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Well my fellow Deplorables it happened again. Another instance of beautiful multicultural enrichment vibrantly diversified another 7 infidels on the London Bridge to add to the 22 innocent people at the Ariana Grande concert last week in the name of ‘Allah the most merciful’… That’s 29 dead people in less than that many days because degenerate western leftists refuse to admit we have a rodent problem. Namely, we have an infestation of Muslims; 99% of whom are guilty of trying to Islamize our homeland because their backwards shit religion of pedophilia and incest… I mean “Peace”… completely fucked up the sand-traps they came from. Idiot liberals want to hug this bag of rats tighter every time one bites and tell anyone who worries about the plague to come that they have a character flaw ending in “-phobia”…

When are you globalists going to wake the fuck up and realize that we are in the midst of a clash of civilizations and the other side doesn’t share your values? When the fuck are you 9-gendered snowflakes, blue-haired pussy-hat knitters, and cock juggling skinny jean hipsters going to wake up and smell the goddamn fair-trade gluten-free coffee? We are at war. It may not always manifest itself violently, but we are at war. At war, mind you, with a civilization diametrically opposed to yours. Let me ask you… How many gay clubs need to get shot up? How many concert-goers need to pull chunks of their friend’s flesh out of their hair? How many times do bombs need to detonate in a crowded public venue before you admit we have a problem? How many more than that before you admit we have an Islamic problem? I already know the answer. You’re never going to. In fact, you might as well put on the keffiyeh and burkas now – and the feminists already are… You liberal scum are the modern day Quislings and Hiwis, betraying your country and children’s futures for a few fleeting moments of self-righteous satisfaction and social media attention. You people are why the terrorists are winning. The goal of every Islamic terrorist organization in the world is the entire planet subjugated under Islam, and boy do you fuckers love helping them, both knowingly and not.Product Block - Fck ISIS bumper

First off, liberal politicians LOVE the idea of European-style mass Islamic immigration to the USA. By taking in 3rd-world garbage and hooking these unskilled and illiterate heathens onto the generous social welfare state; the liberal politicians would be virtually guaranteeing the Democratic Party stays in power forever. Americans might switch party allegiance, but by replacing Americans with a demographic of people forever on cradle-to-grave government dependence means the Democratic Senator from Minnesota stays in office longer than it takes for a space probe to reach Pluto. The terrorism and fear that always accompanies mass Islamic immigration is also a liberal’s wet dream. What better way to legislate away those uniquely American freedoms – held so dearly by conservative patriots – than this? You can push for gun control every time a young Muslim couple guns down their coworkers in San Bernardino in the name of the Prophet. You can push for free-speech limits to combat the “Islamophobia” you claim causes Muslims to turn radical! You can keep taking and redistributing wealth in the name of “Tolerance” and “Diversity”! All this government control while the very trash you invited in causing these problems votes for you 99% of the time. Democratic Party paradise. From the chaos you created, will come your total seizure of authority over the American populace to implement your progressive utopia! The banks who back liberals LOVE this idea too. See, banks today make money off of something called “Fractional Reserve Banking” meaning that they loan money they don’t actually have (often to dumb fuckers they know can’t pay it back) and ‘create wealth’ by speculating on the interest accrued from these loans. If the banks fail due to their risky loan disbursements, it’s not a big deal because their liberal politician friends will bail them out with your tax dollars and the Federal Reserve will simply print them more money. They will make a killing so long as they have bodies to feed into the debt machine to churn out money. Americans are pretty much tapped-out on debt these days, but illegals from south of the border or half a million Islamic migrants might just help put them in the black for a while… Islam is a means to and end for leftist politicians and their supporters, just as leftist politicians are a means to an end for Muslims. Namely, they’re the ticket in here to turn the place into the Islamic shithole they came from, but with American wealth and handouts. The social elites; the politicians and celebrities who push for this hugs and rainbows view of Islam; will never suffer the consequences of their agenda. They’ll sit comfortably behind thick walls in gated communities with armed security while us average people run screaming from the next enriching cultural exchange in a train station on our way to work.

Iron Mike 2Speaking of average… The average mindless leftist sitting on their couch being spoon-fed lies and propaganda by the media likes to believe they know everything there is to know about Islam. They know what it is, and what it isn’t. They can tell you all about who the REAL Muslims are, and who isn’t one. The only problem is they’re mouth breathing fucking fidget-spinners who are either too proud, too stupid, or too ingratiated in the narrative lies to admit they have no fucking clue. This blind ignorance REALLY helps Islamists in their goals to conquer the globe for Allah. Let’s address some of the stupid shit the Caliphate’s useful idiots believe:

1) “These people are radicals! They aren’t REAL Muslims… Islam is the religion of PEACE! Muslims are the real victims here because their faith has been hijacked by evil men!” This is total horseshit of the highest order. The men blowing themselves up and gunning down the Charlie Hebdo offices are quoting Quranic scripture chapter and verse. Violence against non-Muslims is sanctioned no less than 110 times in the Quran and even more in the Sunnah and Hadiths – the other Islamic holy texts. Here’s my personal favorite, from The Holy Quran, Chapter 8 verse 12: “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore, strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”. What kind of oxygen thief would read that sentence and tell me it’s about being peaceful? Let’s analyze who the Islamic leaders in the terrorist organizations are too; Clerics, Imams, and Talibs… The word “Taliban” comes from “Talib” which is an Islamic holy scholar. Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, has a graduate degree in Islamic studies. Yemeni cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki was the ideological guidance behind the Fort Hood terror attack, he was also the Imam at a mosque in Falls Church, Virginia where he preached to 3 of the 9/11 hijackers before he fled the country… So ask the next bleeding-heart Sandroid you meet online this: Who knows more about Islam; the 22-year-old Art History major with purple hair and gauged ears, or the motherfucking ideological leaders of jihad that spent their whole life with their nose in the Quran?

2) “Yeah well… what about the Crusades? There were Christian terrorists like Timothy McVeigh and the IRA too!” What about the Christian Crusades? They occurred in response to Islamic armies attacking Europe for centuries and the Islamic conquest of the lands from which Christianity and Judaism sprung originally. Islamic armies conquered Christian lands, and Christians were ordered by the Church to try and take them back.. They were nowhere close to the scope and scale of the Islamic conquest of Christian lands; they also ended in 1291. If the crusades somehow justify Islamic violence now, does that mean the US should bomb England because they sold rifles to the Confederacy? Oh, wait let’s talk about something your Modern Humanist Theory 101 professor probably never cared to enlighten you about, the Islamic conquests… We know from the Quran and Sunnah that beginning around 624 AD Mohammed himself led raids and conquest over his fellow Arab tribes, spreading his new religion by sword-point (the meanest thing Jesus did was throw merchants out of a temple by the way). By 632 AD Mohammed himself had conquered the entire Arabian Peninsula. Then came the Rashidun Caliphates who conquered from Libya to the Afghan deserts from 632-661 AD. After them came the Umayyad Caliphates that conquered North Africa, Spain, and into France until they were stopped by King Charles Martel at the Battle of Tours in 732. There was the Aghlabids who conquered the various Roman islands of the

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Mediterranean like Sicily in the 820’s. There was the Seljuk and Ottoman Turks that conquered the Byzantine empire and kept a 700-year empire of their own and then killed over a million Armenian Christians last century… and let’s not forget that every Muslim military commander from the Prophet Mohammed himself to Saddam Hussein made a goal of their military conquests to be spreading the word of Allah… Tell me Mr. Wise Liberal Non-Binary Persyn, which Islamic army were the “REAL Muslims”? The ones who were like… Super peaceful and stuff? I bet all those Caliphates would be interested to know they weren’t actually Islamic according to someone who took 6 semesters of Queer Feminist Theory at Bumfuck Directional State University’s College of Gender Studies. OK, I know… Now’s when you’ll bring up Timothy McVeigh as an example of “Christian Terrorism” but again you look like an ignorant asshole. Timothy McVeigh wrote in a letter before his execution that “Science was (his) God” and that he was agnostic, and “(didn’t) believe in Hell”. He told one of his guards he was only going to take Catholic Last Rites in order to make his mother happy. His stated goal for blowing up the Oklahoma City Federal Building was to get back at the US government (The Murrah Federal Building is not a US Government facility by the way) for what he perceived to be attacks on innocent people during the Waco Siege and the Ruby Ridge police shooting… Not a Christian terrorist. Neither were the IRA by the way. Their goal was to unify Ireland as a Republic and drive out British rule in Northern Ireland. Irish Protestants fought English Protestants and English Catholics fought Irish Catholics… It was the Irish REPUBLICAN Army, not the Irish CATHOLIC Army in a nationalistic struggle against what they considered foreign occupation of their country. They also only killed about 3600 people in 35 years of conflict… That’s what Islamic terrorism kills globally every 5 weeks. Nice try, but you’re going to have a REALLY hard time naming a relevant Christian terrorist organization comparable to anything Islam has offered in the last century. Oh, and the KKK isn’t a Christian terrorist organization either. They were a racially political one and still are. Their goal was to keep black Americans from voting Republican during Reconstruction after the Civil War and served as the militant wing of the Democratic Party. Almost all those black people they lynched were Christians, and their most famous act of terrorism was bombing 4 young girls in a Baptist church. Not a Christianity-motivated group by any means. So, if that’s where you were going… Nope. The only Christian terror group you might name would be the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda… but I know how nervous criticizing brown people makes you leftists these days.

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3) “Terrorism has no religion!” but also… “Islamophobia causes terrorism, we need to be more tolerant!” Let me get this straight… Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, yet somehow criticizing Islam turns Muslims into terrorists because they don’t feel accepted by people denying their beliefs are valid? How in the fuck do you SJW crybabies manage to use these two contradicting statements as a cogent belief? Seriously… How smug do you have to be to use both of these arguments un-ironically?

4) “Poverty and Climate Change Cause Terrorism!” Really? Haiti is one of the 25 poorest countries on earth and it gets hit by hurricanes every few years… When was the last time you heard about Haitians gunning down American gay clubs or blowing themselves up? I’m sure the extremely small population of Muslims in Haiti has nothing to do with the lack of exploding cars and shrapnel at music concerts…

5) “US Foreign Policy causes terrorism” or “Europe colonized the middle east and Africa so they caused this!” This is both literal jihadist propaganda and complete hypocrisy on the part of the leftists respectively. Al Qaida’s fundamental hatred of the United States stems from the US support of the state of Israel. They want to exterminate all Jews and eradicate Israel from the map. The idea that “US Foreign Policy” makes them bomb people is a fucking farce used by Jihadist to recruit Muslims who share their hatred of the west and Israel to their cause. You can literally read this in Al Qaida’s “Inspire” magazine. It was downloaded over 50,000 times in Britain last year… That’s a lot of ‘moderate’ Muslims that want to know what Al Qaida is saying. Oh, and why is it when white Europeans go to foreign lands, create their own society, take resources from the locals, and cause violence it’s “Evil colonialism” but when brown Muslims go to Europe, establish their own society, take resources from the locals, and cause violence it’s “Multiculturalism”? Seems like you’re talking out of your ass to support your progressive socialist agenda here…

I got one more question for you left-wing dipshits, what exactly does inviting in all these Muslims do for the western world besides give you cheap moral thrills over defending people who look different than you? What has Islam given to western Europe so far into this recent migrant invasion? A crime wave across the continent? Made Sweden the rape capital of the developed world and brought down their UN human development index score? Turned every public pool in Germany into a sexual assault obstacle course for German women? Made Parisian women scared to walk the streets? Created zones where white Europeans aren’t allowed to go in their own countries without the fear of violent assault from their new colorful neighbors? Put Austrian boys at risk of horny Muslim men with ‘sexual emergencies’ (Yes, a migrant really raped a boy and the judge let him off because he claimed that is was a “sexual emergency” and he had to ass-fuck a 10-year-old). Gave most of Europe new Hate-Speech laws that give the government the Iron Mike 4power to spy on their citizens and created an army of snitches to report their neighbors’ Twitter like some East German Stasi informant? Deprived Europeans of the social benefits they paid for with years of taxes so that migrants can get them instead? Honestly, name 5 genuine benefits of allowing these Islamic migrants into Europe… I’ll wait. Because the only one you’ll come up with is “It assuages my liberal white racial guilt complex and makes me feel better about myself.” I’m sure all those girls getting their genitals mutilated in Minnesota by Muslim doctors might disagree with you on just how beneficial this ideology is to have here.

We are, as I said before, in a war with Islam as a whole. Islam wants to conquer the west as it has for 1200 years, only instead of armies of armed men, it has changed its strategy. The civilizational jihad against the west is 3-pronged. First is the violent jihad of terror and bombings by fundamentalist insurgents. Second is the demographic jihad of unchecked immigration and breeding out the native populations of the west. Third is weaponizing the west’s own values and culture against them; protecting Islam’s violent rhetoric under free speech; using the generous welfare state to fund your 11 Muslim children; using freedom of religion to secure your mosques against search by law enforcement; use accusations of racism and intolerance to make ever more demands on your host country in order to make it compatible to your Islamic culture… The list goes on and at every stage liberals are there to service their new masters like the submissive gimps they are. Next time Achmed pulls the detonator, just go ahead and use the hashtag “WeSubmit”. Liberals have an unholy alliance with Islam whether they admit it or not and help their new Caliphs at every opportunity. It’s no surprise that the first Muslim Mayor (Sultan?) of London who thinks terrorism is “part and parcel” of life in a big city that people should just “learn to live with” is a leftist. Every time a bombing happens and liberals excuse away Islamic violence… Islam gains influence. Every time liberals march for open borders and mass immigration… Islam gains influence. Every time liberal politicians and police cover up Islamic crimes (like the systematic rape and exploitation of 1400 girls in Rotherham, England) for fear of being labeled “racist”… Islam gains influence. The violent jihadist attacks are working towards their goal of spreading Islamic influence around the globe, mostly from the 2nd and 3rd order effects liberals can be counted on to make after every single one. This is why I say the terrorists are winning.

The Islamic terrorists are winning because you degenerate leftists, like all weak peoples before you, choose the same three options in the face of danger: Run, Hide, and Collaborate. You are to Islam what the Soviets said of American liberals during the Cold War, you are “Useful Idiots”. Whenever Islam enriches some city’s culture you do the same thing. Run to Social Media and virtue-signal for attention. Hide the fact that we have an Islamic problem by projecting the blame onto a demographic it’s acceptable to blame for such things in your progressive circles (Men, US Policy, Racism, Islamophobia, etc.). Collaborate with the continued Islamization of our country by making excuses for Islam and then devoting your energy to pro-Muslim causes because it makes you feel moral and trendy. You liberals will fight tooth and nail to get a high school football coach fired for leading his team in Christian prayer, but will fight even harder to defend a teacher who tells their class to write “There is no true God but Allah” in Arabic during class. You won’t fight against this Islamic conquest (ideologically or otherwise) since you are the highest order cowards and you already hate the US anyway. You, especially you white middle-class & champagne socialists, are deathly afraid of violating the newest liberal Social Justice crusade. Since “Brown People”, “Muslims”, and “Foreigners” all rank much higher than white Americans on the Progressive totem pole of Social Justice; you know you’re not allowed to criticize anyone in those categories. Your personal fear of being ostracized by your trendy liberal social peers keeps you from speaking out against violence and death on the part of this week’s disciple of Mohammed. You know that doing so might trigger one of those language landmines known as “Political Correctness” and then you’ll have to shave your head and dye it blonde like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, or Katy Perry did when they upset the liberal hordes. Then you’ll have to virtue-signal twice as hard, like Katy Perry did in the wake of this Manchester bombing… You know that’s going to be hard for you, and hard work isn’t your thing. Anyway… It is fear that drives you to make meaningless platitudes about “Not all Muslims” or “Not REAL Islam” on Social Media after every explosion. It is fear that tells you to retweet the idiotic celebrity’s vacuous calls for “peace” and “tolerance” as another batch of innocents are slaughtered in a preventable attack if only you had the gall to stand up and demand what needs to be done. You know that if you say all the ‘correct’ things you will be given social credit, and saying the wrong things will land you back in the realm of shitty lesbian haircuts. Terrorism and your progressive ideals both scare you into changing your beliefs… and that gives the bombers everything they committed suicide to do.Iron Mike 3

Progressivism uses fear to coerce your pathetic reactions to Islamic terrorism… Think about that.

Before you go tell your friends what a bigot I am for wanting to defend western civilization against hordes of 3rd world Islamic invaders from backwards shitholes that stone women for being raped; I will leave you leftists with this, an excerpt from the English translation of ISIS’ online operational guide for terror cells in the west titled “Black Flags Over Rome”.

“…If you have ever been at a pro-Palestine / anti-Israel protest, you will see many activists who are not even Muslims who are supportive of what Muslims are calling for (the fall of Zionism). It is most likely here that connections between Muslims and Left-wing activists will be made…they will start to work together in small cells of groups to fight and sabotage against the ‘financial elite’…”

ISIS sees you, the progressive liberal, as an ally.

Updated: 6/4/2017 0845 Eastern Time Zone

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  1. Just Aguy

    {Mic Drop}

  2. A normal guy

    Fucking retarded article from someone who clearly uses big words and a quick copy and paste from wiki to trick dumb people with your own “white man/ western” propaganda. You are without a doubt as bad, if not worse than these extremists for trying to create your own hate blog against Islam. Not that anyone killing anyone is a good thing but remove your blinkers and take a look at some at some real stats, US accidentally kills 200 civilians in Mosul air strike 17Mar07. 317 Iraqi civilians killed and 403 injured during April this year. Please do the world a favour and for gods sake don’t reproduce!

    • SGT P - Editor In Chief

      You should remove your BLINDERS and take a look at the London Bridge area today. We will keep our blinkers on and use them when we change lanes to run over terrorists. – Safety first.

      • Hey Sgt P, Willi Beir here, AKA Alf,
        Well said. It doesn’t matter whether it’s blinkers or blinders. Anyone that can’t see WTF is going on is doomed to be fucked in the ass eventually by their own stupidity.

    • A fuckin’ retarded response from someone that clearly doesn’t understand ” big words “.

      I’ll agree the US hasn’t got a great reputation when it comes to civilian casualties, it is however exemplary compared to the Russians and their Syrian allies,

      Even though I don’t agree with every single thing Iron Mike said, I still agree with at least 98.5% of it. I say this as a very patriotic Englishman. Because of the mindset of the brainwashed useful idiots in the UK, I’ve seen what has happened over the years to the country I still love, even though I don’t live there anymore. The same thing has been happening in the US over the same period of time. It’s all a result of the long game played by the forces of communism/socialism/Marxism/Leninism/Trotskyism to inculcate the educational establishments of the west with leftist ideology, ( Common Core in the US, Common Purpose in the UK ) In case anyone needs any proof, watch and listen to some videos of the Russian defector, Yuri Bezmenov (KGB). As in this one where he opens up.
      KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov explains how the Communists use ideological subversion to attack and weaken the west
      @ A normal guy, Please take your own advice, ” Please do the world a favour and for gods sake don’t reproduce!”.

  3. 2nd D MEDIC

    Iron Mike, finally someone to tell it like it is. You have put into words all the reading n research I have been collecting. I salute you on a job well done.

  4. Incredible to think that “educated” Westerners will submit to barbarian uneducated thugs. Just shows how bankrupt the Western education system is

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