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Afghanistan Gets More Troops?

Sixteen years in and the war in Afghanistan is still going on.  The word stalemate has been tossed around.  The Taliban has launched their offensive.  ISIS Fighters are taking hold in areas.  Our troops are still squashing face when allowed.  Oh…and MOAB.

Pentagon auditors are calling Afghan casualties shockingly high and peace negotiations with the Taliban are not good.  The Taliban hasn’t taken control of any major city, though outside the cities they are gaining more influence in territory…which is to be expected when there isn’t enough manpower to meet objectives.

Now this comes down the wire:  President Trump is set to receive a new approach to the war within a week.  The word is that the administration wants to move beyond the current stalemate.  Theresa Whelan, a Pentagon official has stated that Afghanistan needs to reach it’s full potential.

General Raymond Thomas, USSOCOM Commander, said during testimony on Capitol Hill, that the new strategy could include more troops and changing the ROE to be more aggressive.  The U.S. combat role officially ended in 2014.  The Administration is considering a request at this moment for 3,000 more troops in the near term.Carousel-Coexist

As long as the situation on the ground remains the same, the Taliban have no incentive to be even remotely peaceful, although it is my opinion we need to squash them permanently.

Keep yourself ready everyone.  Your unit may be in the slot to go blast Taliban again.


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