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Where in the HELL is the Lieutenant now?

Where in the Hell is the LT now?

CSM Dickie got a call from Meach...he is lost.  No big surprise there.

Are you a "Lost Lieutenant", or are you an "EIB Land Nav Expert"?

Help the CSM find Lt. Meach by testing your knowledge of geography.


2 comments on “Where in the HELL is the Lieutenant now?

  1. David Fairbanks

    Fun fun

    • SGT P - Editor In Chief

      Thanks for playing David. And we appreciate your feedback as we try new shit. They will get harder as I develop this. Seems that most everyone got EIB expert in Land Nav…and we can’t let THAT happen! Luckily, I have a smart sammich maker that will be helping me (she is a Geography teacher and makes quizzes like this all the time) – SGT P, Editor

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