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Ramblings from Sar’nt Rob – Throat Punch Thursday Style

Trump has gone and done it.

He has taken us back to 1980 something, and showed the world, “Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.”

Hell yes. Went 1000% Reagan on that ass! Now before you kids get your panties all in a bunch, and freak the fuck out running for your safe spaces…reach down and grab your intestinal fortitude and let Sar’nt Rob break shit down for you.

I know it’s been a while, like eight years since you have seen an act of aggression met with a reaction of aggression.  That is the way America has been up until 2008. If you fucks with us or the innocent peoples of the world, we show up like your mamma or daddy on Saturday night bullying your little sister, and give you a little attitude adjustment and send you on your way with a new found level of respect and a tear on your cheek.

“And mow the damn grass while you’re out there!”

President Trump showed the world this week, that you don’t play stupid games without winning 59 stupid prizes. If you did stupid crap anywhere on the globe in the past 8 years, you just got a stern word on social media, or an idle threat in the form of a “line in the sand”.  POTUS DJT is showing he is large and in charge just like the caliber that matches his Presidency…point 4-5.

America was made by great men, with quick actions and an extremely low tolerance for ANY type of Bullshit.  Oh you wanna tax our tea? Fuck your tea, it’s in the harbor and we will drink Coffee like men!  Oh you wanna bomb Pearl Harbor?  Well fuck you globally, from the islands in the Pacific to the forests of Germany.  Oh you want to push Communism into Korea?  Fuck you from Pusan to Chosin and continue to hold them at the 38th Parallel.  Wait, wut? Communism again in the rice paddy’s of Vietnam?  We will kill your pajama wearing asses from the Me Kong to Saigon.  We won’t even talk about those badasses in Panama…wait while I put on my tinfoil hat.Product Block MLTP Decal

Saddam did what? In Kuwait? Shit I bet we whip their asses in 80 hours.  The battle was over on CNN before my microwave popcorn was done.  I explicitly remember POTUS GDub saying that the WMD’s were moved…maybe this week has shown us where they were relocated?

Regardless, up until 2008, if you beheaded Americans, caned them, incarcerated them abroad, or even so much as detained them, you would suffer the consequences.
And there were many consequences. America didn’t negotiate with terrorists; we weren’t scared of them; we didn’t change our culture or worry about offending someone with words; and we would bomb your whole country back into the Stone Age if you even looked at us wrong.  And we damn sure didn’t give up multiple terrorist leaders for one worthless deserting Taliban empathizing Bergdahl.

So you young Americans had eight years of soft, tender hands that were manicured and lotioned up so much they couldn’t grip an M4 charging handle. I don’t fault you.
It’s what your leader did!  That was how he acted.  But our current administration isn’t gonna let the world run amuck. That should be evident after this week.

So that little remorse you feel, or that fear…when you think, “Oh my God, we just attacked Syria, what will happen now!?!??”  That is just the little bit of pride and courage you have left inside you saying “LET ME OUT!”  I know you will be ok. LISTEN UP!  When you are America, and on the top of the hill, some asshole always wants to try to knock you off.

But Russia? And Syria?  If Russia was going do something, they would be just like us last night…act first and deal with consequences later.  We are washing the lotion off of our hands with piss and vinegar, and sanding off the polish from our nails.  And don’t let the thought of us living in peace now, make you think we are not still capable of war.

Once a wolf always a wolf.  Once a Viking, always a Viking.  You can’t teach a Sheepdog to be a sheep.  And you will never convince America that we are not the top dog on the porch.

Thank you Mr. President, for showing us that we are indeed still great.

A - Sarnt Rob Bio PicJason Robinson a.k.a Sar’nt Rob is a retired infantryman who served in Afghanistan 06/07 and 10/11 and Iraq in 07/09. He divides his time as a civilian working a thankless job, parenting 5 awesome kids from 8-27 years old, pissing off his beautiful wife, and missing his Infantry brothers. He calls Northern Virginia home….for now.

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  1. Awesome Article!!! Bout damn time we grew some balls again

  2. you beautiful sumbitch and your words and such

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