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Sorry Transgenders, You Don’t Belong Here… and that’s OK.

Iron Mike – Gruntworks Contributing Blogger

There has recently been talk about the Trump administration rolling back the Obama Administration’s push for Transgender Service members (kind of weird to call them that considering they hate their members and want them cut off, right?) to be integrated into the armed forces right along with the women who will now increase operational risks in combat… To which I and anyone with a working brain in their skull say “Thank Fucking Science!”

Iron - Elf ManCollectively, every single person with a functioning brain and no gay pride flag Facebook profile picture were horrified at the idea of gender-bending ladyboy fags and ultra-rabid ‘roided out bull dykes with a power complex being allowed to inflict themselves on the mentally stable soldiers already struggling with to deal with more PC bullshit than training to fight and win our nation’s wars. To understand why there is the push for Transgenderism to be mainstream, one must understand the politics behind it; namely, the leftist politics that encourage feminized men and weakness. The Obama Administration sought to inflict as many bureaucratic ‘Progressive’ policies on the military as possible to destabilize it as a staunchly conservative voting base and to serve as the test-bed for his authoritarian social changes. Obama was the Commander in Chief of the military so he could exercise his control to push his leftist utopia onto people who had no choice but to obey his orders. It would serve as the Democratic Party’s experiment for future campaigns to push the social crusades of their LGBT voting base onto the mainstream, and hopefully further emasculate American society in the process. If his “Anti-bigotry” agenda could suppress the military, then it could certainly be used to curtail the freedoms (Like speech, association, religion, and the press) of the general American public later on; all in the name of “fighting intolerance” for a new protected class of Democratic Party voter. Remember, there was no push for this until it became politically convenient to do so. He wanted to turn the military into a gender reassignment service for a new generation of trendy gender-benders already steeped in liberal emasculation. This medical service would also come at the expense of combat wounded veterans by the way. Biology was important until Obama’s last term… then when he wasn’t worried about re-election any more; suddenly biology, military readiness, and people dying at the VA were less important than appeasing the most sexually degenerate fringe of society and turning the military into a big gay pride parade.

Intolerance can be a good thing. We do not “tolerate” burglars stealing our property. We do not “tolerate” pedophiles living near our schools. We do not “tolerate” corporations dumping nuclear waste in our wetlands. We don’t tolerate these things because they are bad and cause harm. We should not tolerate transgenders in our military because their presence would be more harm than benefit. The agenda is based on mental illness, it is not rational. It offers no tangible benefit and causes 10 times as many problems as we’re told it will fix. We should not “tolerate” the weakening of our military for some perverse vision of “the greater good”. Frankly we should all be thoroughly disgusted by this deliberate attack on everything we stand for.

First of all, Transgenderism is a mental deficiency. Whether it’s Male-to-female or Female-to-male. I’m going to focus on the first one because it’s the one most talked about and numerically most prevalent. There is something wrong with you if you believe you were “born wrong” and want to force everyone else to play pretend with your subjective identity of how you believe you ‘should be’ instead of how you are. If I believe I should be President, does that mean the secret service has to protect me for the rest of my life? If I believe the government is reading my thought, does that mean other people should respect my tinfoil helmet? Safe to say basing society around everyone’s self-identity is a recipe for total chaos. Transgenderism is mental illness plain and simple. Let me give you an example straight out of the DSM 5 – the medical guide to the diagnosis of mental illness – “Gender Dysphoria” is a ‘condition’… which they downgraded from the classification ‘Disorder’ under political and legal pressure from LGBT activist groups. “Gender Identity Disorder” which it was previously known as was a recognized mental disease… and nothing changed other than some activists had their say in the new definition. Even with this lower classification, the DSM 5 recommends “treatments” for this “condition”… now if there were nothing wrong with it, why does it still require “treatment”? Let me read you some symptoms of a personality disorder and you try and guess which one I’m talking about:Iron - 52 year old girl

1) Unusual perceptional experiences including bodily delusions
2) Odd beliefs or bizarre preoccupations often inconsistent with cultural norms
3) Excessive Social Anxiety
4) Behavior or appearance is odd, eccentric, or peculiar
5) Suspicious or paranoid ideations

Now… Who said: “That sounds exactly like a Tranny with delusions about what he is, odd beliefs about being born in the wrong body, excessive social anxiety about his cock bulge in his dress, bizarre behavior, and the suspicion that anyone near him laughing is laughing at him! Totally Transgenderism!”

Well… You’d be wrong. This list is actually the symptoms of “Schizotypal Personality Disorder” a severe psychiatric condition often associated with another disorder: Body Dysmorphic Disorder. People suffering BDD are those ones you see on Doctor Phil who have had 30 plastic surgeries and look like a circus freak, or who chopped off their own legs with a chainsaw because they “felt their legs were ugly and didn’t feel right”. Somehow you have a problem if you want to cut off your own limbs because they don’t feel right, but splitting your cock down the middle like an overcooked hotdog and having it sewn back up inside you to make it look like a bearded clam is A-OK! As long as your claims about your delusions involve your “gender identity” no one is allowed to criticize you for some reason. That reason is political.

Psychiatric Medicine has been pressured for years to be an advocate for the degenerate behavior of the LGBT (Especially the ‘T’), and in the Obama years they finally cracked… Political Correctness beat out science, with deluges of ‘advocacy research’ from Pro-LGBT academic institutions. Any research you ever read that says Transgenderism is healthy and normal was manufactured in some college’s department of Women & Gender Studies by feminist ideologues who love the idea that a man can be ‘corrected’ into a woman. Feminism infiltrated clinical Psychology to the same effect… and aside from the obvious tranny nonsense, we have a generation of little boys hooked on Ritalin because their normal boyish behavior was deemed “deviant” by these Psychologists schooled in Feminist theory. Any research that refutes basic biological fact is a lie. Male and Female are immutable concepts that no amount of social engineering and politics can change.

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What about “intersex” (formerly Hermaphrodite) people though? That’s usually the next line of reasoning that comes up when you argue with tranny-lovers. I say, “What about them?”. Intersex people are incredibly rare, suffer from a known genetic malformation of the sex-determining chromosomes, and often suffer health problems and early death… Why would you use a known genetic defect to justify a mental one? Also, there’s no such thing as a truly “middle of the road” intersex person. They are always more developed one way or the other, either they have a more female phenotype or a more male one. This idea that they are these amorphous blobs that can freely choose what they want to be is something LGBT culture propagated with no basis in fact. Essentially this line of reasoning is like saying “My son is failing his classes because he has a severe emotional disorder, but people with Down’s Syndrome exist so you just need to accept that his mental defect is healthy and normal.”

This is all before you even account for the abysmal transgender suicide rate that remains between 20x and 40x higher than the average population. We already have a suicide epidemic in the military, why are we trying to force people who clearly do not fit in with the warrior culture and who kill themselves because they can’t accept what they are, into our ranks? It’s a recipe for disaster. Trans-activists love to tell us that the only reason these people kill themselves is because we “Don’t accept them”, projecting their internal dysphoria on to you as some sort of character flaw… Blaming other people for your internal personal difficulties and negative behaviors is another symptom of a severe personality disorder by the way… It isn’t your alleged intolerance driving these people to take their lives. It’s a deep personal hatred for their own selves, coupled with a deep narcissism for their crafted personas that causes such feelings. They have a problem, not you. Remember that a few weeks ago, transgender media outlets were telling you that if you won’t have sex with a “woman” that was born a man, you are “transphobic”. Do you see how desperate they are to project their inadequacy onto you? Do you see how desperate they are to validate their delusional persona that they’re trying to force heterosexual men into fucking them through negative social stigma? You’ll never meet a lesbian that’s into women who were born men by the way.

What benefit do transgenders really give our armed forces anyway? Can someone explain this? What have they given us so far? How many men on Omaha beach killed Nazis while in drag? How many Union Soldiers fought to free slaves and then went home and put on make-up and a corset? How many Medals of Honor were given to men with their cocks zipped back up inside them surgically? My guess is the totals of all those answers is somewhere around Zero. The only famous Transgenders in memory are the Navy SEAL who transitioned (not a real thing you can actually do, but I’m using it for explanation purposes) after the service, and Bradley/Chelsea Manning – the traitor who released classified intelligence to WikiLeaks. That Navy SEAL openly admitted he could not have performed his duties in an elite unit as a female on hormones, and probably has some serious mental issues because those plague the SF community after years of seeing horrible shit with high stress. Manning used his gender identity as his excuse in his legal defense while being tried for his crimes, his “state of mind wasn’t right” when he stole those documents… Wonder why? One of Manning’s platoon-mates from his Basic Training class also revealed that Manning was a moral and physical coward, who never pulled his own weight and frequently quit. Exactly the worst person to put in the military at all… His identity crisis, we’re supposed to believe, has nothing to do with any of that though.

Then there’s the question of medical care, physical standards, and cohabitation. Iron - Genderless AlienHow does this benefit any service? The Air Force said that those who want to get surgically mutilated to fulfill their fantasy don’t have to take a PT test for 6 months… Well if they aren’t fit to take a PT test, how are they fit to deploy, and how do they enhance the force? The Army said you just have to change your identity option in DEERS and you will then be treated like a woman… That means a male can be a fat piece of shit, failing his male APFT and blowing his body fat limit, but then simply change his option and get the lower standards for females… How does that help anything? Oh, and don’t we kick out males for using steroids? Why should a female transgender be allowed to fill herself with unnatural testosterone as “treatment” of her mental state, but the 20-year-old underweight male who wants to bulk up gets kicked out for doing the same thing? Why are trannies not bound by the rules the rest of us are? Why should a male be able to use his physical advantage to dominate his female peers and earn extra benefit? We know this will happen too; just look at all the transgenders dominating women’s sports – while no female transgenders are even on the field in the men’s division. Then you have the issue of cohabitation. You HAVE TO treat these degenerates like their “preferred pronoun” and failing to do so is an EO issue. However, if you put a swinging dick in the female showers, that’s a recipe for SHARP. There’s a transgender YouTube activist calling itself “Riley Dennis” who is a male, with a penis, that claims to be a woman that is sexually attracted to other women… Now under the new transgender initiative, this man is allowed to share shower facilities with actual women as long as he grows his hair out and paints his nails… It’s a “Catch 22” of the highest order that no leadership should have to deal with while trying to keep soldiers or Marines alive in combat. Speaking of combat, how in the hell are these transgenders, with their unique medical requirements (That surgical wound cut into their crotch has to be opened from time to time or else the body tries to heal the hole closed like an old ear piercing), make us a better force? How in the hell are you supposed to ship Private Glitterfag’s hormones out to a remote Platoon COP in the mountains of Afghanistan without cutting the resupply for the 37 other normal men? What happens when Private Glitterfag runs out of his lady juice and starts growing a beard again; you have to take away his rifle? How can you trust these people on the range with a firearm in the first place? These trannies require special treatment that is simply detrimental to mission readiness, and destructive to our warrior culture. How can people that struggle to accept they were born with (or I guess without) a cock, perform and thrive in the mentally taxing realities of war? How long will their squad members tolerate their issues in the face of life and death before they reject them entirely?

Now let’s ponder the moral ramifications of this tranny nonsense Obama inflicted on us all. How can you force the vast majority of people to disregard their most fundamental beliefs and lie about who and what someone is? Obama said that Sikhs and Muslims could wear beards now because it is their religious right to do so… but what about all those religions that say God created man and woman? Are we supposed to tell people their God makes mistakes? Are those religious beliefs not valid anymore because a new more “diverse” group of special snowflake showed up? Why should I as a leader tell a Muslim soldier he gets to have a beard, but as soon as Lieutenant Rainbow Brite shows up to the unit; I have to make him act like his God is an idiot that puts people in the wrong body sometimes and force him to address a male Officer as “Ma’am”? Take religion out of it, even atheists who staunchly believe in human biology as the guiding principle of their life will be forced to lie and violate their moral code. Why should I force people to lie about the definitions of “male” and “female” that have existed since the dawn of humanity? Are we now a profession that values lying? Or is it OK for the entire organization to lie so long as it suits the subjective whims of a fringe minority? This is all before you take into account the exceptionally immoral behavior associated with transgender culture… The CDC reports that a significant percentage of transgenders are involved with illicit sex work. Isn’t association with prostitutes punishable under UCMJ? Don’t transgenders suffer much higher rates of HIV infection? I wonder why someone with psycho-sexual issues might have those problems. In short; pandering to the delusional subjective whims of transgenders is immoral and a detriment to the profession of arms. Just ask yourself why so many leaders and soldiers started fleeing the service when this initiative was announced; no one wants to deal with this insane bullshit on top of the bullshit they already signed on for. I bet the peoples of the Middle East will really welcome our help after they learn we put men on those FET teams alone with their wives and daughters too. Those cultures are really accepting of the whole transgender thing and it will definitely make the locals more friendly to us. ISIS will be shaking in their turbans knowing we sent ladyboys to fight them as well.

Iron - Dragon ManAnother thing; where does it end? In the last year we’ve had; a woman who believes she is a cat; a 52 year old man that decided he is a 6-year-old little girl named “Stephonknee”; a gay man who used surgery to transform himself into a ‘gender-less alien’; another man who did the same thing, but he is now a ‘female dragon’ – (the first trans-dragon?); a white woman identifies as “black”; and another dude who swears he is an elf and has spent $50,000 to look like one… Go ahead and google search this stuff if you think I’m making this up. Should we implement a new Cat standard for the PT test? Should we allow 18-year-old private to ‘identify’ as 21 and buy alcohol? Should we allow furries to wear their fur-suit on duty? Which bathroom does the Dragon use? What language changes do we need to enforce so the Elf feels comfortable in it’s Platoon”? Can you come to work in black-face if you identify as black? In short… when do we draw the line and say “We will only recognize objective reality and enforce the established standards therein” instead of “Yeah… fuck it, do whatever you feel like…”? The military didn’t use to give a shit about your feelings, and we won a lot more wars back then. Now contemplate how much further this transgender ideology goes… People who claim they are “Lunagender” or “Aethergender” and demand we usurp the basic conventions of the English language and call them “Xyr” or “Zem” or call an individual “They”? You should realize that these trans-activists claim gender is unique to every person, not just the “gender binary of male & female”. How many genders are we going to have to recognize? The City of New York says 31. Can you remember 31 gender pronouns and are you prepared to face UCMJ if you get them wrong? Are we prepared to allow the US Military to become the worst parts of the feminist sections of Tumblr for fear of being called “Transphobic”? You can laugh, but I bet if you went to war in 2001 you never thought we would be here; yet here we are. The ‘slippery slope’ is called “Exponential Growth” in mathematics, and it isn’t always a fallacy.

There are plenty of people who are not fit for service because of who and what they are, and that’s OK. You don’t see people saying those suffering from Dwarfism should be in the army, do you? What about people with Down’s Syndrome? How about Spina Bifida? People born with no arms or born with no legs? Should we allow in people with congenital heart defects, kidney problems, or let the blind in? How about people with Schizophrenia? No. Obviously we should never let these people in.

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They aren’t fit for service. There are many reasons someone should not be allowed in uniform… and mental issues is definitely a major one. We let in gays because a gay man is still a man and can perform as such, but a transgender one is willfully something less than a man. His performance is lowered by his identity, his medical needs are complicated, and his identity issues will only cause problems for leadership and peers alike. He, like many other groups of people, deserves his freedom as a citizen of the United States… but he does not belong in a military uniform; especially if we have to implement the emasculating organizational changes to accommodate him there. He or she is simply is not worth it.

If you want proof, just ask yourself how offended you are by the language I used here. If you struggle with handling that, you proved my point for me. How can you handle being under fire if criticism causes you mental anguish?

Iron Mike

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5 comments on “Sorry Transgenders, You Don’t Belong Here… and that’s OK.

  1. David Fairbanks

    Well said Iron mike, well said.
    It has all been part of a long range plan to take down the American citizens. The path to socialism begins with breaking down the known norms of accepted society.
    I think we should go back to a 50s morality with the exception of racial discrimination.
    Gods blessings on you n yours
    Black7 out

  2. Questions as an autistic individual who does not fit your subjective social norms.

    1. If we are supposed to conform to a set of social norms then why does our society claim we’re an individualistic culture and one can be oneself? How can one be oneself and conform to societal norms at the exact same time? That’s double-think.

    2. Based upon what this article says including the criteria for Schizotypal disorder it would seem that society determines objective reality? How is it objective though if society is the determiner of truth? Doesn’t objective truth come from something that is proveable outside of ourselves including outside of society itself? What is primacy? Society or Existence?

  3. Excellent points and I agree completely!!!! I honestly was going to get out when I found out about this. Battles of mine that have interacted with the trans that are in said all it has done is cause EO and sharp complaints. It’s also a huge medical cost. I think it’s crap they would pay for that and not fertility treatments. Too much drama focused in the wrong direction and too much time wasted on mandatory classes for something that doesn’t need to be in the Military!

  4. Ralph Boyer

    so rather than fight with trans people because they have mental issues in your opinion you’d rather fight beside some one who believes in talking snakes ,zombies and magic. We are a nation of religious freedom so if Christians can invoke their secular laws Muslim can invoke sharia law. Trans people have been around for centuries it’s not some new thing and have served in military just as long. Israel and British armies have openly trans soldiers in both their armies are you saying our military is inferior to theirs? Trans people have been serving for years such as Chief Petty Officer Chris Beck of seal team six and many others which is why the Transgender American Veterans association or TAVA exists. So obviously they can and do,do the job.

  5. Christina

    A very articulate subjective piece intended for the uneducated littered with statistical bias and inaccuracy. It seems you feel its appropriate to compare proverbial apples and oranges with dragons, lions, tigers, and bank robbers oh my!! Also coming from someone who has not spent a day studying in depth psychology it is easy to spout subjective rhetoric especially when dominated by opinionated bias. “bias” another term you used but don’t seem to understand its application at times (self application, apply ointment here!). And lets forget the mountain of correlational research that often confirms cognitive physiological similarities between trans and associated cis gender brain patterns and structures. But the anthem of subjectivity is statements of “facts” via omission (another psychological term). I would love to continue to deconstruct the nonsensical rhetoric of your article but I have to put on my uniform and protect your right to your “opinion”, something I have done since 2000 =). Have a good day spinning your wheels over this instead of focusing on training for your Soldiers, you know, since your all about readiness?

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