Mast is a combat decorated veteran who earned a Purple Heart, Bronze Star Medal, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, and Army Commendation Medal.  He was elected to Congress from the Florida 18th Congressional District in 2016.

As the National Defense Authorization Act of 2018 winds its way through the halls of Congress and on to the desk of President Trump, we will continue to follow its progress and update our readers.


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  1. Louis S.

    So proud of you Boone Cutler for your creation, The Spartan Pledge moving into law. It is the one thing that works. On my honor.
    Thank you Brian Mast for moving this forward.
    You are both leaders in this important space.

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