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A Message to ANTIFA from an American Infantryman – Iron Mike

Alright fucksticks, this circus has gone on long enough and the audience has gotten tired of the clowns doing the same act for months on end. Your special snowflake brand of socialist revolution (black masks and tipped over trash cans) is sputtering out from underneath you. You’re not any more dedicated and disciplined at seeing this through than you were moving out of your parents’ guest bedroom after your “one semester off” 4 years ago. It’s time to take off the Doc Martins, wash your dreadlocks, remove the 9 facial piercings, and go get a job. You are not a revolutionary. You’re not changing the world. You WILL NOT win. All of your goals are stupid and you should do what you do best…quit. Until at least January 20th, 2021 Donald Trump is still going to be President; America is going to have a Capitalist, Market Economy; and working-class people are not going to fall in line with a bunch of spoiled middle-class college pussies LARP-ing as communist insurgents. Let me delve into this a bit deeper since all you chardonnay socialists clearly have a goddamn learning disorder… and no, your self-diagnosed ‘Autism’ does not make you “Neurodiverse” it makes you a hand-flapping puddle of mush.Rant 3

First of all, your stupid fucking beliefs are incoherent at best. Your little red & black flag of ‘Anarcho-Communism’ might as well be a goddamn Bat-Signal that you were on a first name basis with the driver of the short bus as a kid. Anarchism is the complete lack of formal government. Communism is the complete ownership of all property by the State and a state-planned central command economy. You’re telling me you want a world with no government, no private property, and a centralized distribution system to manage all wealth and material necessities? You idiots somehow came to the conclusion that these polar opposite concepts are somehow compatible, and that a bunch of dope smokers that congregated in online blog forums will bring about your imagined utopia by trashing a Starbucks? What the fuck is wrong with you? With that level of brain damage, it’s like your mom tried to drown you as a baby in a bathtub full of bong water… Seriously, you people are complaining that the current socio-political system is so unfair you (or insert minority you claim to speak on behalf of collectively here) can’t succeed in it, and somehow people who can’t manage to make Assistant Manager at Best Buy have the wherewithal to form a completely new society? Really? I suppose your professors should get some blame here too. They’re really the ones who put these moronic ideas in your heads in the first place. The aging hippies of the 60’s and 70’s – people who never actually had to succeed in life, and never did – now occupy most of the senior positions within the American college professoriate simply because they stuck around long enough. These idiots weren’t qualified to do anything except political activism and hide in institutes of higher education where their bad ideas never actually had to prove themselves valid in order to survive. Three generations of stupidity and failure (with some help from the Soviet KGB psychological warfare division) just compounded them into the ‘Critical Theory’ and Cultural Marxism you got pushed into your “useful idiot” head by some sexagenarian hypocrite ignorance profiteer. Remember: those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. I think deep down you’re pissed off because you know you got scammed. After all, why would your brilliant Socialist and Communist professors charge all that money to fill your head with their ideas if they actually believed what they were saying? Why didn’t they do it for free? Instead of admitting you got screwed, you doubled down on your beliefs and projected your bad decisions onto the rest of the world. Now you’re playing Red-Rover with a dumpster in the Berkeley town square.
Product Block Safety Pin

Now let’s get to the type of person you are. You’re a fucking loser, there’s no other way to put it. Losers always gravitate towards collectivism because they are too inadequate to succeed on their own. If you had to be an individual, people would see what a loser you really are, so you dress alike and hide behind group identities. I mean honestly, the most famous member of your movement is a chick who does two things with her life; drugs and post pictures of her hairy tuna canoe on the internet. Real compelling soldier for your fight against “Fascism”, especially after she got her shit rocked by that flying right cross. You imagine yourself to be “On the right side of history” and your delusions of grandeur help reinforce your sense of moral superiority. You envision yourself a great revolutionary fighting tyranny and “Fascism” manifested by President Trump and anyone else who finds themselves to the political right of Chairman Mao Zedong… Really you’re just lazy greedy fucks who don’t want to pay their student loans back. If you’re communist revolutionaries, you’ve got to be the best-fed ones in history. Peasants in the Russian revolution of 1917 were starving when they overthrew the Romanov aristocracy; Chinese peasants were being starved and massacred by the imperial Japanese when they revolted; you go to your protests on a full stomach courtesy of mommy’s debit card and the nearest Whole Foods. I watched one of your Black Bloc members get his shirt pulled off and the stretch marks looked like propeller scars on a goddamn manatee. Being a fat disgusting blob of shit is indicative of poor impulse control and laziness; character traits of low-functioning people. You are hypocrites of the highest order too, another trait of low-functioning people. You claim to hate racists and white supremacists and then spew tirades of anti-white hatred online, smugly proclaiming you “Can’t be racist to white people” because you changed the definition of ‘Racism’ to fit your agenda. You claim to hate authoritarianism, and then proceed to dictate what people are allowed to say, what people are allowed to think, which identities are allowed to have opinions on which issues, and threaten violence on anyone who disagrees with your stupid bullshit. The Nazis had Brown-shirts; you march around with the “Brown Berets” while claiming to hate Nazis… Maybe no one will notice the similarity of armed people in brown clothing demanding total compliance to their political beliefs? I’m sure you can’t help it though.Rant 1

This movement makes you feel like you have a home and are valued, and that’s a powerful motivator, especially to a total loser like you. I know your kind. You’ve always existed in society and you’ve just found a new outlet for your angst that doesn’t make you feel like the impotent coward you are. If this was 15 years ago, you would be that kid who sat in the back of the class wearing a “Ramones” vintage band shirt (even though you didn’t listen to their music) you bought at Hot Topic, a dog chain, and black eye-liner. You played 3rd trombone in the marching band for a year before quitting, and most of your memories from high school were of sitting by yourself writing suicide notes you never actually intended to follow through on, and cutting yourself for attention to the new Evanescence album. Meanwhile your mom was busy ignoring you and humping your step-dad constantly in the hopes that his seed would produce a better child that wasn’t a total failure before all her eggs rotted. You were that dweeb who had two friends since middle school and each new year you reinvented yourself as some edgy fringe ideology, because you desperately needed some sort of validation that proved you weren’t completely inadequate. Tough shit, the cheerleaders still dated the athletes and didn’t hang with friendless malcontents who bragged about being an Atheist, an Anarchist, a Socialist, and a Marxist. You’re just a new version of the last generation’s stereotypical loser who found a group of similar losers to hang with. You traded cutting yourself for lamenting your “white privilege” on Facebook. You traded the Emo/Goth attire for unnatural hair colors and a made-up gender identity. You traded screaming that you hate your parents for throwing bricks at a Bank of America because you hate Republicans. It looks like you kept the drugs though.

I could go on all day about how pathetic you all are and how your bullshit movement is
just another way for you to escape the real world and your many, many, personal faults… but I have another message for you. Please get more violent. Please don’t learn anythingProduct Block - BSM good night Left from getting your asses kicked…and double down. Please, for the love of God, pick up an actual weapon and declare yourselves violent enemies of the state. Give us red-blooded Americans the justification to really give you what you’ve been asking for with your constant threats, arson, and violent outbursts. Let’s really turn this into an old-school Communist revolution! I dare you. I double dare you. A whole lot of grunts would absolutely love to get a stateside kill, and the fact you shitbags always vote against us and protest our existence makes it that much sweeter. We kill people, and you aren’t even people – you’re communist heathens. You cowards always talk a big game, but you always fail on the follow-through- even your proposition for California secession failed. I guess parasites can’t long survive without their host.

You started this new age of political violence and for a while no one opposed you. I’m sure sucker-punching people and pepper-spraying women was fun for you while it lasted. Now however, there are those among your opposition prepared to meet your aggression in kind in defense of American ideals and the greatest document of human freedom ever created; the US Constitution. Your days of ganging up to beat people and pepper-spraying women with impunity are over. You think you’re on the right side of history and the masses are with you… What are you waiting for pussies? Let’s see what communism in blue hair and skinny jeans is all about.

I’ll say it again; shit or get off the pot.

– Iron Mike

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143 comments on “A Message to ANTIFA from an American Infantryman – Iron Mike

  1. As a veteran of the Vietnam war I couldn’t say it better . I lost a lot brother’s that gave for the stupidity that a lot of these little people don’t understand. God bless.

  2. One subtle but important correction – perhaps clarification would be a more accurate way to put it – to an otherwise epic, world-class, King Hell Rant for the Ages:

    “Anarchism is the complete lack of formal government.”

    In the rigorous political theory sense, anarchism is the lack of the State – defined as a coercive territorial monopoly on the control of judicial, police and military functions. Such anarchists maintain that those functions can be provided by voluntary means; essentially, in practical terms, without coercive funding, i.e. taxation. In other words, anarchists want to abolish the State, but that doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be any government. A concise overview of how this would work (and answers to common objections) for those interested:

    • dirtsailors67

      Yeah, George Orwell learned that the hard way during the Spanish Civil War. I think he wrote Animal Farm, based on those experiences.

    • Yeah, it all works until some asshole with his own gang decides to go into the redistribution business. Any government, no matter how mild, is coersive. It’s a necessary evil that common people must stubbornly control or else the Vanguard of some new ideology will come along and run things their way.

  3. Vahtikoira

    USAF Cold war era vet, affirmative on the kill a commie for mommy. The time for coddling these cockroaches is over!

  4. Out-fucken’-standing. 11B. The day is coming, that’s for damn sure.

  5. Haaaahahaha loved every word of this.

  6. Patriotic Piledriver

    Well written. A little bit insult based, which unfortunately takes away from the content. But solid read never the less. My problem is what if I hate both types of people, and just wish the government performed as the constitution was written? This Yankees vs Red Sox political bs is really a distraction right? There’s really only two types of Americans, people who have seven zeros at the end of their bank account and people that don’t. Everything else is moot.

    • John Reddy

      Horseshit. There are and always will be winners and losers. There are and always will be decent people and scumbags. The number of zeros at the end of your bank account have nothing to do with either.

      Pay your bills, do the right thing even when nobody is watching, don’t take offense when offense is not intended, and never ascribe to malice that which can be explained by stupidity. Following such a path will have far more impact on your personal satisfaction than any accumulation of wealth.

      Money is a shitty way to keep score. There are far better ways to measure success. I measure mine in family and friends and by that accounting, I am a wealthy man indeed. Money or lack thereof has nothing to do with it. Money is merely a vehicle by which I can spoil the hell out of my grandkids.

      All that being said, I would love to have a few more zeros at the end of my bank account. Who wouldn’t? But I really would like to think that that would not change the kind of American I am.

      • John Reddy

        Why Personal Responsibility Makes No Sense

        Personal responsibility or Individual Responsibility is the idea that human beings choose, instigate, or otherwise cause their own actions. A corollary idea is that because we cause our actions, we can be held morally accountable or legally liable.

        Now, we are a competitive society. The corollary is that our society has winners and losers and not everyone can win. By the logic of personality responsibility we chose the actions that led to our losing and our winning. Here is what I don’t get. How did we choose our actions that led to our losing if inherent to the idea of competition is that some must lose?










  7. I really don’t think having dreads and piercings having anything to do with it I know plenty of people including myself you got out the military and have all of those things and jobs. I know that’s not the point your making but I really hate when people make fun of the way someone else dresses sorry we all don’t want to wear ten gallon hats and cowboy boots….

    • Goosedawg

      There are a lot of Veterans who don’t wear boots and cowboy hats. I will suggest wearing something so you don’t get confused for a liberal retarded antifa, that way the rest of us know you are a good guy/girl.

      • AZGeologist

        You will know we aren’t retarded antifa b/c our return fire will be accurate. Best to be sure of your targets 😉

        Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  8. robins111

    Well said. I’ve watched these morons for months and have come to the conclusion that a half a platoon of light infantry with axe handles could clean up any of these protests/riots.

    • Hickory holler

      Half a platoon of cooks with their spatulas and spoons could clean them up!

  9. Thank you for this most accurate description of the Cucks ‘R’ Us (bowel) Movement.

  10. David Davies

    No more ballots, but our bullets next time.

  11. Good to the last drop. The best thing I’ve read all year.

    A radical liberal threatened me with the Revolution last year on the run up to the election and I told him to Bring It. He’s shut up since then.
    It’s past time too put the left down in this country.

  12. Loren seaton

    Wow Mike truth is s9sometimes harsh but it needed to be said now if we can just make them read and comprehend

  13. Paul Albrecht

    it should be titled “shit or get off the pot, an argument for violence in support of a corporate owned surveillance state” OR “we’re $20T in debt, let’s double down on failed keynesian economics that got us here in the first place – a blood lust soliloquy”

  14. You will notice that a lot of antifa leaders are turning up as pedophiles. antifa love peddo’s. they love them, because that’s their life and god forbid to hate what they do. we need to start killing antifa. start killing them so they know they have crossed the line to many times!cuts the snakes head off and the body withers away to nothing…

  15. Neuropoison

    I hope this kick-ass post goes viral.

  16. The Four Year Revolutionaries, wanna be Stalinists who must be expelled before they kill -like their hero The Unabomber- again.

  17. Goosedawg

    I say we start with the antifas, then the fascists, communists, socialists, liberals, and then if need be the democrats. Clean house once and for all.

  18. I have aspergers syndrome and I have three reports that do state out that I have aspergers or some form of Autism Spectrum. You could say that I am this person that you’re talking about and I am this loser you’re talking about. We are as you said a “a Capitalist, Market Economy…” and we as a society believe in the value of competition. Competition entails that there will be winners and losers. Where there is a winner others have to lose. Yet, you accept and believe in personal responsibility as a value. Personal responsibility entails we cause our own actions and we cause our own consequences and circumstances. We are our own primary causes of our successes and our failures.

    Herein lies the problem with this sort of thinking. If the nature of capitalism and competition entails that there will be winners and losers and not everyone can be a winner then how did I and others cause our own failures and our own loser-hood? If some people are pre-destined to lose by the very nature of competition then how can one always choose to win? You say Anarcho-Communism is contradictory well maybe it is time for the pot to call the kettle black. It is your beliefs and your values which are contradictory.

    Now, we’re all told to be ourselves and be true to ourselves. We’re told we’re this individualistic nation in which we’re all supposed to stand out from the crowd. Yet, when some of us attempts to do that we’re knocked down, we’re told we are socially inappropriate. I can’t even carry my jacket the way it is comfortable for me without being considered retarded. We’re expected to follow all of these social standards yet be ourselves at the exact same time. How in the fuck are we supposed to even do this exactly asshole?

    • You won’t. You will never be what is considered a “social norm” are who cares?? Be yourself, but don’t stop others from being themselves. That IS the difference. Conservatives don’t want the left to change, we accept their differences and expect the same. What the left wants us for the right to accept, embrace, change and go against what we believe in or we are wrong. So you carry your jacket differs, as part of the right wing I could care less. But I do care when you cover your cowardly faces and harm others in the name of justice. It’s not justice, it’s cowardly and if you truly believed in your cause, and thought it was right, you wouldn’t cover your face.

    • Logan Halliwell

      Your assumption is faulty. You assume that the competition is for a finite contest. When you ‘lose’ against a ‘winner’ that doesn’t mean you can’t look for other ways to win, other contests that you feel better at, other ways to be PRODUCTIVE.

      By PRODUCTIVE, I mean add value to our society, not take value. The beauty of capitalism is when their is differentiation in the quantity and types of these contests. There is plenty of room in the world for everybody to be a winner, if they have the personal accountability and strength of character to apply their efforts in ways that will be productive, and compete with themselves for excellence.

      But that is not what you are doing. You are using your condition as an excuse for failure and an excuse for mediocrity, and wallowing in it. My mother taught special needs kids for years. If you embrace what people are telling you, particularly the medical community, that you are not capable of functioning normally or successfully, then you buy into creating a revenue stream for them, as they have created a patient with lifetime care needs.

      If you take a step back, apply some reality and maturity, and look at your own capabilities with an honest and open eye, you will be able to find a winning scenario.

      But you don’t. You buy into the bullshit from do-gooders who want utopia and want to control and design a perfect life and society. The problem is that 50% of the population does not agree. They think that you should be told the truth, that life ISN’T fair, that you get dealt the cards you get dealt, and that it is YOUR responsibility to play the best round you can, WITH THE CARDS YOU WERE DEALT.

      The above rant had a lot of personal attack in it, but I would encourage you to view it as hyperbole, because there is some value for you to consider. You CAN make positive change in your life, but it is not going to come from your pills, your therapy, your family etc.

      It is going to come from YOU, should you choose it.

      I can’t tell you how much I hope this random anonymous internet post hits home with you, and that you do sit down and take stock of your life, and really PICK a direction that will make you happy.

      IF you do that, I hope you then tell all of your friends and help them pick positive directions for themselves. Because that is how we get out of this. People like you have to tell the support systems that have been coddling them into the ground to fuck off, and to start saying ‘Fuck this, this ain’t working, and I am going to figure out a way to make myself happy that doesn’t involve being told a bunch of bullshit that turned out to be completely false’.

      Remember, the world is NOT fair. And the people telling you so, no matter how well intentioned, are the ones that set you up for failure. And finally, you CAN still change if you CHOOSE to, or you can wallow in mediocrity and be miserable.

      I hope you make a choice to be productive and self sufficient, and pursue it with all your heart. You will find happiness at the end of that trail.

      Fair Winds and Following Seas

      • I have a couple dozen chickens. I recently was diagnosed with an enlarged aorta and was told that I am limited to lifting no more than 30 pounds! Chicken feed comes in 50 pound bags!! Did I give up and sell my chickens??
        Nope – the feed store loads the feed into my pickup and I drag it out (no lifting)! I know that lifting that 50 pound bag could kill me!
        There ARE ways to do things that the doctors don’t think you should be doing!

      • Well Jim are you willing to be my Henry Higgins then? If you’re not then your advice is as valuable as telling me to be more confident, never give up amongst other stupid and retarded sayings which are all valuable to me as 50 pounds of shit. If you have nothing specific you can tell me or explain to me then I’ve cut your hand off right here right now.

        So, are you willing to be my Henry Higgins?

      • Let me ask you this Logan. (I doubt this asshole is going to even answer. I’m probably wasting my time.) For every successful disabled (When I mean successful, I mean being able to provide themselves a living) how many unsuccessful disabled people exist? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics only 17.9% of those with a disability were employed.

        And, what exactly are the results of her lessons and her speeches? How many of those in her special needs classes were able to be successful in life? What exactly are the numbers Logan of her success/non-success ratio? How many of them ended up homeless, dead, in a group home or institution in spite of her efforts?

    • You’re not competing with others for the win. You’re competing with only yourself for greater success. Wealth is not finite. Just because Bill Gates scored billions, that does not mean there is no fortune for me or you to earn. But EARN is the key word. You actually win by earning.

      • TFBE you said “Wealth is not finite.” Dude, your statement here is absolutely and completely retarded.

        Wealth is an abundance of valuable possessions or money. What exactly is money. Before money existed we had the old barter system. If a person needed a rope they may have to trade a keg of beer for it. They may have to trade a hammer for a keg of beer. What money does is streamlines all of this.

        There is no such thing as an infinite amount of possessions and goods ergo money can’t be infinite. Our planet has a limited amount living space and resources so no, not everyone will win and no one is not only competing with one self. We don’t live in a vacuum.



    • DankLover

      Well said but truth is you can be a loser and a winner at the same time. The main point is you dont stop others from speaking using violence or you will get your ass kicked.

    • Bluelight57


      If you knew how people “in the spectrum” were treated in the East Block countries before the fall of Communism, you would be horrified. The state expected its citizens to surrender these children to be locked up forever in state institutions with the mentally ill. Such is still the case in Putin’s Russia. People with Asperger’s and Autism in the former Soviet Union and its successors have been abandoned by their societies as “incurable.” Yet there are parents there who refuse to surrender their kids and do their best to glean methods from the West for their kids. these kids can never attend a state school. There is no government help. No special instruction or therapy, Only official discouragement. That’s the reality. America, with all its warts and problems, has thousands of scientists and health care professional working to help our children with Asperger’s/Autism, at earlier and earlier ages, to have the best chance to succeed. And these new therapies are doing wonders. Each generation of American kids “in the spectrum” is going to have better lives than those who came before them. I think that Iron Mike meant no harm or criticism to you or people like you. I can understand how you misread his words. He is quite harsh. However, he was directing his anger and annoyance specifically against the “antifas” young people. Their message is evil, destructive, and wrong for America. Our country is the only hope for continued progress towards a better life for our people, including you.

    • Brett Orndorff

      You’re not. You’re a loser. Remember? You just continue to suck and lose your whole life since that’s what you’re good at, and you’re never suppose to figure it out. Keep sucking and losing and shut up cry baby. Fuck! You probably still ask your mom to pour your fruit loops in a bowl for you and bring it to your room! God. Just ax yourself seriously.

    • Bill McSwain

      Because life isn’t fair dickweed. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. And the next time you BITCH ass whining motherfuckers say, “I tried to get a job, but they told me I’d have to dress professionally, and that’s bullshit!”

      I’m gonna tell you the same thing my dad told me, “Shut the fuck up! No one owes you a fucking dime. Life fucking sucks, and if you want to sit here like a little kid crying all damn day go for it. I don’t care. In fact…you want me to give you something to cry about motherfucker?”

      Life isn’t fair.

      • Bill

        Bill,that’s fine that I have to dress professionally and conform to social standards and norms. What is not fine is being told to be yourself (which is a goddamned fucking lie) and being told to be professional (as defined by society), being told to make eye contact, shake hands with a firm grip, etc etc at the exact same time. That’s FUCKING double think. It’s straight out of the playbook of Orwell’s 1984. Can we have objective standards that are spelled out and are logically consistent?


        He thinks those with my condition are fake.


        How is the pie infinite if we only have a finite amount of resources? I don’t understand.


        In the spirit of Socrates who I admire, I’d rather take hemlock if I was going to off myself.


        I hope you’re right.


        Competing with yourself? Huh?

        Logan Halliwell

        Francis Bacon who is the father of the scientific method said “Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.” For me to “choose” to “make a choice to be productive and self sufficient, and pursue it with all your heart” I need to know what the nature of our given system is.

      • As for life not being fair you are all right. So, if life isn’t fair then quit bitching about welfare, pay your taxes and shut the fuck up.

      • As for anarchism.

        I have read about anarchism and based upon what I understand there are many different types. There are anarcho-capitalists and anarcho-communists. There are others as well. The idea is they all want to abolish the formal government or really the nation state. Our world wasn’t always like it is now. Our world used to consist of tribes and city and town states. There were exceptions like the Roman Empire. It started off as a city state, Rome. What anarchists from the differing camps want is to eliminate nation states entirely like the Roman empire, Spain, USA, and all of the nation states of the world. What they want are city and town states in which the population is so low one can run or manage one’s government in a delicatessen. Something like this.

        Or it could be a capitalistic society as well. The theme is small is beautiful so there would be no need for a formal government as we need them today. I think the issue that no one looks at is territory size. As a society expands its territory what happens is one needs more resources including to manage it and guard it. More formal government is needed to maintain this. This is how it goes in a capitalistic society or a communistic society.

        What can happen is one reach the point of diminishing returns. This is what the anarchists are saying. Anarchism does not mean the absence of all government but it is the absence of the huge ineffective, inefficient formal nation-state governments that we have today in which one becomes nothing but a number to them. If one looks at the private corporations one has to have all kinds of bureaucracy and formalism to manage it. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the mom and pop shops again? This is what anarchists are talking about.

      • I do have a prediction for the future. Suicide is going to be used as a form of protest and they will do it live. The suicides will become more and more extreme and creative.

      • Logan Halliwell

        Highest functioning special needs person I have ever seen.

        If you can find your way to the internets, do half of the research you are quoting, and respond cogently to arguments, you are not fucking disabled if you can’t find success, you are lazy and spoiled.

        You are wearing your ‘label’ as some kind of armor, and an excuse not to change. Keep listening to all the people telling you how your condition puts you behind and is the reason for your unhappiness. They are not doing you ANY favors.

        Choose to wallow.

      • Logan Halliwell

        Personal Responsibility advocate answers are so typical I actually have an FAQ for them.

        Logan you said “If you can find your way to the internets,….”

        Refer to Q1 and Q2 for my response.

      • Logan Halliwell as for life being not fair.

        Thanks for reminding me about this little one liner.

        Now, Refer to Q18 at

      • Logan Halliwell you said “You are wearing your ‘label’ as some kind of armor, and an excuse not to change.”

        A cat can’t be a dog and a zebra can’t be a cat.

      • Logan Halliwell which is it. Am I supposed to be myself or am I supposed to comform to a set of social and cultural standards?

      • I have a question(s) for those who say that if I can’t succeed then it’s because I was spoiled and/or laziness.

        1. For those with differing kinds of disabilities what is the ratio of success vs failure. When I mean success I mean being able to keep and get a job and afford the cost of living? Specifically, what about Autism? What are our ratios?

        2. For those who are in poverty what is the ratio of success vs. failure? What is the percentage of those over a decade who were able to pull themselves by their bootstraps compared to those who could or did not?

        3. Blue light in your post you said “…And these new therapies are doing wonders.” What is their ate of success per failure? What is the trend exactly? Has the success rate gone up and failure rate gone down? Where are the numbers and stats that back this up?

      • Temple Grandin is an Autistic who is considered a success story. For every Temple Grandin out there how many Jonathan Mitchells are out there who did everything he could to succeed yet he could not and he has his elderly parents supporting him?

    • Its all about the manner in which you express yourself is the key. A protest can have an opposition by another protesting group. But when one group turns to violence to remove the opposing protesters then you have failed at your own ideology. That is what this post is about. Yeah it uses hard rhetoric for one purpose not so much to offend but to get your attention. I know nothing about Asperger but I do know that there are many labels out there for these snowflakes that are just made up to give them identity to be excused for their behavior that is due to the lack of leather across their ass.

      Now I read the whole post but don’t recall any of it taking on an individual with an illness such as someone with Asperger. What I did learn about it is that someone with Asperger wouldn’t be out in a group collectively protesting and then using violence because one of the symptoms of Asperger is to be social isolated because they do not socialize so really this post don’t even apply to you.

      But if you claim it does apply to you then I question if you even have Asperger or not.

    • You make a basic mistaken assumption, that having “a Capitalist, Market based economy’ means there is only a limited size of the pie, a defined size. IOW, there are ‘winners and losers’. Instead consider that the CMBE grows the pie so there is more for all. Also hidden in your assumptions are that the gov’t is really the owner of the fruits of my labor and not that I own the fruits of my labor and the same said gov’t gets to divvy it all up for the rest.

      Lose the Keynesian economics you have been taught, it was never right and Keynes made the Great Depression worse, not better. Keynes was always wrong.

      • In any kind of economy there is a limit. And, that is space. Within space only small fragments of space is habitable. One of the basic laws of economics is that resources are scare and so is habitable space. In other words, there are limits to growth.

        As for Keynesian economics, it has nothing to do with what I am saying. In a world with scarce resources some will win and some will lose. Life is unfair as others have said on here which is fact. The ugly truth is that there will be some who will more then likely never make it out of poverty, end up in group homes and in institutions.

        In addition, nothing in life is guaranteed including including Logan’s assumption that when I make a choice to be productive and self sufficient, and pursue it with all your heart that I will be able to achieve both self-sufficiency and productivity. In addition, nothing in life is guaranteed including Logan’s claim that I will find happiness at the end of that trail.

        In other words, the words that come out of you and other conservatives are hollow, contradictory, are sloganized and are devoid of any substance. So, again how do I choose my own circumstances if I am guaranteed nothing, life is not fair and resources are scarce habitable space?

      • Logan Halliwell

        At this point, you just want attention so I will give you the last little bit I am willing to spare.

        You got raised to be weak and dependent. You are now reaping the benefits of this ‘altruism’. Flagellating yourself on the internet with this woe-is-me bullshit just demonstrates that you are perfectly capable of success, you just choose to accept no responsibility and embrace your labeled condition. You are succeeding at being a professional victim.

        Grab a straw, and suck it the fuck up. Not one of us on here wrung our hands bemoaning how unfair life is to find happiness. Besides that, you appear to think that the world owes you something, including an assured outcome from any given action. There is no guarantee of happiness in our country, just the pursuit of it.

        The part you are missing in your life is the part where you grow the fuck up and stop depending on others.

        Any further dialogue will just feed into your victim status.

        Go ahead and write some more whining drivel about the how the world owes you something.

        You clearly have confused kindness with weakness.

      • “There is no guarantee of happiness in our country, just the pursuit of it.” And “Life is not Fair”

        These maxims of life are truth. We both accept them to be true. Again, personal responsibility entails I cause my own circumstances based upon my own actions. There is no guarantee on anything correct, not even happiness. If I fail to find my own happiness and it is not guaranteed I will find my own happiness then how can it always hold up to be true that I chose the actions that caused my own negative circumstances and my lack of happiness.

        Your beliefs are nonsensical and contradictory. Do you not see how American beliefs are as contradictory as what you claim about Anarcho-Communism? Remember, I’m guaranteed nothing. Life is unfair. Yet, I’m the cause of my own circumstances and problems. How? How does this logic even hold up? Your maxims don’t work..

      • Logan Halliwell

        Here is another thing. Life is not fair is a fact, correct? You accept its truthfulness correct? Then why do you personal responsibility advocate assholes bitch about welfare all the goddamned time? It’s not fair that some people are on welfare and you’re forced to pay for them through tax dollars right? Wouldn’t logic suggest that if one accepts that life is not fair as fact and one is not allowed to bitch about the why even care about those on welfare? Why do all you get a allowed to bitch card about the unfairness of life yet others do not? Why don’t you conservative assholes move on? Life isn’t fair, so why not accept it in this case and move the fuck on?

        Another inconsistent standard by asshole conservatives. You say I’m lazy and entitled. Well I say you personal responsibility advocates are inconsistent, illogical and are are robots who don’t think through the shit you say or your supposed “truths” at all and banter cliched bullshit. You all don’t see America as just a country but as what Robert Bellah calls “A Civic Religion” in which the tenets, beliefs, attitudes, customs are never open to question.

  19. Thee best write up describing these snot nosed, rebel wannabes EVER!! Awesome observations!

  20. AmericanVeteran(KLF)KnightsLive Forever

    We the American Veterans have had enough of your Bullshit ANTIFA. We are calling on a Summer Protest with Trump Supporters to Arrange a date for Protest. Make if Public so these little twats know where and when. We are wrapping heavy duty chains around large trees in this area. We will Infiltrate your ranks wear war masks and black clothing to mimic them. As soon as they become violent we will restrain them 1 by 1 with nylon zip ties… and tie them to the heavy chain being bound by hand and foot. We will treat them like Terrorists. We will capture the leaders, take them to a remote area Interrogate them and leave them within inches of their lives as we would with ISIS. We want them to return to the group so they understand what is next. (KLF) Knights Live Forever… the Crusaders Resurrection. Share this and Join KLF. Help us set the Terrorists straight.

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  22. dutch109

    Out Fucking-Standing!
    ‘Nuff said..
    Lead the Way or Follow Me!

  23. Lamar Havard

    I’m in 110% agreement!

  24. I love you. That is all.

  25. James Van Leuven

    duuude! you’re my hero! the best and greatest rant I’ve ever read. Cuz I totally agree! haha! I say this shit in public, to people’s faces, and i’m apparently angry haha

    I’m not in the US – I’m in Canada and we have 2 generations that are all about this kife. Weak, pathetic, underachievers, malcontents, who will never be anything because they never tried to do anything and now it’s everyone else’s fault – but they still have their hands out for anything they can get for free, and then bitch because they wanted more than one, or didn’t like the flavour, or it wasn’t organic enough for them.

    I am of the opinion that we should round them all up – drop them in the middle of one of holes in the earth we still call war-zones and see how they manage it.

  26. Good show; excellent commentary.

    Antifa are plain and simple; thugs. There is only one way to deal with thugs; call them out.
    What I would like to see is some battlefield tactics where prisoners are taken and held.
    We are dealing with civil unrest and only CIVILIANS can fix it.
    There are enough normal Americans who combat these thugs, to defeat them without firing a shot when they get in your face….
    Two-three grab one, take him down; pass him back to be zip-tied by others, then passed back again to those to guard them. Photograph them with their mask off, and post their pics on FB for all to see.

    This will do a few things; take them off the battlefield; create a photo dossier and make public aware of who they are and what they look like.

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  28. This is the greatest thing I have ever read, well done.

    Fuck ANTIFA

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  30. You should make a video of this.

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  32. Mike iron and based stick man are the dads antifa keeps always needed

  33. As a former Cold War 11B I can say absolutely spot on, and I agree wholeheartedly, except for the part about teachers. Believe it or not, there are a bunch of us teachers who are red-blooded patriots and busted our asses out there in the “real world” before entering the classroom to try and teach. I know I can’t speak for all, but my wife and I both took up the “Don’t like the system? Then get in there and change it” standard. My wife is currently retired-disabled. Trying to teach the Constitution to middle-schoolers for 17+ years took a toll I guess. I know I’ll probably catch hell for this, but s’ok.
    In any event, I loved the post, wish I could read it to my students.

  34. Perfectly stated and I agree with you 99.9%…I have blue hair and I am the the absolute opposite of these libtard self diagnosing jobless government mooching but hates the government feminazi gender inventing triggered by the truth millennial losers. 😉

  35. AL Taylor - Sgt.,USMC

    Iron Mike & I go back 50+ years to our time in the Corps & Nam. These Antifa jerks have no idea what they are letting themselves in for when they talk revolution. Go ahead and start one, and we will give you an education you will not believe. We’ve been thru the fire before and we can hack it.

  36. You are an accomplice in you’re own brainwashing. You trot out the specter of Marx without having considered anything he wrote. If you had read any out it you would know how much of it your scum president preached on the campaign trail.

    You have the whole paradigm backwards. We fight to preserve the values of our country. You fight to infringe on freedom and undermine the constitutional protections afforded us in the Bill of Rights. We are not the enemy of the state. You are.

    Your internet bravado aside, we are the insurgency. Your kind is the occupier. You should work harder to understand modern ASYMMETRICAL warfare. As your military industrial complex is just as fascist and corrupt as Eisenhower predicted the war for hearts and minds will likewise be an asymmetrical ideological battle. As a final thought, may you receive a just reckoning for the damage you have done to this nation.

    • WarDog101stEagle

      Here are my thoughts on this antifa subject. I would like to see those antifa morons try that protesting in one of the towns in Alabama, Maine, Colorado, Nevada, South Dakota, New Hampshire, Wyoming, and many more there would be guns popping out from every direction and all of those guns pointing at those pussy fuck head sissy antifa cowardly fuckers!, The only time any of them antifa sissy punks are brave is when they are in large numbers just like their punk shit head leader. I think its time for a full out right revolution on these unamerican democratic fuck holes all of them! that want to take away our god our freedom our constitution our guns and make all of us even our children in to democratic slaves! No thank you. I rather fight then lay down my life for a bunch of fucking antifa fuck heads and the no good lying democratic slavers party that are playing to be polititions. All us vets took a oath to protect our constitution and our country. Everyone needs to know that Democrats started slavery in the USA and they still run on that platform just more in a real eduacated way of doing their dirty deeds and only the half wits and low IQ people will believe their bullshit and follow them LONG LIVE FREEDOM AND LONG THE VETERAN OATH KEEPERS OF OUR MILITARY

  37. “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak” — Sun Tzu
    “War is a Racket” — Smedley Butler
    “Military men are just dumb, stupid pawns” — Henry Kissinger

    Grunts should refrain from expressing opinions well beyond their pay grade. You were recruited because you were stupid and you were trained specifically to act, not think. Just because the war we set up for you — that allowed you to murder foreigners from relative safety — is over doesn’t mean you should forget your training. STFU and get back to being a grunt. Leave the thinking to others.

  38. Sergeant Cole

    I want you and Tifa punks to come to Colorado Springs and try that s*** here all you are is a bunch of wimps that’s got to hide your face if you’re real show your face don’t be scared you little b******

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