Gruntworks Sunday Sermon

Sunday Sermon – 9 July 2017

Greetings Friends!  After a long block leave visiting family and friends I am back.  I also discovered a new whiskey.  I’ll save that for later.

Here at Gruntworks we fight the negative label that has arisen in our community, “Dysfunctional Veteran.”  Folks, this is hooey for the bulk of us.  So you aren’t “normal” by societies “standards.”  Let’s look at their normal.  ANTIFA, Beta Males, Rosie O’Donnell, and others ad nauseum.

We have broken our molds and confines to excel as human beings and be a small exceptional percentage of the population.  Congressman Brian Mast just dove with sharks and he is a bilateral amputee.  Colonel Gregory Gadson received his new legs after riding horses and then using those horses to learn to walk again.

Sunday 1I’m not saying go be a drone, or a cog, or a cubicle dweller.  You can however take control of your life to make it better.  Don’t always rely on the VA or a psychiatrist.  Augment that symptom treatment with other activities to make yourself feel better or comfortable.  I took a shot and took a horsemanship class.  From there it spiraled into 2 more levels and now I am working on becoming a certified instructor so that I can help people like us do better.  Look for a PATH/CHA center nearby for a Horses for Heroes or Equine Services for Heroes program.

Pick up a hobby.  Learn that hobby the way you learned your general orders so the DS didn’t have you push the Earth closer to Mars.  Try a bunch before you find what sticks.  I bought grinders and tools to try knife making before I really knew what it entailed.  Now I have a bench grinder that stares at me with contempt when I go in the garage.  Of course it sits next to the saddle and reins which get way more use.Product Block Functional Vet

If any of your hobbies have a chance to bring in income, even better.  Just don’t mess over your fellow Veterans.  I tried to buy furniture from a Veteran ran furniture shop.  Dude did great work.  One and a half years after ordering the piece, I had to contact the Attorney Generals office to file a complaint to get my money back because no product had been delivered.

If you are in Oklahoma contact me on the FB page.  I’ll do my best to help you find something.  If you need help in another state contact Gruntworks and we’ll try our best.  Either through knowing people or doing a shout out to find people.

Don’t be Dysfunctional.  Be Functional.

Have a blessed day.



Former Infantryman. Stay at home Dad to 3 kids. I ride and train horses, and I have 3 dogs. My wife is super smart. I'm just here for the muscle.

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