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Did they really have to do that?

As combat veterans, chances are you or some of your battle buddies have had to make the split second decision to take a life in one or more deployment. Now let’s not get off on the wrong foot here…I am not asking you or telling my body counts, that is between you and your maker. No one else needs to know, not even that guy that immediately asks you 15 seconds after meeting you.

I read recently about an “Administratively Discharged female vet” and her active duty boyfriend, that tied her PTSD dog, a friendly unconditional loving Pitbull named Huey, to a tree and shot it repeatedly while drinking, laughing and videotaping it.

As a “no longer serving” Infantryman, and a three time deployed veteran, I have seen my fair share of death and destruction. Now as a civilian I work as a branch manager for a east coast based pest control company. I have the daily duty of overseeing the euthanizing of nuisance wildlife. I don’t like it all, but Virginia State law requires the humane death of trapped wildlife, unless it is released on the same property it is trapped on. On a weekly basis we euthanize, groundhogs and skunks, raccoons and squirrels that are causing destruction on clients property and in their homes. But today, I had the duty of euthanizing three young Red Foxes. Their only crime was being born too close to a High school. Their only mistake was each getting into my live traps, drawn in by the succulent smell of Fancy Feast cat food.

Dog 2The whole trip back to my office, and their impending demise, my mind flashed back to the two pieces of human garbage that killed that Puppy, and how I imagined that even as the bullets pierced Huey’s skin he still loved them both.

I never once regretted or second guessed my decisions in combat. I never look back and wonder if I made the right choice.
I know that I did my job.
I know that I am forgiven for my sins and lives must be lost in war.
This isn’t about that.
This is about a fake ass soldier, claiming PTSD (I am sure) to get a “free trained dog” and then doing an unthinkable crime against an innocent, loving animal that would have gladly given his life for his owner.

Now before I start ranting…I am trying ever so hard not too.
Deep breath.
As I drove back, with three traps and foxes in back.
I even thought about breaking State law and driving to a secluded spot and releasing the little fox siblings.
Give the little guys or gals a chance.
They were only 3-6 weeks old.
They wouldn’t have made it.
Or would they?
What if someone sees me?
What if they hurt someone?
What if I lose my wildlife license?
Integrity Rob, you gotta do it.

How the ever loving hell could they do that?
How could they find it funny?
Why would they video tape it and pose for pictures with Huey before it?

I placed the first of the cages into the gas chamber, and turned on the carbon dioxide.
I placed my hand over the plexiglass on top, and said a little prayer. I spoke out loud to the little fox, “You are not alone little buddy. I’m here. I’m sorry.”

I let the gas run more than I should have.
Just to make sure the little guy/gal was gone.

I pulled out the cage and made sure that the other two couldn’t see their dead sibling.

I repeated the process twice more.
Midway through the second prayer my my emotions began creeping up on me, as I was speaking to the fox making sure he knew it wasn’t malicious, I broke down. Tears fell onto the galvanized steel box, and I sniffled as I choked back a sob.

I thought of Huey again.
And how he must have felt as the 4th or 5th bullet hit him. At that point he probably knew he wasn’t going to make it.

The last fox was overwhelming for me.
Yeah yeah call me a pussy.
Sar’nt Rob’s gotten soft.
I am guilty.
Oh believe me, some people need killing.
Some don’t deserve to walk this earth, some don’t deserve another breath of oxygen on this planet or any other for that matter.

I wished I could put those two dog-killing fucks in this chamber instead of this third fox.

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Now understand, they were wild enough to eat my face off if I had opened the trap. They proved it by trying to eat anything that came near the trap… including my fingers as I reached for the handles.
But I still recognize the innocence of youth.
And almost all of God’s creatures deserve a chance at life.

But I stood with the last fox like I did the first two.

Please notice, I haven’t mentioned the names of the two douchebags that shot that loyal PTSD dog.
And I won’t.
Because they don’t deserve to be remembered.
I ask you to forget them too.
Now that one of the two decided to end her own life, I find myself feeling a bit happier.
To quote a movie.
“I’m glad you’re dead.”
Thanks for saving us taxpayers the cost of trial.
And thank God you didn’t reproduce you worthless fuck.
And before you go off, I do not support Veteran Suicide. I am a large advocate of 22 becoming 0.
But this 1…this one was deserved.
I only hope he also gets what he deserves.
Either in court, or alone like she did by her own hand.
There is a special place in hell for people that get their kicks from killing innocent beings.
Good on you if you kill the bad people, Taliban or Al Queda or any other enemy that want to destroy innocent human life.

Product Block Functional VetI hope she is enjoying the stoked fires of hell.

Remember Huey.
And those little foxes.
They deserve our memory.

Fuck both of those fake ass veterans.

Be a functional vet.
Not a dysfunctional douche.

Hug your puppies tonight, or your kitties.
They love you no matter what.

Now I am off to pet my Bullies and Shepherds.

Sar’nt Rob out.


Shoved into the civilian world after 11 great years in the Infantry, SSG (ret) Jason O. Robinson lives in Northern Virginia with his tolerant loving wife and children. He saw action in Ghazni, Afghanistan in 06-07 as a ignorant Grunt private in 4th BDE 10th Mountain out of Ft. Polk, LA. He deployed again as a team leader to Baghdad, Iraq in 07-09 where he was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained in an EFP blast, near Sadr City, again with 4th BDE 10th Mountain. He deployed with 1st BDE 4th ID out of Ft. Carson, COto Kandahar, Afghanistan in 10-11 during the surge as a Section Leader. He also served with 1/3 IN The Old Guard out of Ft. Myer, VA and was part of the Ceremonial unit that provides honors for the fallen in Arlington National Cemetery as a Firing Party Commander. His final duty station was 1st BDE 25th IN in Ft. Wainwright, AK. He was medically retired against his will in January 2016. His award include the EIB and CIB, because the rest don't mean shit. He spends his time split between his family, his new career, and proving that vets can be FUNctional, and a normal part of society.

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  1. Good afternoon,

    Good article. Here in Palm Beach County FL we have “Busch Wildlife Sanctuary.” They take un wounded animals and rehab them.

    Just wondering if there is a similar option in you area.


    • Sar'nt Rob - Gruntworks Staff Writer

      I’m Virginia, state law requires the humane destruction of all nuisance wildlife trapped for clients.
      It has two options.
      Release on the same property.

      No relocation.
      I wish!

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    This made me cry my eyes out. Please click over to Gruntworks and read it. I’m going to go hug my six dogs and seven cats now.

  3. Sar'nt Rob - Gruntworks Staff Writer

    Thank you for your insight.

  4. Sar'nt Rob - Gruntworks Staff Writer

    I followed the law.
    Thanks for reading!

  5. David Fairbanks

    Thanks for the share Rob.
    One GRUNT to another…. Innocent life is precious. God bless you n yours.

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