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Yeah, it was totally sexism. Shut up.

Oh Hillary Clinton, you’ve left the American people with yet another gloriously shitty gift. No, not your constant lies about a private server. Not your thieving of millions through your ever so “supportive” Clinton Foundation, and most certainly not from your geriatric, hooligan, scoundrel of a husband. No, none of those things are a decent, happily received gift. You have now left us with your psychotic, delusional, #$#(% of a daughter, Chelsea.

That’s right folks: the daughter of Wild Bill is at it again. Or should I say making headlines by saying the dumbest shit ever heard. According to an online source, she has been named/presented with Variety’s ‘Life Impact Award.’ I’m curious, before I get into the meat and potatoes of this rant, what the fuck has she done to deserve the award? On whose life has she made an impact? What good possibly came from the Clinton Foundation? I’ll tell you what good:  Absolutely nothing.

She was hired some time ago to take a payment of $600,000 to produce alleged feel good pieces for NBC…seriously? I could make some feel good pieces for free, like I do here. What really grinds my gears is that no matter what, these assholes still find some way to stick their name in the media. Please just go away!Product Block Deplorables

The meat and potatoes of this is that Chelsea Clinton views the election of Donald J. Trump as a sexist move by the American people. We, the people, apparently were so hell-bent on not having a woman in office, we took it out on Hillary. And now Chelsea is sad. I can promise you, Chelsea, we have no issues with having a woman in office, as long as she is competent and is able to fulfill the duties of the POTUS…willing to serve the people, not herself. Hillary had no desire to serve us. She had no desire to look out for the good of the nation. She only wanted to continue the last 8 years of misery to at least, 12, God forbid 16 years! I still find it incredibly hard to believe that there are people who actually voted for Hillary: mind blowing. They must be ISIS.

Your mom lied, concealed, and allowed brave Americans to be put in harm’s way. No help was sent. ‘Well, what are you talking about, Hot Steel?’ Oh, I’m glad you asked. Does Benghazi ring a bell? Chelsea are you that fucking delusional that you ignore the facts? She wasn’t elected because she is a traitor to this country and its patriots. No, not the NFL team, but those who love this country and would die for it at a moment’s notice. [No, not just the military.]

This is the problem with politics today. It is nothing but a popularity contest. According to Chelsea, it’s a sexism race. I’ll be completely honest, I don’t delve too far into politics because it is a tub of angry snakes. I look to see which candidate can best help me. As an active-duty service member; I look to the candidate who will do right by the Armed Forces. That’s what I look for in a POTUS. You might look more into tax reform or veterans’ affairs or something that benefits you in the private sector. That’s all well and good. However, if you truly believed Hillary was the right choice, you should probably just give up. You are too dumb to continue breathing my air. Your gene pool probably needs more chlorine…IMHO!

Product Block Trump 45To make matters worse, Chelsea (and to continue to prove it wasn’t sexist to not vote your criminal mother into office), you and every other duffle bag demanding tax records got a look at the Clinton Foundation. With a little bit of elbow grease and some right-minded researching tactics…guess what they found? Donations came in, and what did the donors receive as a receipt? Face time with Clinton aides in the State Department. It is abundantly clear that the Clinton’s have only one goal:  Pad their own Gucci pocket books and wallets…take no prisoners and destroy anyone who gets in the way. I say this to you, Clinton family and foundation, eat it!

So Chells…you will no longer ruin this great nation with your bullshit. And all you snowflakes who didn’t want to see a ballsy, loud mouthed, ass-kicker in office, it sucks to suck. We’ve got a set of balls in the White House again and there isn’t shit you can do about it. Sexist? I think not, Chelsea. Smart, is the only word to describe anyone who didn’t vote for your mother. You are all criminals. So shut your mouth, go sit in your $10M apartment in New York, and stay quiet.

For years you have done nothing for this country except annoy and bore us. It’s high time your whole family disappears back into the Arkansas woods. Oh, and stop holding Bill hostage. Let that man go live his life with some 20 year old college chick. Clearly he still likes to party and your mama was only the answer for his addiction for about 10 minutes in 1979 when the rhythm method failed and you were conceived.

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4 comments on “Yeah, it was totally sexism. Shut up.

  1. RJ "Trim" Blair - Gruntworks Blog Editor"

    Funny ’cause it’s true!

  2. Yep, and this shit will still be going on long after I’m dead because the ” Greatest Generation” is dead and what’s left will destroy the free world because no one will fight them sept U.S. plebes.

  3. A lot of people from the last administration need to be LOCKED UP.

  4. Matt Harris

    Very true

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