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Will El Chapo pay for the wall?

Throughout the campaign of  Donald J. Trump, one of his goals while in office is to build a wall that borders Mexico and the United States. Well, now that goal may become a reality. Many outspoken people from the left have lashed out on social media and in-person protests to let the right know that it is not something they want to pay for..

The wall is one of the blocks and stepping stones that led Donald Trump to victory in this most recent election. Now, one of his opponents while running for his party, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, has come up with probably the most genius plan to help him out.

Product Block Gangster DiplomacyThe cartel drug lord, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, accrued over $14B while at the head of the Sinaloa cartel. Now that he is no longer in charge and locked up behind bars; and that the U.S. has seized his “earnings” from drug and weapon trafficking, what will happen with the funds? Senator Ted Cruz steps up to the plate with probably the best answer yet.

Use those seized funds to pay for the wall. Yes, it is as simple as that. Not the taxpayer, but the acquired drug money that is currently being held in an evidence vault somewhere by the government.

Donald Trump wanted one major goal while running for office. Security around our nation’s borders. He wants to beef up our outer security so we can live peaceful, safe, and happy lives every day. With this new bill that Sen. Cruz wants to have passed, that can very well be a reality instead of a dream.

What makes matters even better, is that when the U.S. received ‘El Chapo’ into their El Chapo Hatercustody, they made an agreement with Mexico that he would not be receiving the death penalty. While some see this as a loss, many see it as a win…as he will have to spend the remainder of his days locked in a cell, knowing all of that money he accrued from illicit behavior is going to build the wall. That wall will block the paths that he took to gain it.

Donald Trump truly is trying to make America great and safe again. And with the help of Sen. Cruz, that will be a fact of reality.

Just do not forget that we, the people, must always stay vigilant as the wall helps solve the ground threat. There are still potential air threats and water threats. He may be locked up and not at the head of the cartel, but the cartel will still try and find ways to get their job done. This wall is going to put a massive dent in their mission.

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