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Authorities confirm 7 dead, 48 injured, in terror attack near London Bridge

London via Gruntworks Media Bunker:

Sunday June 4th 2017 – Bryant Turnage, Gruntworks Staff Writer and SGT P, Gruntworks Editor In Chief

Three men of “Mediterranean Origin” launched a series of 3 attacks at London Bridge, Borough Street Market and Vauxhall Saturday night in London, yelling “This is for Allah”.

Reports are that 48 patients were taken to 5 hospitals with 21 in critical condition.  Four Law Enforcement Officers were injured, 2 seriously.  A law enforcement source close to the investigation (quoting on conditions of anonymity) spoke with SGT P, Gruntworks Editor In Chief, and praised the effort of the officers, saying “…great work from the initial response of unarmed police and then great suport from armed colleagues in dropping the 3 tangos and containing the incident.”  Editor note:  “Tangos” is in reference to “targets”, Tango being the military phonetic designation for the letter T.  The initial unarmed police response was from an off-duty Metropolitan police officer and a British Transport Police officer, confronting the terrorists with nothing more than a baton, according to The Guardian.

London Bridge 1.jpgThe 3 men drove a white van approximately 50 mph across the London Bridge, hopped out and started stabbing bystanders. They then fled, were pursued by police and engaged in a shootout with armed police. All three terror suspects were killed within 8 minutes of initial contact.Witnesses report the attackers randomly stabbing people. At least one woman’s throat was slashed. In the market attack witnesses report the 3rd suspect calmly stabbed someone 3 times and kept on walking.  Gerald Vowles, 47, witness to the initial attack, reported to local media that three men attacked a woman at the south end of the bridge, screaming “this is for Allah” before stabbing her multiple times, according to Sky News.

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Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the “single evil ideology of Islamist extremism”, saying “enough is enough”.

Official reports state that 12 people have been arrested during police raids in Barking, East London.  One of the attackers lived at a raided address in Barking.

Police officers have opened a casualty bureau.  Telephone numbers are 0800 096 1233 and 020 7158 0197.


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